A tale of two thugs: a story of propaganda and legitimacy courtesy of Obama

Today is the day for big propaganda wins by a dictator and a thug in North Korea and Iran, respectively.

As for North Korea…well, I can honestly say it is great that two American journalists (associated with Al Gore) have been released from custody in North Korea.

However, as others have questioned, I just wonder what we gave to North Korea in exchange for the women….It is highly likely that this propaganda photo was just a parting gift.  (H/T: Ace of Spades)

Bill Clinton legitimizing the tyrant Kim Jong Il in North Korea 8-4-09

Bill Clinton legitimizing the tyrant Kim Jong Il in North Korea 8-4-09

From Ace of Spades:

……this bit of pandering fits right in with the kowtowing to dictators policy the Obama team seems to favor. Who will be taking the trip to Teheran for some Mullah ass-kissing to save those idiot hikers who got scarfed up?

So that brings us to Iran and the fact that it certainly does make one wonder who Obama will send to Iran to “save” the three American hikers in custody there….and what type of propaganda photo op will take place with Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs!  

Of course, we won’t need the Ahmadinejad photo op with Hillary, Bill, or Obama by then…….

Despite Iran murdering its own in the streets and despite the fact that three Americans are held there….and despite the fact that the election WAS a fraud—–the Obama administration legitimized Ahmadinejad today as the “elected leader” in Iran.

From Gateway Pundit:

The Obama Administration today announced that they will recognize Ahmadinejad as the “elected president” of Iran.
Hundreds of Iranians have been killed by the regime since the stolen presidential election.

The AP reported:

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is “the elected leader” of the Islamic republic.

Gibbs was asked Tuesday if the White House recognized Ahmadinejad as the country’s legitimate president.

“He’s the elected leader,” Gibbs responded.

Iranian opposition to Ahmadinejad’s re-election claimed he stole the vote, and there have been massive street demonstrations that have shaken the religious leadership of the country. Ahmadinejad reports to the religious establishment. Dozens of demonstrators were killed or wounded in the uprising.

What has happened to America?

52% of America has been duped by a thug-loving Leftist, that’s what!


3 Responses

  1. Hello and thank you for the response slot.
    Like the Americans whose views have been known from the BBC News, I would be the one to acknowledge Mr Clinton’s success with the release of the two American journalists from detention in North Korea.
    As no details have been known of the probable message from Mr Clinton to the North Korean leader, I would rather not speculate of the possible rights and wrongs in international politics. I would tend to believe that American politicians take responsibility for what they are doing and that a possible unannounced message would benefit the US in its international politics in the long run. Thank you. Marija Liudvika Rutkauskaite

  2. Put the shoe on the other foot and ask yourself how concerned about politics you’d be if those were your sisters. How about if they were white? Hmmm.

  3. Hey Anonymous,
    I never said a word about wishing those girls had not been released….if they were my sisters, I’d want them home.
    (probably not riding with Bill Clinton, however 🙂

    I don’t believe you saw any references to race in this post either…..

    Go crawl back in your race-baiting corner and leave us adults alone.

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