UPDATED: “You Lie”

Tonight, during Obama’s 29th (or is it 30th) speech on healthcare, someone— South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson — yelled “You Lie” after Obama did, indeed, lie about illegal immigrants not being included in the healthcare plan.

Rep. Wilson, a majority of Americans watching the glorified government takeover speech were mouthing the words right along with you as you said them.

Then we all had a fearful look at the sight of Nancy Pelosi’s face cracking at the sheer audacity of a Congressman to call Obama what he is.

Of course, those on the Left, and likely some in Congress will talk endlessly tonight and tomorrow about decorum and all.

And normally I would say that this type of action doesn’t belong in this forum.  And Rep. Wilson will likely be forced to apologize has already apologized and maybe that is the respectful thing to do.

HOWEVER……….decorum and respect went out the door about the time Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama walked through it.

How, pray tell, is “you lie”any different from our leaders calling AMERICAN CITIZENS Nazi’s, Astroturfers, Brownshirts, liars, angry mobsters, terrorists and more?  Especially when Obama WAS lying in his speech? Not to mention that the name calling of the Left has been almost pure projection and untrue?

Just tonight, Obama accused protesters and those against a government takeover of healthcare of just “bickering”.  No valid points, no passion, no right to protest “The One”…just bickering.

Is that the Left’s idea of decorum and respect for those they serve?

“You Lie” was the truth.  And Obama does it almost every time he speaks.

Other coverage on this at Gateway Pundit .

UPDATED 9/9/09:

I like this take on it from Nice Deb:

I’m sorry, but after all of the insults that Republicans have had to take for the past eight months from this man, who even when addressing a joint session of Congress can’t restrain himself from attacking the previous administration, who has the audacity to lecture us about civility after he and his cronies insulted and demeaned protesters for months… it’s just not fair to ask Republicans to sit on their hands and bite their tongues when the President gets in front them and continues to spew out lie after demonstrable lie:

So hurray for Joe Wilson, my new hero:….. 

It was Obama’s idea to hold a joint session of Congress on this very divisive issue, and give his eleventy hundredth speech on the subject. It was his idea to continue trying to sell it by offering pie in the sky solutions with no negative consequences. Americans have been educating themselves on the facts of what’s in these health care bills, and are finding out that just because Obama says something, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Republicans in Congress shouldn’t be expected to put up with it.

If this is the beginning of a UK Parliament style proceeding, with lots of yelling and cat calls, so be it. That can be Barry’s  legacy. The man who promised to end divisiveness will go down as the man who’s shameless and audacious lies inspired an uprising not only amongst an alarmed citizenry, but also amongst Washington pols forced to listen to them.


11 Responses

  1. Sooooooo, when Bush was president, and the Dems and their supporters endured accusations of being terrorists if they had the audacity to disagree with his policies, and were told that they should respect the Commander-in-Chief’s authority no matter what (respect for the position, if not the man himself), that goes out the window when the roles are reversed?

    Throwing out taking any side whatsoever: how do two wrongs make a right?

    And I’m honestly curious, because I still haven’t gotten around to reading the nitty-gritty of the various health care reform bills that are floating around (and they keep changing every damn day) : how will illegal immigrants be covered?

  2. magsol,
    When did Bush or Republican Leaders call anyone terrorists, except those associated with the Middle East, during the Bush years?

    In addition, isn’t respect supposed to be earned? And don’t you have to respect to be respected?
    Obama told Republicans back in February “I Won”. Obama hasn’t invited a single Republican to his healthcare discussions since April….but writes their ideas and protests off as bickering tonight.
    Obama’s own website called CITIZEN protesters “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists” and that they should be called out about it on 9/11, of all days.

    You’d be hard pressed to find proof of Bush 43 disrepecting Democrats, protesters, citizens,etc. in that way. As a matter of fact, in a television interview on one of the major networks (I don’t remember which), Bush 43 totally empathized with Cindy Sheehan when asked about her protesting in front of his ranch…he didn’t call her a terrorist or mob or Nazi or someone just “bickering”. Bush said he can understand her pain and her right to do what she was doing.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, you are correct.

    Wilson apologized tonight and admitted his mistake…
    Where are the apologies from Nancy Pelosi for calling protesters Nazi’s?
    or from Harry Reid, or Joe Biden, Barney Frank, other Dems, or Obama himself? They have thrown out names such as mob, terrorists, and brownshirts about those who oppose and protest a government takeover of healthcare.

    Obama has continuoulsy used the 46 million uninsured number when touting his healthcare plans. That number includes somewhere in the vicinity of 12 million illegal immigrants.

    In addition, the House bill under consideration requires NO PROOF of citizenship in order to receive care. That is likely the reason Obama has used an uninsured number that includes illegal immigrants!

    (Side note: Obama used a number of “over 30 million” uninsured tonight, while he has used number of 46 or 47 million over the last two months. Why? Could it be we need a smaller number now to try and convince citizens that illegal immigrants are not covered?)

    Aside from that, the Congressional Research Service, a non-partisan group that does not release info to the public, has asserted that illegal immigrants will likely be covered by HR 3200.
    David Fredoso of the San Francisco Examiner has access to a copy of CRS info on HR3200 and had this to say:

    In its subsection on health insurance subsidies (known as “affordability credits”), HR 3200 does state, “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.” That would seem to solve the problem, but it’s more rhetoric than reality. The bill contains no verification requirement or enforcement process for citizenship or legal residency, as exists for other federal benefit programs.The only verification required for the subsidies pertains to family income. Beyond that, as the CRS report notes, everything is left in the hands of the Health Choices Commissioner.

    Perhaps most telling of all is that the House Democrats voted AGAINST all attempts by Republicans in committee to require proof of citizenship. (Sounds alot like voter ID, huh? Dems NEED those illegals!)

    Fredosso addresses this as well:

    House Democrats defeated all attempts in committee to add an enforcement mechanism that would require proof of citizenship or legal residency for those getting subsidies.

    Dems and Obama are clever –not in a good way — to keep little to no reference to illegals in the bill so that they can claim illegals are not covered.
    But at every turn, the Dems have thwarted efforts to make it clear that illegals are NOT covered.
    If Dems don’t intend for illegals to be covered, and therefore using OUR tax dollars, why include their numbers in the uninsured and why actively vote against proof of citizenship?

    On the issue of illegals, let’s calling it lying by omission.

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  4. Representative Joe Wilson let his emotions get the best of him and he probably realizes he shouldn’t have done that. That is why he apologized.

    Let me ask a question here. Is it justifiable to say the proposed legislation will cover illegal immigrants, just because it does not specifically exclude them?

  5. Larry,

    As I’ve researched this part of the proposed plans, I think it is safe to say, at least for the House Bill, that illegals will be allowed to purchase insurance from the exchange. There is one reference to not allowing illegals to have access to Individual Affordability Credits. But in the same light, it seems they will be required under the mandate to purchase insurance….so if they can’t afford the healthcare, won’t they be entitled to the same credits as citizens?

    Most clearly to me is the issue of blatantly voting down proof of citizenship….When the House committees vote against proof of citizenship, what other conclusion can be made?

    I suppose it is possible that Obama is not lying about this as far as his plan is concerned because we’ve never seen his plan. It is is also true that the Senate bill seems to exclude illegal residents in several references.

    As far as Obama, however, he wanted the House Bill passed in August which, if he actually read and understood the bill, clearly means he agrees with no proof of citizenship.

    In addition, and probably the best proof that Obama is lying about his intentions, is that until last night, Obama used the 46 million uninsured number. That number includes illegal immigrants. Obama has said numerous times that all 46 million would be covered.
    If he didn’t know that number included illegals, that is a matter of ignorance and brings up a whole other question of his competence.

    At the very least, with the track record of Democrats on amnesty and no proof of citizenship at the voting booth….I’ll take the safe assumption that they mean to include illegals at some point down the road.

  6. I lost count of how many times Cheney’s “with us or against us” rhetoric shoved anyone and everyone who disagreed with him and the administration’s policies into the “terrorist” category. And the vast majority of Muslims in the Middle East had nothing to do, nor wanted anything to do, with the terrorist bombings.

    In addition, isn’t respect supposed to be earned?

    This statement is garbage. This supposes that one treats everyone like dirt until proven otherwise. And as I said earlier, even if one has no respect for the man, there should always be respect for the President’s position, otherwise our Constitution unravels.

    Obama did indeed win, and his website was changed very, very quickly after that inflammatory and inappropriate message was posted by someone who most likely no longer has a job.

    The “bickering” Obama referred to last night wasn’t in general to all debate over health care. It was specific to the exchanges that really have no place in what is supposedly the most civilized and advanced superpower in the history of the world: the outcry of “you lie!” during a presidential address to a joint session of Congress, a protester biting off the pinky finger of another one, and people in town hall meetings shouting and chanting so loudly that those who wanted to engage in honest and thoughtful debate can’t even hear themselves think.

    That is the bickering that accomplishes nothing. The “hired hands” on both sides of the aisle (yes, I have as much proof for Republican cronies disrupting town hall meetings as you have for Democratic goons doing the same) are the sort of pointless exchanges that serve only to inflame and polarize. American citizens absolutely have the right to disagree with “The One”, but chanting “Just Say No” over and over serves absolutely no constructive purpose whatsoever; it offers no valid points and no right to respond.

    As for the bill itself, my assumption is that if illegal immigrants aren’t allowed access to the public option outlined by Obama, that there will be some sort of proof of citizenship required to partake. Not really sure how else his statement could be enforced (unless he was indeed flat-out lying, which I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree upon until some sort of legislation is passed and we know for sure). I’ll be interested to see his proposals in bill form.

  7. magsol,
    The term “with us or against us” was used by Bush and Cheney in reference to countries that either worked with us or against in stopping terrorism.
    I don’t ever remember that term being used directly against citizens of the US who opposed the war….EVER.

    And the vast majority of Muslims in the Middle East had nothing to do, nor wanted anything to do, with the terrorist bombings.
    I didn’t say the majority of Muslims were involved in the bombings. I merely pointed out that Cheney and Bush did not call citizens terrorists…they called the REAL terrorists what they were.

    As you claimed earlier, you still haven’t shown me examples of Bush or leadership on the right calling Dems or citizens terrorists for their opposition to something.

    Perhaps I should reword my words on respect. (Although in many cases it should be earned). What I should have written instead was “if you expect to be respected shouldn’t you show it in return”?

    Obama called Sarah Palin a liar, claimed those in opposition to his plans and their statements were bogus,…all while preaching to us all about civility.

    Let’s pretend that Bush would have called an ex-VP candidate, and now private citizen, a liar in a major speech to Congress….would you deem that respectful or appropriate for the office of President?

    If Bush had told Dems in one of their first meetings together that “I Won” all while claiming he would bring EVERYONE together….would you think Bush deserved respect for shutting down dialogue in that manner?

    The “hired hands” on both sides of the aisle
    Where is your proof that protesters were hired? Who paid for THOUSANDS of people showing up in opposition to healthcare run by the government?

    American citizens absolutely have the right to disagree with “The One”, but chanting “Just Say No” over and over serves absolutely no constructive purpose whatsoever; it offers no valid points and no right to respond. That is the bickering that accomplishes nothing.

    I beg to differ.. American citizens marching by the hundreds and thousands…and showing up in the thousands at Town Hall meetings got their point across. The current plan for government healthcare has not yet been passed, and God forbid if it ever is.
    Obama, Pelosi and company wanted it passed before August.
    I’d say that Americans showing up to the fight were productive in their efforts.

    Sure, the Democrats who haven’t read the bill, and many who couldn’t respond to the truths in the bills, and those who were simply spouting talking points at their Town Halls found out that their constituents know more about the proposed plans than they did….

    Americans know much of what is being touted about healthcare by Obama and Democrats is untrue…
    and many Americans heard Obama say a couple of years ago that he wants to eliminate insurance companies and move to single payer and that it will have to happen over time.
    Many Americans also heard Obama say he is for a single payer system.
    Should we just ignore what we have heard straight from the horse’s mouth?

    And what kind of response did you expect from protesters when Democrats brought their Union goons with them to “police” the Town Hall meetings and block the doors?
    Good lord this is America and those elected people work for us….

    When the Dems booed and heckled Bush in a State of the Union speech in 2005, did that serve a constructive purpose? Was that respectful?

    Well, if you watch CNN or other Obamedia today, you would think that a dissenting shout in the chambers last night was completely unprecedented.
    Wilson apologized almost immediately after the speech and, to his credit, Obama accepted the apology..Dems never apologized to Bush.

    outlined by Obama, that there will be some sort of proof of citizenship required to partake.
    I suppose you can make that assumption but it is not well-informed. The Democrats in the House have already voted down a clearly written wording in the bill that would have REQUIRED proof of citizenship….To now assume that means there will be proof required is quite a stretch, at least in the House Bill.

  8. The Democrats booed Bush during his 2005 state of the union speech, Republians hissed Clinton during several joint sessions, and Democrats hissed Reagan during a couple of joint sessions. That’s Democracy.

    What I don’t remember though was Bush, Reagan, or Clinton using those joint sessions or state of the union speeches to attack personally their opponents. Obama practically named people who he didn’t like and called them liars- that’s never been done before by a President.

    Congressman heckling a President isn’t news- the President using his office to calling his oppents liars by name in a joint address is news.

  9. Conservative Teacher,
    Great perspective…you are right on!

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