Abortion and murder

Upon the murder on Sunday of George Tiller, the late-term abortionist, we have all been treated to fanatical words and reviews of how pro-life citizens and media figures caused the murder.  See for yourself:

Tiller killing puts spotlight on Fox’s O’Reilly

Abortion-rights groups: Other side’s words led to Tiller death

Why we have even been given the privilege of another mini-speech from Obama on the topic a few hours after the incident:

“I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning,” Obama said in a statement issued by the White House this evening.

“However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion,” the president said, “they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.”

Of course Obama’s statement is entirely predictable.  Obama is THE most pro-abortion President ever.  He has stood his ground in the past that a baby born alive from a botched abortion should not be saved….he believes it undermines the doctor’s authority.  Obama is not only pro-abortion, but pro-infanticide.

Isn’t it ironic that even at his speech at Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago, Obama couldn’t muster the same outrage at the murders of millions of babies in the womb that he has shown for the murder of Dr. Tiller? (But has yet to show for a murdered military recruiter 2 days after the very public murder?)

While his murderer was in no way justified in taking justice into his own hands, Dr. Tiller was responsible, by his own admission, for 60,000 LATE TERM abortions.   In other words, those same babies, in all likelihood, could have lived outside the womb…..a trip of about 6-10 inches further and those babies would be alive today.  Instead Dr. Tiller poked scissors into their skulls and murdered them at their mothers’ requests before they could “make the trip”.

And so the abortion debate goes on….Of course, deranged liberals blame pro-lifers for Tiller’s murder as noted above.  Others on the blogs are having mostly civil discussions on the topic. I’ve written comments on a couple of blogs since Tiller’s murder.  One blogger, Patterico in particular, linked an articlethat debated whether abortion is murder, and if so, why don’t we call the mother a murderer?  The blogger also said he is not an “absolutist” on the issue of abortion and whether it is murder….here’s my response:

Abortion is an absolute issue. If your mother had chosen an abortion, you ABSOLUTELY would not be here to write “I am not an absolutist”.

Ending an ordinary life whether in the womb at 6 weeks or 6 months or a person of 80 years old is murder.

On that matter of mother as murderer I agree with Ken Hahn (another commenter) who said this:

I believe the abortionist is equivalent to a hit man and the person who hires him or her as guilty is the active killer. I will work for laws that hold exactly that. You can call me all the names you’d like or justify my beliefs as anything that makes you happy. I no longer care.

I also believe that those laws that convict mothers as murderers will not happen near term because, unlike other types of murder, abortion has been so softened-over so that much of our society does not deem it wrong…as a matter of fact, it is considered a “right” by many for a mother to terminate her very own child’s life….

It is clear that for other types of murder we don’t justify the actions of the murderer in that way…that holds true especially for those who kill a 2-year old, 5-year old or 16-year old children!
It is an uphill battle, but a noble one to change abortion laws and American minds on the matter.

While Dr. Tiller was able to perform abortions, and therefore murdered thousands, his actions are abhorrent to our morality and our society. The FACT that he did it for large amounts of money is almost inexplicable and morally repugnant as another commenter alluded to.

Someone also mentioned the “freedom of conscience” rights of a woman. Sure that exists…but the right is exercised at the point of conception….you choose to have sex, you know the consequences….you see, most of this philosophical mumbo jumbo about women and abortions is a quite successful attempt at relieving women (and men) of their moral responsibilities when it comes to sex….
In an attempt to keep from calling the woman responsible, many in our society have chosen to neglect the life that has formed, snuff it out, and defend those actions —-all so the woman can her right to sex whenever she feels like it with no responsibility.

Did Tiller deserve, in a moral sense, what he got? YES. He killed thousands…
I won’t miss a man on this earth who was responsible for the death of thousands of innocents. I do grieve for his family and for the thousands he killed….

Before you call me crazy, I also believe that what Roeder did (killing Tiller) is also murder and out of the bounds of law. He should be punished to full extent of the law for what he did. He also did no favors to those of us who understand that INNOCENT life is precious at any age and he hurt our efforts in the fight to save those lives.


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