Obama Budget Fashion Chic: Budget Freeze-OUT; Unsustainable Record Deficits-IN

Obama’s new budget is coming out today.  Remember the spending freezes he touted in last week’s State of the Union address?

Well, Obama meant it….for about 6 days.  But now, two words come to my mind….YOU…LIE.

Today, Obama’s new budget is being released.  From Heritage.org, some budget analysis (my emphasis):

President Barack Obama will submit a $3.8 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2011 to Congress today. One might hope that given last year’s $1.4 trillion budget deficit was an all-time high and the President promised a spending “freeze” in last week’s State of the Union, this budget might signal a change in direction from the White House. No such luck. President Obama’s new budget is full of billions of dollars in new spending for failed government programs, higher taxes on American families and businesses, and deficit spending for as far as the eye can see.

So, Obama is doubling down on his massive spending, big government programs, and his assault on capitalism.  And, in classic Obama fashion, the lie of  spending cuts is accompanied by budget manipulations:

At the very least, the budget document President Obama is submitting today exposes his spending “freeze” promise for the fraud that it is. As outlined last week, the administration would halt spending increases for only a $447 billion sliver of our total budget, with a total of $15 billion to be saved. That is less than half a percent off of last year’s spending. Worse, this isn’t even an across-the-board spending freeze; it is an aggregate one. So “spending cuts” in parts of the budget are immediately channeled to others. For example, even though the federal government does not need any money for the Census next year, President Obama counts the $5 billion spent this year as a “spending cut” that can be immediately spent on other government programs, such as a 16% increase in Department of Education funding, a 6.8% increase in Department of Energy funding, and increases for ineffective Health and Human Services programs like Head Start and sex education.

And for your viewing pleasure…and to counter the libs and Obama who blame Bush and Republicans for the deficits, a clear view of the financial damage Obama and Democrats are doing to our country now and for the forseeable future. 

(Source: American Spectator)

Democrats…the record deficits are all yours.  And unfortunately, because they are unsustainable, they will haunt this generation and others for decades if this spending is not turned around.   

Is this the change you can believe in?


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  1. […] Bush led us through 9-11, two wars, and more with a $400 billion deficit in his 8th year (and a Dem Congress setting the budget); Obama has accomplished nothing positive in the economy but has quadrupled Bush’s deficit in one year, with an even higher one predicted this year. […]

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