Some thoughts on Obama’s war speech

I didn’t watch Obama blabber on about troops and “getting out” of Afghanistan last Tuesday night….My stomach couldn’t bear listening to the CIC (Campaigner-In-Chief)….Heck, I can’t blame the cadets for falling asleep, either.  But I have read the transcript, some clips, and many evaluations of the speech.

Victor Davis Hanson summarized the speech as “strange” and “sort of (a) talk a college provost gives to the faculty at the September back-to-school assembly”.

Aside from the fact the speech doesn’t include an emphasis on victory and that Obama seemed irritated to be giving the speech, Hanson made a couple of points that summarize for me the loathing that Obama has for our military and for American involvement overseas:

On the deficit (my emphasis):

Deficit. How strange on this military occasion to hear worries about fiscal responsibilities from a president who has just given the country its largest annual budget deficits in history, and who will, according to his own schedule, add more to the national debt than all previous presidents. In a speech intended to win support for more troops, Obama worries more about the $30 billion cost of Afghanistan, even while he borrows $1.7 trillion for everything from AIG bailouts to GM takeovers to “cash for clunkers.”

I guess “hope-n-change” doesn’t include finishing a war with victory nor does it include the full support of our Commander-In-Chief.   Heck, since the defense of our country is one of the things our Constitution clearly enlists the government to do, I guess “hope-n-change” just isn’t based in the Constitution either.

Obama and the Democrats would rather take over private industry, generate $1 trillion dollar slush funds for Democratic re-elections in 2010, and give money to Obama’s union thug buddies than spend one additional dime on the military — DURING A WAR.

This infuriates me.  (and many other Americans).

On Obama’s commitment, from Hanson:

I am happy that for another 18 months, Obama will fight the Taliban. But I think that, in times of war, when troops are headed into battle, Americans would rather hear “smoke ’em out” and “dead or alive” than a Noble Peace Prize preamble.

Of course, even though it seems we will take the fight to the Taliban, it is still not exactly clear to me what rules of engagement for our troops will entail.  Will they stand by and intervene only if necessary?  Or will they truly take the fight to the enemy? Exactly how will we “fight” the Taliban until Obama is ready to start “ending the war”?

That last sentence from Hanson clearly sums up the Obama approach…..He dare not declare America will actually win something because it would counter the “smart diplomacy” where Obama apologizes for his own country at various places all over the world.  Instead, we get another teleprompter speech from Mr. “I did nothing to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize”.  

In the “victory” vision of war, where America declares their effort at victory, real courage, conviction and leadership are required…the other “end the war” vision just takes oratory skills, a disdain for American excellence, and cowardice — cowardice being a staple of the Democratic party and disdain for America a component of Obama’s personal makeup.

The Anchoress also has a succinct and accurate view of Obama’s speech and his view of the military(my emphasis):

 Ungenerousness was one of Obama’s defining characteristics even before the election, and he clearly hates his predecessor. But I thought it was especially unwise for Obama to diss President Bush before that particular audience. Obama seems not to understand that his troops are not inspired or reassured by a CIC who tells them that the previous CIC -whom the troops loved, because they knew he respected them- was unworthy of their affection, much less their adulation. Adulation, it seems, should belong only to Obama.

He did not use the word “victory,” but that is no surprise. He is only interested in electoral and policy victory…………

……………Finally, when he said the only nation he’s interested in building is America, I got chills, and not the good kind. So far, the America he is “remaking” is giving me the willies.

All in all, not a great speech. Obama wears his CIC hat very uncomfortably.

Other notable repercussions from Obama’s dithering, 18-month end of war strategy in Afghanistan:

Pakistani Officials: Obama’s 2011 Withdrawal Timeline “Is Not a Wise Decision”

Afghanistan US Troop Casualties up by 65% under Obama


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