The Greenroom: Honor Kennedy By Doing What He Did, Not What He Said

The Left has not let 24 hours go by before using Ted Kennedy’s death as a way to continue their takeover of healthcare.  Exhibits their crass way of honoring their icons, I guess.

At’s The Greenroom it has been pointed out best…..If you want to use Kennedy’s name in association with healthcare…how about we all get the same choices and opportunities to stay alive that Senator Kennedy did.  We don’t want “just a pill“.

From the Greenroom:

I have empathy for the Kennedy family. I spent all day Monday at a funeral and the following reception, and it’s not like I’ve forgotten what grief is. It’s a sad day and I will certainly pray for them. But since the left is not hesitating to use his death to forward their political goals, I will match their level of respect by pointing out an inconvenient truth.

Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a form of cancer where patients typically live about a year after diagnosis. In spite of the fact that he was old, obese, and a heavy drinker without any serious hope of recovery even with massive healthcare expenditures, he did not go home and take pain pills. On the contrary, he quickly assembled a team of more than a dozen experts from all academic centers over the country, and decided to have a surgery that the experts were sharply divided on. He utilized an option that will never be available to the rest of us if the left succeeds in providing “Medicare for all.”

So I’ll honor Senator Ted Kennedy by fighting for my right to emulate him in accessing health care to the extent that I want to and can afford.

Ted Kennedy had choices and was not constrained by a government-controlled system that he and his cohorts wished (and wish) to force upon you. 

The healthcare legacy of Ted Kennedy?  Ted Kennedy sought out and utilized all available care, chose what options he wanted to pursue  and did it to extend his life as long as possible –  all while using his condition and his name to make sure you don’t have the same options.


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