9/11/01 – We can never forget

We remember those who died, those who lost loved ones, and those who have fought against the evil that perpetrated this atrocity.

Never forget what terrorists did on that day.

I just finished watching the movie United 93 this morning….as my husband said, ‘This is how you remember what happened!”

Indeed it is. 

Horrifying to watch and emotional to this day. 

God Bless those who fought off the evil subhumans on that plane in Shanksville, Pennsylvania 9-11-01. 
Never, ever forget what happened to those who died in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania…it was horrific and words can’t do it justice.

God Bless our Military who have worked tirelessly to fight the evil that is terrorism.

God Bless our brave firefighters, police officers and other emergency personnel who also gave the ultimate sacrifice on that day.

God Bless President George W. Bush who magnificently led us through the worst attack on our soil.  He deserves so much credit…much more than he has been given.

God Bless the USA. 

More pictures and stories here and here.


6 Responses

  1. Even on this day, there are those that (deliberately?) confuse CONCERN with “fear”, PREPAREDNESS with “fearmongering”, and ACTION to prevent a future attack with “hate”.

    Al Qaeda isn’t 10 feet tall, but they should not be dismissed. That mentality contributed to their ability to execute the 911 operation.

    Thomas Jefferson is reputed to have said “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”. It is no less true today than during his time.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the pictures. I pray that we never forget the horror of that day and the innocent men, women, and children who lost their lives eight years ago.

  3. God bless America.

  4. Magsol,

    I’m with you 100% on that one! 🙂

  5. please remove my photographs from your website. I’m trying to make a living from this work.

  6. Sean – no harm intended and my apologies. The pictures on this post have been removed.

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