(UPDATED) Salute? Did someone say salute?

UPDATE 11/30/09:  Apparently this picture was not taken on Veteran’s Day, but Memorial Day 2009.  Obama was not saluting because “Hail to the Chief” was playing as is appropriate protocol.  I apologize for the wrong information and feel I should say so on this post.  It irritates me that some big names in blogging run with such information without checking it out first.  Many are spot on in their coverage and I link to them often, but some really messed up on this one!  I am a  single blogger who does it for kicks, but even I should have investigated this one a little further.  

(Original Post below)

Can our President be more clueless, indifferent, improper or just plain loathing of our military and traditions?  (I’ll let you decide which one!?!?!)

Did he salute and do it quickly so no one could see?  Or did he just not think about it?  Or perhaps, it is beneath him to do so? 

In any case, he looks like a buffoon.

2009-11-12 President clueless doesn't salute at tomb of the unknown soldier

President not saluting at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Veteran's Day 2009

(H/T:  Lucianne.com via Gateway Pundit)


2 Responses

  1. I guess his teleprompter was turned off.

  2. […] his hand over his heart during the American National Anthem, nor can Obama, as Commander-In-Chief, muster the will to salute or place his hand over his heart while recognizing our Veterans at the Tom……..but in the name of courtesy and respect, he bows in deference to another head of state (now […]

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