Obama, where art thou? Where is your “outrage” over the murder of a military man by a Muslim?

On Sunday a well-know late term abortionist, George Tiller, was murdered.  Obama responded within hours at his outrage for the murder of one who has killed at least 60,000 babies in the womb….late in the pregnancy.

On Monday, a young military recruiter was gunned down in Little Rock, Arkansas by a Muslim convert who hates the US Military.

Obama has yet to condemn the murder or to even attempt a feigned outrage at the murder of one of America’s finest…a military man.  Nor has he made a statement against the Muslim man who did it. (and who, perhaps, had more of the same planned.)

Point well made at RedState.com:

Those wondering how long it would take for the first act of terrorism to be perpetrated on American soil under President Barack Obama did not have to wait long. The murder of a U.S. military recruiter by a Muslim convert in Arkansas yesterday marks the return of the war on terror to America after just four months of the new Administration’s systematic dismantling of the policies and programs that kept the nation safe for over seven years under the Bush Administration…..

……Obama has not expressed “shock and outrage;” has not offered condolences to Pvt. William A. Long’s family or Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula, the other soldier injured in the attack; and has not expressed the nation’s resolve – to say nothing of his Administration’s – to continue to fight radical Islamic terrorists wherever they may be found.

Of course, while Tiller’s murderer did not have the right to take the life of the doctor, it was the first murder of an abortion doctor in the US in over a decade. 

 However, it is clear that a pattern has been forming in recent years around Muslim converts who wish to do harm to Americans….the latest one succeeding!   Think back a few weeks ago and the arrest of Muslims who thought they were about to blow up a synagogue in New York.

But a pattern of Muslims targeting Americans doesn’t receive the same claim of “outrage” from Obama nor his willing accomplices in the media.  Instead millions of conservatives and pro-lifers are practically accused of holding the gun that shot Tiller, while the media and Obama are silent on the murder of a military man by a Muslim inside our own borders!

Again, RedState.com, assesses the situation well:

Yesterday, a gunman murdered one soldier and wounded another outside a recruiting station in Kansas. There’s little surprise that the left, like their President, haven’t much to say about the murdered soldier. The anti-war left has been creating a climate of hate with regard to our troops individually and our military at large for years, with an increasingly brazen messagethe last few years. Blogs which continue to wring hands over fears of right-wing “hate” in the form of prime time cable news pundits can’t spare a pixel or two to reflect on the environment they’ve helped create spending 5 years calling our men and women in uniform murderers, rapists, and baby-killers. I’d normally advise against, but today I suggest you take a few minutes and peruse that liberal flagshipto see the mixture of “hate” and “fear of hate” blogs. Enlightening.

You have to wonder whose side Obama and the media are on….when a well-know doctor whose murdered 60,000 babies is himself murdered by a crazy person they paint a wide swath of conservative, pro-life Americans as “guilty”.  Yet we have a Muslim man kill an American soldier on our soil in a brazen, broad-daylight attack and there is nothing to talk about. 

Hypocritical, Abortion-loving, anti-military Obama and his cohorts are doing their liberal best to break our country and the spirit of its citizens.


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  1. […] Isn’t it ironic that even at his speech at Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago, Obama couldn’t muster the same outrage at the murders of millions of babies in the womb that he has shown for the murder of Dr. Tiller? (But has yet to show for a murdered military recruiter 2 days after the very public murder?) […]

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