An Excellent Piece on Race, Obama, and the “black” experience

This comes from black blogger and American Thinker contributor, Kevin Jackson. He has great perspective on the use of race, guilt, and socio-economics in America…..and how Obama can relate to none of it.  

 Jackson’s piece confirms much of what I have believed about Obama and the praise thrown upon him by blacks and whites simply because he is black!    Interesting how so many blacks believe in Obama because he is black, but he little-to-no formative or life experiences of those same blacks in America.

Jackson also hits on the notion of how blacks (and whites) DO NOT have to feel guilty about not loving the man sitting in the White House and ruining this country….just because he is “black”.  His race has nothing to do with it.  His anti-American sentiments, global naivete, and Marxist ways do — or rather, they should!

Great (non-politically-correct) truth and introspection by Kevin Jackson….read it all here. Excerpts below….emphasis all mine.

I received an email from a black man who was attempting to convince me that, though I am completely black, I have no experience growing up black in America. The bulk of his theory on my ‘blackness’ was based on the fact that I constantly lampoon Obama in my blog. He counseled me to embrace Obama, as Obama could help me to “rediscover the black experience.” He warned that “whites would never see me, as I see me.”

Touting Obama as the poster child for blackness is a ridiculous notion. Further, the idea that Obama can teach me “blackness” is equally ridiculous. Unlike me, Obama is only half-black — as much white, as he is black. Obama’s formative years were spent mostly in the white world. He was raised by his white grandparents in upper middle-class lifestyle. He attended expensive mostly white private schools in his youth, his education culminating with Harvard.


Blacks lived on the south side, whites on the north for the most part.  I shouldn’t have to tell you which side was considered the rich side of town.  Hispanics chose sides, based on where they fell on the economic continuum.  That highway dividing line was both a racial and economic dividing line. A line of demarcation, as it were.  There were some whites south of Highway 87, but few blacks north.  I would learn in my experience in Brady that people were much more interested in economics, then ethnicity — despite the racist reputations of these small southern towns.

I straddled that line constantly, having friends on both sides of the divide.

I think Jackson hits the nail on the head here on the economic dividing line.  This same dividing line is present in Obama’s rich vs. poor demagoguery and his Alinksy scapegoating techniques.

What I learned is there is no black experience. There are only the limits to your experiences that you allow in your minds. Obama does not define me as a black man. I did not feel any more proud of Obama becoming president, than I felt for Bush. Sadly, I was less proud.

Finally, I don’t need validation from whites on how to see myself. Frankly I don’t care what whites (or anybody) thinks about me as a black man. I know how I see me. I like what I see-flaws and all.

So, I stand before you America — A proud American…who happens to be black!


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