Every generation entertains a liar…for a time

Found this piece today that clearly outlines the last year with Obama and how it has opened the eyes of those who would not see.

…….Every generation needs a liar: a lost soul who will lead us down the wrong path. This is a good thing in an ironic way. President Obama is reminding us all that freedom requires struggle against those who would enslave us. Whether by skilled tongue or by deceitful wit, the man shows mighty oratory skills that belie a poverty of wisdom. He knows where this leads. The programs that have been enacted and are on the way all culminate in a totalitarian regime that would make Che Guevara proud and compel a nod from Josef Stalin.

The entire pieced is lengthy–says a lot of what I think but just never seem to be able to organize into words–but worth a read.

Some excerpts (my emphasis):

…..No one with a mind for politics really believes in a world where people share unconditionally or where a ‘Politburo’ will mete out justice on an even basis and a ‘Central Committee’ will order up the exact amount of bicycle chains to keep Johnny pedaling away until dinnertime. The advocates of the new social paradigm really want to have control all to themselves and are using the dim-witted Liberal pacifist ‘perfect worlders’ as useful idiots in their quest for national domination….


….But I know something the liberals in this country won’t readily admit but betray by their very avaricious political practices: people are greedy. Self-interested is a more benign phrase, but you get the point. Most people think first of themselves and their families. If a bit is left over, they will give to charities and maybe volunteer at a soup kitchen during the holidays. But by and large, they are adamantly opposed to a wholesale redistribution of wealth on the basis of giving some sort of payback to the unlucky, uneducated or worse, the lazy. And it galls them even more to hear their Government say that hard work gives the successful an unfair advantage. Only a fool or other ‘morally challenged’ person would believe in legislating fairness or rewarding sloth.

And that is exactly what it feels like to the hard-working, freedom-loving Americans who have been lambasted by the Obama administration and the Democratic leaders.  Doing for yourself, excelling in your career, making money, becoming rich….NONE of those things are bad….but Obama and the Democrats are trying to suppress success all without being truthful as to their policies and plans.

…But there is more to this than politics as usual. The Democrats are setting up a form of government under the guise of ‘health care reform’ that may be well nigh impossible to undo when it becomes law. And they know this. This seems to be a suicide mission for the Democrats. But don’t feel so bad for them: They’ll have uber-lucrative lobbyist jobs in the medical industry. At least Harry Reid and Christopher Dodd will. President Obama will be a highly paid speaker at the universities where excellence is required of their students but dismissed as greed in the marketplace. Want a lesson in hypocrisy? Go to college and listen to a professor condemn capitalism while preparing you to excel in it. But I digress.

And as for that “fairness” that brings the hypocritical Dems power:

As more Democrats come forward and explain why health care is a Constitutional right and that the successful must support everybody else I watch the zeitgeist of the country swing right. What is the guy making $45,000 a year supposed to do, make do with less take-home as an illegal gets in-state tuition on the collective workers’ tab? And all the while President Obama speaks of fairness and equality. Every generation gets a liar who tries to subvert their way of life to support the drooling masses.

And about the hypocritical and “angry” Obamas – both of them:

How can a man who sounds so scholarly be so morally empty? As a young man in college I thought the professors had a higher moral standard; something to admire and mirror. Soon enough I learned which professor threw the best parties. It wasn’t until later — that I understood that high-mindedness is not the same as compassion — when I sobered up. President Obama is a true believer, and that makes him all the more dangerous. He believes in falling on his sword to remake the world in his image; and it is a Marxian image. Obama is an angry man, with an angry wife. And though they have achieved much (and who can begrudge a President for being called successful?), they are mentally beck in the ghetto. Although I still have trouble connecting their Ivy League educations with their populist rhetoric. They are adamantly opposed to success by hard work even as they are a shining example of it. I find it ironic that so many liberals work so hard and accomplish great things only to condemn the system that allowed them to prosper when they finally have attained their idea of success.

The only thing I differ with here is the  Obama’s as examples of “hard work”.  The Obamas achieved their “success” and wealth less by hard work and more by affirmative action, being a part of the Chicago machine, and portraying a veneer of equality, fairness, and “giving back” while their true content includes anger, radical ideology, anti-American sentiments, and elitism.  In other words, they are envious opportunists schooled in Leftist doctrine with a habit of lying to get what they want.


……A president who misrepresents his intention, agenda and policy platform is like a dubious gift to a truth-starved electorate. He is easy to swallow but, oh, the indigestion he causes! And as we choke on the hubris of this over-reaching Congress and Marxist President I take hope in the violent convulsion that is to come. The public at large will reject this sociopathic, free-spending government as it becomes more evident that we are in for a double-dip recession and a zero job recovery. And with inflation knocking at our door after thirty years of benign fluctuations, voters will be inclined to throw out the dominant party. This will not end well for the Democrats.

In the long run, the Obama Presidency coupled with Democratic power may be a blessing in disguise….the electorate is now awake….we are realizing that “freedom don’t come free”.  There are those in this world who wish to squish freedom like a bug….we didn’t expect, however, to be squished from within by an anti-American/anti-Constitutional President and Congressional leadership.  But now we see what can happen when we are complacent about the greatness of this country and the freedoms we enjoy.

In the short run, we are in for some hard times in overcoming this Marxist onslaught and purposeful reduction of American freedoms and financial might.    But it can be done.  I believe in the American spirit even if our leaders do not.


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