Obama’s Department of Education circumvented elected officials when sending September 8th information

Obama is planning an unprecedented “speech” to our public school children on September 8.  This basically became wide spread knowledge yesterday and the speech is planned on or near the first day of school in many areas.

I have had commenters say their Principals were unaware of this speech….my kids’ teachers were also not aware, but I have not heard from the Principal yet.

So is this just clumsy handling by the Department of Education or a concerted effort to get this in near the beginning of school (so parents are uninformed) and bypassing district decision-makers?

You decide.

From MichelleMalkin.com today, Circumvention: The Obama Way:

Reader Katie e-mails about how the US Department of Education circumvented elected school officials to send notice of President Obama’s junior lobbyist recruitment speech on September 8:


I am a conservative school board member in the Atlanta area…

It is very important to note that the DOE sent letters directly to the Principals of every public school in the country – Completely bypassing the locally elected Boards of Education and the Superintendents.

I found out about this last night – I let my Superintendent know. Here in Georgia, we start school early in August so although there is very little time before 9/8/09 – we have a chance of letting our parents know so they can opt out. I will most likely lose any protest against showing it – although as a last ditch effort I will ask it be taped so we can discuss as a Board whether or not to show it. But what about the school districts that start on Sept 8th? They have no time to let parents know so they can opt out.

Planned? I think so.


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  1. Guess they didn’t know that NY State schools start on the 9th. Ok, maybe they already knew and decided that they don’t need to indoctrinate them. They have indoctrinated them for a lot longer than anywhere else.

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