Wayman Tisdale – One of the “good guys” dead at 44

“Throughout it all, he always had that infectious smile. This is an incredibly sad day as we have lost not only one of the greatest Sooners ever, but one of the all-time best people to walk the face of this earth.” 

 — Jeff Capel, current University of Oklahoma men’s basketball coach

(Source: ESPN)

(Source: ESPN)

With me being a Tulsa native and a Sooner alumni who attended there when Wonderful Wayman Tisdale was king of the court….the news of his death today was somewhat depressing.

I didn’t personally know him, but from watching him and hearing people talk about him, he was someone you would certainly have wanted to know.

As Wayman’s brother eluded to (back in December, 2008) in the following quote…Wayman never forgot where he came from and that Tulsa/Okie well-grounded upbringing kept him humble and genuine:

“He loves people and meets no strangers,” Weldon says of his younger brother. “He’s one of those guys you think wouldn’t be touchable, but he’s extremely touchable. Even as my brother, I can say that. He didn’t allow the accolades or the notoriety to cause him to become egotistical. My father and mother helped to keep him grounded in who he was, where he came from, and now, who he continues to be.”

(Source: ESPN)

(Source: ESPN)

A great athlete, self-taught jazz musician, Christian, Olympic-medalist, ambassador for the state of Oklahoma and family man….he will be missed on this earth.

Words from the smiling optimist, Wayman himself: ” Cancer might’ve taken my leg, but it can’t take my smile.”

RIP, Wayman Tisdale.


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