Disgusting child indoctrination display on CNN

The display of school children singing about healthcare, Obama, and Joe Wilson lying is outright disgusting.


For those of you who think this is perfectly innocent, why don’t you just imagine if a group of school kids from Texas, during the Bush Administration, had went on Fox News and sang and boogied on stage to a teeny bopper song with words altered to hail the Iraq War, the need for tax cuts, that marriage is between a man and a woman, or that abortion is murder???

Most leftists would slit their wrists if Bush weren’t roundly and soundly condemned and Fox News taken off the air for such an episode.

(Of course, it is all hypothetical because Fox wouldn’t have aired it and Bush himself would have condemned it, as would I.)

But, in the Obama age, this indoctrination mess is becoming a theme.

How about this Obama worship song from a school in Maryland. Via Michelle Malkin:

Barack Obama–Oh yes he rates,
The first Black President in the United States!
He’s smart and he’s–so so good!
He’ll lead this country as he should!
He wants us all to work together,
To make this country even better!
Prez’ Obama says–”Yes We Can!”
Make the US better–hand in hand!

More schoolchildren indoctrination here, here, and here.

Barack Hussein Obama…mmm..mmm.mmm!

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)


5 Responses

  1. Add the FIRST Part! Little Willie says “NO” to Obamacare! http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/2009/10/indeed-fifth-grader-is-smarter-than.htmlI've seen this video several places around the blogosphere today, an incredibly shameful piece of propaganda from CNN, which has forever forfeited any pretense of objectivity. Yet I hadn’t seen the prelude here where ‘Willie’ lays out a devastating case against ObamaCare that leaves the CNN infobabe flummoxed and nearly speechless, as if she can’t believe what appears to be a 10-year-old has a superior grasp of the debate than she or any of the other empty heads at CNN.

    It’s right at the beginning so you need not suffer through the painful song and dance routine.

  2. Yeah…this is admittedly more than a little strange. Not even the “nervous laughter” sort of strange, either.

  3. Agent,
    I did hear the audio clip of the child who talked about why Obamacare was not a good thing. I agree that child had a grasp of knowledge beyond his years. Wonder if the school or the parents are responsible for that….my guess is the parents.

  4. magsol,
    I am getting nervous….you and I have agreed on a few things here in the last few weeks 🙂

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Glad you saw that. Willie is on smart little fella. (Must be the parents) Thank You!

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