Who’s Sorry Now? IAmSorryIVotedForObama.com

Interesting website.    iamsorryivotedforobama.com (H/T: Instapundit)

Maybe many have finally come to their senses?

It’s not like we didn’t know who Obama was BEFORE the election, though!

Now Obama says ACORN and others will “shape the agenda” of an Obama Presidency

(UDPATED 10/10/08) McCain Ad: Obama’s Ties to ACORN run long and deep

Do Any of Obama’s Friends Love America?

Praire Fire: William Ayers Weather Underground Manifesto

Obama is flat-out cheatin in campaign donations

Obama’s heartless votes for infanticide

It Ain’t Pretty: What you would get with President Obama and liberal supermajority in Congress

All About Obama, Narcissism, and the Cult of Personality

Obama: Anti-Military, Anti-Weapons, Anti-Iraq and Anti-Security

Stark Contrast: Obama’s arrogance vs. McCain’s sacrifice and humility


One Response

  1. A lot of people were misled. Lots of buyer’s remorse now. 2010 is coming.

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