Countering Obama’s Untruthful “Learn the Truth” Propaganda – Part 2: Right Wing Special Interest Groups Funded and Organized protests and protesters are just disruptive

Time to dismantle Obama’s mythical “truth” Part 2!


THE REAL TRUTH:    Obama tells two very big fibs here.  One is that he tries to portray the hundreds of thousands of healthcare protesters as “organized” right-leaning groups, even saying they are backed by the insurance companies.  Two – he tried to portray the strawman argument that all of the protests are because people want to “preserve” the current system.  Neither of those lies are true.

In the midst of those two lies, Obama (and Congressional Dems) are trying to implicate insurance companies and other “special interest” groups as fanning the flames.  He is right about one thing.  The vast majority of the protesters have a “special interest” and that is to halt the efforts of our government to takeover the healthcare system. This doesn’t mean protesters want “status quo”, but they want healthcare reform focused on the issues, not a stealth government takeover of healthcare.

While it is true that several right-leaning groups have established Facebook pages and other groups to inform citizens of Town Hall and Tea Party events…. the nature of the protests, including these groups, is a true grassroots effort.  The response is overwhelming.

In addition, protest participants are not being paid to show up at events.  They are doing because they want to emphasize their anger at the course this healthcare “reform” is taking.

I think you could say that Obama’s accusations are a bit of projection in action. 

There exists blogger after blogger after bloggerwho have documented the attendance of well-funded, well-“signed” union thugs and career leftist protesters attending these events…some even becoming violent toward anti-government-healthcare protesters.

There is also some proof that these people are being bussed in and even paid to attend.

So for Obama to be claiming that fed-up Americans who have never protested before in their lives are funded by insurance companies and special interests is absurd….especially since there is proof that he and his minions are knee-deep in special interest funding of efforts to crash the protests of Americans against government healthcare.

And isn’t it interesting that Obama has shown absolutely no proof of mass staging and funding by “right wing” groups at these protests, while many have documented those very tactics from the left?

Isn’t it interesting that a man whose sole qualification for President was “community organizing” can now twist the truth about hundreds and thousand of real Americans, ignore their anger and efforts, and not understand that MOST of the current protesters have NEVER protested a day in their lives until now?  I should know — I am one of them.  And I wasn’t formally “organized” nor paid by anyone to do it.

This is clearly a case of accusing your “enemy” of the very same tactic for which you are engaging….Projection at its best.


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