A good view of Obama Birth Certificate controversy and Democrat coverups

From Lance Fairchok at the American Thinker, a view of Democrat coverup operations….as it pertains to Obama’s Birth Certificate.

In its entirety:

I have no idea whether Barack Obama is a natural born American. I’m not a “birther” and I haven’t spent a lot of time on the issue, but I have noticed a lot of people are curious, not just fringe “kooks”, but reasonable people who seem to have logical reasons for their curiosity. I do not know if Obama fits the constitutional requirements for the Presidency, but I do know Democrats, and when then work hard to hide something, that something is usually a doozy.

Think for a moment of other recent examples of Democrat cover-ups. John Kerry comes to mind. The press excoriated anyone who questioned his military record. Yet, despite the very public promises to release his full record, most notably to the late Tim Russert, he has never done so. He never will, because in that record one would find just what a liar John Kerry is. Apparently, he never actually made the trip to Cambodia that is seared in his memory, but he did take one to Paris to talk to the Viet Cong.  So far, thanks to President Carter reinstating his medals, it has been a very successful cover up. 

John Edwards portrayed himself as the quintessential husband and father. His boyish good looks, his empathy for the downtrodden and his abiding love for his cancer stricken wife made him a vice-presidential shoo-in, except for that mistress and love child that he visited regularly. Despite his staffers covering for him and the press spiking reporting on the affair, it came out, a very unsuccessful cover-up for Edwards. We are assured however, that even though he admits the affair, the child is not his. Oh, and there will be no DNA testing of the child. 

How about all the assurances that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in good order? No audits or reforms necessary, everything is just fine. How many members of Congress blocked meaningful regulation for many years? The Democrats have profited and continue to profit greatly from the two enterprises, costing the taxpayers billions. Yet a majority of Americans blame President Bush for the financial crisis. Yet another successful cover-up, as well as an effective propaganda campaign courtesy of the party of coincidence. Do you remember that financial crisis that miraculously popped up last November? You know, just before the election. Pure coincidence, really, you can trust the Democrats.

And last but not least, is the record of the Clinton administration’s contribution to 9-11. We know that members of the administration actively built barriers to data sharing between intelligence and law enforcement. We know the Clintons viewed terrorism as a law enforcement matter. We know that Madeleine Albright warned Pakistan before Clinton’s half-hearted cruise missile strike on Bin Laden, thereby giving days of warning to Al Qaeda.

We know that soon after the formation of 9-11 commission was officially announced the Clinton administrations National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, went to National Archives over a period of weeks to steal and destroy highly classified records of the Clinton administration decision-making process in handling Al-Qaeda and terrorism. He stuck them in his pants and socks and later burned and shredded them. You can bet they held incriminating evidence, evidence that would have tanked the Democrats on security issues and ripped away the “Clinton Legacy.” It was a very successful cover-up, about which the press is remarkably silent. Berger received what amounts to a wrist slap, while old Bill laughed it off saying; “That Sandy, he’s so absent minded.” 

By all reports, Obama and his administration have gone to great expense to prevent examination of his birth record outside of carefully staged statements from loyal Democrats. When Presidential spokespersons ridicule and demean Americans, even political enemies, in a public forum, they are purposely inserting ideas into the public psyche, and when those ideas are choreographed with the press you can bet it was cooked up among the likes of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, CNN’s James Carville, CNN commentator Paul Begala, and Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. The message appears on leftist web-exchanges like Journo List and it is off to the political smear races. If you say a thing often enough, people will eventually believe it, for example; the press is in the Democrats’ pocket, the press is in the Democrats pocket, the press is in the Democrats pocket… Well, that one is real.

Now, conveniently, we have Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii’s Department of Health, telling us she’s seen the documents and they are legitimate. If one wanted to conspire to protect a Democrat President, who is from Hawaii, where else would you go for eager supporters. So the controversy continues until impartial credible observers review the documents.  Maybe Obama was indeed born in Hawaii. Could the controversy be more accurately about who his father was and not his birthplace? It would certainly be an embarrassment after all the “Dreams of my Father” hagiographies and “my souls from Africa” shtick.  

Conservative elites sniff in arrogant distain at the birth document “conspiracy theory, “of course, and admonish us not to fall into the Democrat trap.  The controversy is not helping us they complain, the left is painting us as kooks.  I hate to break it to you Professor, but the left alwayspaints conservatives as kooks.  They also fabricate, lie, manipulate and intimidate.  It is standard practice, it will not stop, and you will see any conservative personality that gets traction get the “Ann Coulter” treatment for anything they say.  Sarah Palin for example is the target of a well funded, well attended (by the press) smear campaign.  It is organized, focused and financed by the Democrat machine.  They view her as the chief threat to Obama in 2012.  We have years of Sarah smearing to look forward to.  The Obama birth records controversy will be similarly exploited for any political advantage, and used to demean and ridicule any on the right who pursue it.  I’m no”birther,” but I smell a cover-up, I’m just not sure of what. With the Democrats you can be sure, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and they are working overtime to hide it.

I, personally, have not been convinced either way that Obama was or was not born in the US.  What I am certain of, however, is that Obama is withholding his long form birth certificate and a multitude of school and college documents that outline his education, grades, scholarships, etc.  Why not release them?

Yes the Democrats and willing koolaid drinkers argue that the short form birth certificate has been released and those who wish for further information are “birther kooks”.  But why not release the full form so that we see the hospital, doctor and other long form information that is on the form?  Military members that serve under Obama must prove their birth with such information….why not their CIF?   For getting a job, most people must present their college grades, transcripts, and other such information — why not for a man who works for all of us?

Those same Democrats and Obama supporters would be protesting at Bush’s ranch, White House and birth hospital weekly if this were George W. Bush witholding his formal long form birth records and education records….of that you can be assured.

Why is it different with Obama?


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  1. What I am certain of, however, is that Obama is withholding his long form birth certificate and a multitude of school and college documents that outline his education, grades, scholarships, etc.

    How are you certain? What evidence do you have? The article and your post list none.

    Why not release them?

    Actually, Obama’s full birth certificate has been released – it includes his name, gender, birthplace, parents’ names and ethnicities, and place of birth. Hawaii is different from most other states of the Union in that birth certificates are confidential – only family members can request them. The fact that it was released publicly is itself a rare event.

    Military members that serve under Obama must prove their birth with such information….why not their CIF?

    Obama had to prove his birthright long before he entered the presidential race. The public generally doesn’t hear about it because the public never hears about it in any presidential campaign; this particular president – likely because of his name – inspired one of the few public outcries for public release of his birth certificate.

    Everything else in the article and your post is nothing but conjecture. Of course it’s possible he committed mass fraud; it’s also possible that 9/11 was a government conspiracy. But are they plausible? Not very. There is literally no physical evidence to suggest his birth certificate is forged.

    And one last point, from the article:

    but the left always paints conservatives as kooks. They also fabricate, lie, manipulate and intimidate.

    The right is just as guilty of this. Do not delude yourself into believing otherwise.

  2. Hi magsol,
    You said: “How are you certain? What evidence do you have? The article and your post list none.”

    I am certain because the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH has never been released. We also have never seen Obama’s grades from Harvard or Columbia, among other background information. If you have, I would love to see them.
    Bush, Kerry, Gore…all released there college records even though each of the three of them were average students without straight A glowing records.
    At the time of the Pres. campaign, John McCain was forced, by Congressional hearings, to prove that his birth was constitutional since he was born while his father was stationed by the military outside of the US.

    You said: “Actually, Obama’s full birth certificate has been released”

    Not so. Obama’s “Certification of Live Birth” is what was released by Obama. That document is the same certification that can be obtained for children not born in Hawaii. In addition, the document released doesn’t include the hospital of birth (which has been reported over the years as two different hospitals) nor the doctor who attended the delivery.
    Obama needs to release his CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH (long form) which includes much more information than the “certification” does including the doctor, hospital, and signatures of parents and doctor. Not only that but you MUST be born in Hawaii to have this document.
    The sticking point for many who want to see further proof is that Obama refuses to release the very document that any of us MUST SHOW for getting jobs, social security cards, entering the military, entering college, etc. — not to mention the Constitutionality of it all.

    You said: “The fact that it was released publicly is itself a rare event.”

    Not really — The Obama campaign actually released the short form certification themselves after much hullaboo on the matter. And as I mentioned, McCain had to prove his “natural born” status. In Hawaii, it is correct that they won’t release the information without proper authorization. The actual live birth information hasn’t been released because Obama refuses to release his own certified copy or he won’t allow the hospital to do so.

    You said: “The right is just as guilty of this. Do not delude yourself into believing otherwise.”

    You are correct that there are kooks and crooks on both sides of the aisle.
    Currently, however, the award winners on the Left are in power and living up to their lying, manipulating, intimidating and outright dirty tactics ways.

    In closing, I never said in this post that Obama had committed mass fraud…
    Perhaps the main reason this needs to be put to rest with the release and non-partisan authorization of his long form BC is because it is a Constitutional matter. And let’s face it…the secrecy and lack of information surrounding Obama’s personal matters is concerning to many in this country. He is President of all of the people….not just those who will blindly follow him.

    HEre is a list of records that Obama, the “transparency President” has kept tight to his vest so far:
    his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records.

    I would think that Americans have a right to most of that information, particularly because this President didn’t spend his entire life in the United States nor did he even set foot on the mainland of the country (he now governs) until he was 18.

    Other Presidents and candidates with much clearer backgrounds have released this information. Why not Obama?

  3. Since the full form “certificate” of live birth is restricted in Hawaii, the “short form” version is accepted by all states in the Union as adequate for all positions requiring a birth certificate. There’s nothing special about this particular case. He’s not releasing the full certificate because a) it’s restricted, and b) nobody from Hawaii outside of one’s immediate family has EVER had to release their full certificate before.

    Just about every political website and news agency out there has concluded that, while anyone can cast doubt with conjecture and postulates, there is no hard proof anywhere against the authenticity of Obama’s public birth records. Here and here and here and here and here…just to name the first few (of literally millions) I found.

    As for his other records…you are absolutely correct. I haven’t spent a great deal of time looking into each of the documents you mentioned, but for at least the first few regarding his school records they do indeed seem conspicuously absent. His Columbia thesis, however, wasn’t really a thesis so much as a course paper, so in that regard it’s not surprising that nobody has a copy anymore.

  4. magsol,
    you said, ” is accepted by all states in the Union as adequate for all positions requiring a birth certificate”.

    That may be true, but not all people have to show proof that they are a “natural born”, not “naturalized”, citizens which the short form doesn’t do.

    you said, “nobody from Hawaii outside of one’s immediate family has EVER had to release their full certificate before.”
    I’d like to know how you know that “NOBODY” has “EVER” had to do that….regardless, not EVERYBODY is President of the United States with a parent holding citizenship in a different country, and who never lived inside the contiguous US until the age of 18.
    Apparently, Obama won’t have to release it either, which only fuels the suspicision there is SOMETHING to hide…be it birthplace, parents, whatever….

    you said, “there is no hard proof anywhere against the authenticity of Obama’s public birth records”

    That is true, but the public records don’t actually “prove” the one thing Obama hasn’t proven…that he is “natural” born as required for a President of the US. And the burden of proof is with Obama on this….not for others to prove against it.

    You are correct that many news orgs and others, even many on the right side of the aisle, believe that Obama was born in the US. I really don’t know if he is natural born or not….I am not convinced either way at this point.

    I will agree with many others that, regardless of Obama’s secrecy about his birth and records, at this point there are many more issues to work on that will have impact in stopping Obama’s radical agenda…that is where I plan to spend most of the my time.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. I agree that Obama hasn’t been as forthcoming with regard to his early years as many other public figures. McCain’s life was a comparative open book.

    However, I’ll offer this…I ASSUME that when Obama was a Senator, he underwent some sort of background investigation to allow him access to classified information. His life, from birth onward, would have been looked at. If there was something fishy about his birth record, or passport, or college admission paperwork, I find it hard to believe that it wouldn’t have leaked out by now. With some things, the government is horrible about keeping secrets.

    This is certainly no guarantee, but the absence of damning info often indicates that it doesn’t exist. Regardless, if such info is filed away somewhere or is eventually discovered, I bet we won’t have to wait very long. The truth has a nasty habit of eventually coming forward.

  6. The time lines, places, actions, motives, when analyzed, support, and are consistent with, what is the answer to the Obama birth puzzle:

    Obama’s grandmother is his mother and his mother is his sister.

    Think about it. Review all the facts and claims.

  7. Actually, evidence suggests Sarah Palin and Obama are second cousins.

  8. Jack and Magsol,

    LOL – this we can laugh at!

    Obamacare and Cap & Trade — not so much.


  9. […] Line up your government is here to help you. As for birthers, he has not released the records. A good view of Obama Birth Certificate controversy and Democrat coverups Sharp Right Turn I think that sums up the way I am seeing the issue. Tommygun says it all, no matter what is said, […]

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