Obama says America is a Muslim country – should we be surprised?

Hundreds of bloggers tried to get the point across before the election:  Obama experienced a clearly Muslim background while growing up and, present day, is, at the very least, a HUGE Muslim sympathizer or a closet-Muslim himself. 

During the campaign anyone who talked about Obama’s Muslim roots or even used his middle name were lambasted by the Obama campaign and directly called “bitter clingers”.

and today, Obama claims that  America is a Muslim nation:

In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Slap yourself…yes, eight years after 19 terrorists attacked us within our borders, we are now living in a country where our President not only has catered to radical Muslim nations and leaders (think hundred of millions of dollars to Palestinians and talking to Iran for starters), but now claims we are a large Muslim nation.

As a one blogger noted:  “Obama, your roots are showing!”

Or on the topic of America as a Muslim Nation, Jihad Watch also says:  “Is that  an observation or a wish?”

As Michelle Malkin points out, we are not even close to being a “large” Muslim nation.  Here is a link to a map of the top 10 largest Muslim nations in the world.

And statistics from Jihad Watch:

Indonesia: 200 million Muslims. India: 156 million Muslims. Pakistan: 150 million Muslims.

United States: 2.3 million Muslims (according to the Pew Research Center).

Now, in recent days and in preparation for Obama’s Middle East American Apology Tour, members of Obama’s administration and Obama himself have pointed out Obama’s sympathies and background rooted in Islam….some which contradict what Obama himself claimed during the campaign.  From Jake Tapper at ABC:

During a conference call in preparation for President Obama’s trip to Cairo, Egypt, where he will address the Muslim world, deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Denis McDonough said “the President himself experienced Islam on three continents before he was able to — or before he’s been able to visit, really, the heart of the Islamic world — you know, growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father — obviously Muslim Americans (are) a key part of Illinois and Chicago.”

This is what Obama claimed during the campaign:

The candidate’s comment at a Boca Raton, Florida, town hall meeting on May 22, 2008, was typical: “My father was basically agnostic, as far as I can tell, and I didn’t know him,” he said.

In September 2008, candidate Obama told a Pennsylvania crowd, “I know that I’m not your typical presidential candidate and I just want to be honest with you. I know that the temptation is to say, ‘You know what? The guy hasn’t been there that long in Washington. You know, he’s got a funny name. You know, we’re not sure about him.’ And that’s what the Republicans when they say this isn’t about issues, it’s about personalities, what they’re really saying is,‘We’re going to try to scare people about Barack. So we’re going to say that, you know, maybe he’s got Muslim connections.’…Just making stuff up.”

I’d say Obama is the one who was “just making stuff up.”  And he continues to do so.

If you had any doubts about Obama’s Muslim roots and his sympathies to the Religion of Pieces Religion of Peace—then doubt no more!  But also remember that as much as he connects with Islam, and despite his claims of ties to Christianity, Obama has as much disrespect for our Judeo-Christian roots as he does respect for the Islamic world.

This is the same President who said they following when speaking in Turkey in April:

…..”one of the great strengths of the United States” is that it does not consider itself “a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values. I think modern Turkey was founded with a similar set of principles.”

Obama also said this….from Pundit and Pundette:

“We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country,” Obama said

Like Pundit and Pundette, I say “WHAT?   HUH?”  —– Not only did Obama diss his own JUDEO-CHRISTIAN nation in that line, but claims that Islam has “done so much for so many” over the centuries!   I say he should ask all of those headless figures and those women with mutilated genitals what they think of all of that “good” Islam has contributed to the world!

My fellow citizens…we are in a country turned upside down.  It’s been coming for a long time and has culminated in the election of our first anti-American,  Marxist, Islamic-bred President.  I’d say these times are monumental….pray for our country….and yes, even for our misguided President and his family.


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  1. America what is your Destiny? Think real hard and deep. (If you idiot Liberals are able to)

  2. “And how can this be? For Obama is the Kwisatz Haderach!”

    Actually what he wants to convince the Muslim world is that he is “Al Mahdi”.

    And many are being convinced of just that.

  3. @someone: Wow. Calling me an idiot totally showed me the error of my ways.

    Those who are convinced Obama is the Kwisatz Haderach are, in my humble opinion, just as wrong as those who believe he is maliciously and purposefully destroying the United States from within using his Muslim, socialist, anti-American agenda.

    This post comes dangerously close to inherently equating Islam to terrorism. Christianity is not without its own extremist psychopaths – Westboro Baptist Church and the ideologues portrayed in “Jesus Camp” come to mind. Islam even shares its roots equally with Judaism and Christianity, and is considered one of the three major faiths classified as “Judeo-Christian”.

    The holy books of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity share much in common. Those shared beliefs are what Obama is trying to highlight in his attempts to wage peace with the middle east; he is not denigrating our own country to make the other people of the world “feel better” and thereby foster alliances. If we are to retain our cultural and economic superpower status, showing some humility and taking responsibility for mistakes of years past will do wonders in facilitating healthy international relationships.

    And the US was never founded as a Christian nation. It was founded by Christian men under Christian ideologies, which as I mentioned have much in common with those of Judaism and Islam.

  4. magsol,
    You said:
    “those who believe he is maliciously and purposefully destroying the United States from within using his Muslim, socialist, anti-American agenda.”

    I am sure there are those who believe his destruction is purposeful and those who believe it is simply a result of his inherently wrong belief system. Either way, Obama does damage to the United States each time he “takes over” an industry in our free market system, each time he condemns America (one of the main forces for good in its short 200+ years) as “arrogant” when overseas, and for each additional dollar he prints to fund his Socialist policies, anti-free market bailouts, upcoming healthcare, etc….

    you also said:
    “This post comes dangerously close to inherently equating Islam to terrorism.:
    I guess it is your view that we should not learn from the barbaric centuries-long history of Islam and we should overlook its more recent efforts. Should we overlook the religion that 1) drove the hijackers to kill 3000 people on our soil? 2) the religion that drove a Muslim-convert to kill an American soldier within our borders just last week?
    3) the religion that requires genital mutilation of young girls?
    4) the religion that allows a man to murder his wife and daughters for “honor” because she looked at a man?
    ….and the list goes on and on…..
    Guess I’m not sure how anyone could equate Islam to terrorism?!?!?! (SARCASM)
    You gave one or two examples of Christianity gone awry….however, you would be hard pressed to find Christians ANYWHERE with a list equal to that above. In addition, the vast majority of Christians denounce the efforts of Westboro and others. Muslims denouncing terrorism exist, but given centuries of history that prove Islam to be a religion of war, forced conversion, and death to infidels, it is hard to take the line “religion of peace” seriously.

    you said:
    ” Islam even shares its roots equally with Judaism and Christianity, and is considered one of the three major faiths classified as “Judeo-Christian”.”
    Our country is not rooted in Islam….period. We don’t refer to a triad of Islamic-judeo-Christian roots. Our founders followed the priniciples of Christianity in forming our nation and understanding its citizens have unalienable rights and the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In addition, the very prinicple of free will that is an inherent Christian trait has underlying similarity to the belief that citizens should be able to worship as they please. Freedom is inherent to Christianity….Islamic tradition and history tell us that Islam does not promote freedom nor indivudual worth.

    you said:
    “If we are to retain our cultural and economic superpower status, showing some humility and taking responsibility for mistakes of years past will do wonders in facilitating healthy international relationships.”
    I think you need to understand that our cultural and economic power came from our country’s culture of freedom, free markets, representative government, Judeo-Christian background and more. Our country is the most giving on earth and the greatest force for good in this world since its founding. That is not arrogance it is fact.
    Pandering to Muslims and equating the HOlocaust to the plight of Palestinians as Obama has done is not humility, it is pandering to enemies of this country. The mistakes you refer to are not clear to me, but whatever they are they are not large enough to take a postition of weakness with our enemies while smacking our allies in the face….America is the greatest country on earth and there is no need to apologize for it, nor is there a need to apologize for spreading our “values” of freedom, democracy, and free markets around the world.
    We don’t need to pander to enemies who would rather see us dead. And we don’t build “healthy international relationships” by insulting allies like Britain, Germany and France.

  5. Contrary to popular belief of certain bigots, the Qu’ran does NOT mandate female circumcision. The practice likely predates Islam and despite some Muslims interpretations of certain passages in their holy text, women are to be honored and protected, not abused and driven low by men.

    Need I bring up other religions appalling putting down of other religions, their murders or how they ignore murder? Don’t get me started on Catholicism. The Inquisition. The Church’s platform of non-involvement during the Holocaust.

    All religions have extremes and extremists. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a radical, right wing Orthodox Jew named Yigal Amir.

    A teaching is a teaching. It’s what the people *do* with it that matters. It’s what people *do* with it that gives rise to peace or to violence. The teachings of Islam call for peace.

    And how exactly Obama, in stating that we are not a nation under one religion but the mix and pride of many, is an insult to his Judeo-Christian roots… don’t even bother trying to explain that one to me.

  6. Cathryn,
    The Koran may not explicitly state exactly the practiices that are currently a part of Islamic countries around the world. ….but nonetheless, many of those who profess the faith are suppressing women’s rights all over the globe.

    Those of you who sympathize with Islam and its violent and radical tendencies today can equivocate all you want about a few sins here and a radical over there associated with Jews or Christian churches, including Catholics.
    You will not find a large contingent of Christians murdering innocents with airplanes, mutlilating genitals, strapping bombs to children, threatening Israel, and much more.

    Your defense of Islam is weak if you try to put other truly peaceful religions on the same plane.

    We hear all of the time about the “teachings” of peace in Islam, but the facts show something entirely different. Even in history, this is true.

    As I have recently been reading about the Barbary pirates, Thomas Jefferson himself owned his own Koran in an effort to understand the teachings of the enemies at the time… In dealing with the Barbary pirates, one response from the Tripoli ambassador was less than peaceful:
    “……that it was written in their Koran that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners; that is was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners; and that every Musselman [Muslim] who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    Obama in his words, actions, and associations clearly does not have an appreciation for our history and our roots. Obama apologizes for our country if given the chance. To declare us a Muslim nation is not only insulting, but not true. We have somewhere less than 1% Muslim popluation in this country, and our culture is not a Muslim culture. Either way Obama is untruthful in his declaration. And to lie in declaring us a Muslim nation IS a direct insult to our roots and to those who died to make us free….freedom is am integral part of our heritage and is a rarity in Islamic countries.

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