“Scoring” the Obama School Speech: Propaganda wins convincingly

Michelle Malkin, AllahPundit at HotAir, and Patterico are now reporting that the Dept of Education has now whitewashed the original supporting “teaching” documentation that they sent out to schools.

The original documentation had the following:

As one of the preparatory materials for teachers provided by the Department of Education, students had been asked to, Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president. “

From HotAir.com, the revised version reads:

 “Write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short‐term and long‐term education goals.”

Regardless, I had a “HOPEful” commenter that just doesn’t understand what all the hub-bub’s about. 

It got me to thinking (and counting). 

The DOE summary info says the following about Obama’s speech:

“In advance of this address, the Department of Education is providing resources developed by and for teachers to help engage students and stimulate discussion “about persisting and succeeding in school.”

So it is about PERSISTING and SUCCEEDING in school?  Yea, right.

If you don’t believe that Obama wants to get a specific message out to kids that is more about him and his “community over individual” morality then think about this —

Supposedly Obama’s speech is about success and academics, but…..

The supporting study documentation originally sent out to teachers contains these words followed by the number of times used in the documentation:

Success, Succeeding, Succeed – 0 (zero)
Persist, Persisting, Persistence – 0 (zero)
Academic, Academics – 0 (zero)
Education – 2 times (plus once used in Dept of Education!)

But the following do appear, some numerous times:

President or Obama – 18 times
Do (in the sense of “doing” something) – 8 times
Community – 3 times
Duty – 1 time
Civic – 1 time


Community and “duty” Propaganda/Obama personality worship – 31
Education and Success – 2

If the Department of Education had to revise some of its words from a focus on the President to focus of education, those of us skeptical of Obama’s actions may have our point validated by that alone!


9 Responses

  1. Looks like it is Victory over Tyranny!

    We will keep our guard up though. Until this administration is out of Washington and to ensure that the attempt of propaganda, indoctrination of our little ones precious minds are safe from government beauracrats and that our children’s education remains a priority under local guidelines.


  2. I don’t know about you, but with all this hub-bub, I’m eager to see whether or not Obama lives up to these theories of tyranny masquerading as liberty on Sept 8.

  3. magsol,
    The administration has already backpedaled on the “talking points” for teachers….changing some of the references of “what can you do for Obama?” to “what can you do for your education?”.

    I think that if Obama had simply planned to say “Welcome back to school”, study hard, planned a 10 minute speech and informed parents, teachers, schools and administrators—-this probably would have gotten little attention.

    But can you not admit that talking points and lesson plans from the President largely focusing ON the President is a bit of a red flag?
    Especially when the speech has been touted as teaching kids to succeed in school, but the back up info focuses largely on how kids can help the President, talking about community, and recommending teachers hang up in their rooms the words of Obama from his speeches on education?

  4. I noticed a “Bill” talked about President Obama “indoctrinating the precious little ones,” as if them living in the home with extremists like their own parents does not indoctrinate them beyong repair. They are what anarchists are made of, and the process has already begun with limited intelligence parents such as they have.

    If President Obama were not President, say, beginning tomorrow, he has the necessary tools to make a great living for himself and his children, and his wife, Michelle, also. Both of them are Harvard and Yale Law School Graduates, respectively, but that did not begin with the day they enrolled with the Admissions Counselor for either of those schools.
    That began with early encouragement and indoctrination of the idea that “when I go to college, I would like to become…” and other rhetoric of that sort.

    The types of unruly children we are seeing in these United States are beyond the imagination of most people. There is a local high school where a system of fights started in the cafeteria just day before yesterday. You must stop reducing their thinking process to the extreme of emotions – nothing can be gained of intrinsic value in that type mindset. There must be a balance of thoughts and feelings, otherwise, you will see the “call-response” situations where you think these ridiculous things and conspiracy theories are underfoot in even benign situations, and your feelings then send you into a “knotting in the stomach, rushing heartbeat, sweaty palms, etc…,” and you rush out into the streets or pick up the telephone to convey that information to your
    “bimbow” next door neighbor, you will always end up in chaos and chaos needs no leader. You sow the wind and reap the whirlwind!

    Most of you call yourselves “God-fearing” Christians.
    I have news for you – God can only do for you what he can do through you. If you do not understand that God works through Wisdom and understanding of Universal Laws, you will always miss the target, especially when you work against harmony and peace – no matter what you thought you started out to do. The confusion, paranoia, accusatory statements and “protectionism of your little anarchists in the making” in your household will pay off. Remember, no crop comes to harvest without seeds first being planted, and after going through its growing season.

    When those crops come in, don’t expect a good harvest from the poor farming methods you utilized, and fertilized them with along the way.

    “And so, the words that go out of my mouth will go out and accomplish that for which I purposed them, and they will not return to me void.” Isaiah 55:11.

    Now, that scripture means that you designed it to do harm, not to your “precious little ones,” or to you, but specifically designed it for President Obama. Well, guess what, since you are the energy leven on which the thought has been created, it will travel back to you on the same route on which it was sent, it will ultimately bring you harm in the worst sort of way.

    President Obama and his wife are both prominent attorneys, and they have their living made, they do not have to worry about the Chinese and Japanese taking jobs from them. Their children will be rich, also, as they are already independently wealthy, and can only grow increasingly.

    What do you have to pass on to your “little precious jewels” when you are not educated to the point where you can see the value of staying in school and earning advanced degrees, and that even a fool can give good advice?

  5. Marion,
    If it was a straw man you wished to defeat, you have been successful.

    Your post starts with the premise that any opposition to the Dear Leader is driven by ignorance. Your response was well written but can be reduced to a school child’s accusation “You are Dumb”. If you can’t beat them with logic, ridicule them.

    Opposition to Expanding Government is as noble a goal as our founding fathers fight for independence. Our constitution was written by highly educated god fearing men. Being aware that men are fallible and may seek to accumulate power they wisely put in checks and balances to prevent the rise another tyrant.

    We desire to see that America remains the exceptional county that she is. The government of the people, by the people, for the people is unique in human history and we are seeing it slip away. This process has been in place before most of us were born. Obama is merely present during the final stages of rot.

  6. I see a lot of encouragement, a lot of pride in our nation’s history, a lot earnest challenges to push oneself, and not a hint of the indoctrination speech the conservative talking heads have been convinced is worth pushing public schools everywhere to subvert freedom of speech by censoring.

  7. magsol,
    Because of the attention and pushback, my bets are on the fact the speech was changed.

    If this speech text had been released a week ago without any “study guides”, you probably would have seen little backlash. Why not publish this very speech a week ago when the “study guides” came to light?

    The primary concern of MANY parents was the study guides with hints of personality worship and indoctrination….not necessarily the speech.

    Freedom of speech was not subverted in this case….since the schools are run locally and parents pay for the schools, they both have every right not to show the President’s speech or have their kids watch it. That is not an attack on freedom of speech.

  8. Absolutely, the speech could have been changed. It also could have been posted as it was. Speculation without proof is pointless.

    Former Presidents Bush and Reagan never had to endure such condemnation when giving their speeches to the students of the country, nor were they coerced into releasing their speeches prior to giving them. In fact, it’s somewhat of an oddity to ever have to publicly release a speech before delivering it. Kind of steals the show’s thunder to know how it ends before it starts.

    As for the study guides, maybe it’s just me, but regarding the phrase that garnered the most attention – “what can you do to help the president?” – I interpreted as an invitation to get the people of the country involved in a government that is supposedly run by them and for them. That includes telling the president when one believes he is doing something wrong.

    Schools and especially parents do indeed have the freedom to choose for themselves whether or not to watch the speech. But the way the conservative media and Congressman were pitching it, the message came across as “schools shouldn’t tune in to the speech, keep the kids at home if the schools do air it”. There’s a difference between choosing not to watch and actively censoring it. Why such subversion and outright fear of opposing viewpoints?

  9. magsol,,
    Former President Bush 41 was investigated by Democrats after speaking to school students. It was spearheaded by Democrat Dick Gephardt in 1991.
    I guess when a Republican president speaks it is OK for ELECTED Democrats to investigate, but when a Democrat speaks in 2009, CITIZENS are expected to overlook the radicalism of the source and just shut up already.

    Liberal outlets have called parents racists and “too dumb to be raising kids” for choosing not to have their kids listen to the President’s speech.
    What were you saying about fear of opposing viewpoints?

    Aside from the President’s speech, the mainstream media and countless numbers of people on the Left, including Senators, have accused ordinary Americans of being terrorists, racists, Nazis, mobsters, and more simply for protesting a government takeover of healthcare.

    Obama’s own website (barackobama.com) was pushing for Leftists to crassly call their Senators on 9/11 (of all days) to “fight back against our own Right Wing Domestic Terrorists”.

    What about the power of parents and citizens is so frightening to the Left?

    There exists a substantial number of Americans who believe Obama is a radical with many radicals around him now and in the past (Valerie Jarrett, newly resigned Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Ron Bloom, and more).

    You can choose not to believe Obama is a far Left radical and therefore harmless to our children and our country….many of us choose to believe that he is harming America and the Constitution with almost every move he makes.
    unaccountable Czars,
    business takeovers,
    tremendous spending,
    Stimulus bill filled with payouts to Obama’s cronies including the Unions,
    bowing to Saudi King,
    dissing America’s traditional allies while coddling dictatorial regimes like Chavez and Castro,
    cutting off aid to Honduras after their Constitutional ouster of Dictator wannabe leader,
    vowing that we need a civilian national security force more powerful and just as well funded as the military

    I could go on and on….

    The speech as initially pushed by the DOE gave pause to those of us who have seen the cult of personality and anti-American tendencies of this President….and did not want him having the power to influence our children without our knowledge or consent.

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