Barney Frank NOW says filibuster is Constitutional problem

Bawney Fwank makes me want to spit nails.  The elitist, arrogant attitude of this Socialist jackass is tough to take sitting down.

Barney Frank now believes the filibuster is a “Constitutional problem”.  If it weren’t so serious, it would be funny. 

Barney sees the writing on the wall with a potential  Scott Brown win today so now we must change precedent in the Senate in order to shove the crap sandwich healthcare bill down our throats.

Listen to the idiotic ethics-challenged Massachusetts Representative Frank speaketh with a forked tongue. Click on picture to get to video.

Bawney Fwank. The real Constitutional problem. (pic source:

So did Barney Frank feel the same way about a 60 vote hurdle when the Democrats tried to filibuster judicial nominees from George W. Bush??….an unprecedented attempt at filibustering nominees, by the way.

The only Constitutional problem right now is the counter-Constitutional efforts by Frank, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama to justify anything they do in an effort to meet the ends.
Wonder if he understands the healthcare bill is a Constitutional problem? Or is he just so ideologically blind that he believes changing Senate rules on filibustering is viable to pass the un-Constitutional healthcare bill?

Up is down with these people…..and they need to be shoved out of office in November. Sickening.


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