Good read on Obama’s Alinsky-inspired Fascism

I ran across this last night.  It is very much worth reading and sending to your friends as one of those “educational” moments….send it to your Obama-supporting friends as well…..

Full Piece here – “Barack Obama, the Quintessential Liberal Fascist”
…excerpts below:

When Saul Alinsky began building his community-organization movement in 1930s Chicago, observers were watching Alinsky with one eye, while with the other eye observing the building of communist and fascist movements in Europe. It wasn’t hard then to see in Alinsky’s programs at home, elements of the people’s revolution from Russia, as well as some of the same “in your face” tactics being employed by Hitler’s Brownshirts.

What Alinsky’s critics saw was the burgeoning of a national movement, the carefully manipulated construction of people’s organizations, which all had two elements in common: (1) a collectivist creed, which denied the existence of personal responsibility; and (2) an amoral dogma, in which all means were justified by an imaginary utopian end.


In what may be regarded as the most triumphant propaganda victory of our time, fascism has been scrubbed of all its Marxist roots, while communism has been scrubbed of its millions of callous murders.

This post-WWII propaganda coup undeniably set the stage for the early Alinsky critics’ most feared eventuality, that the massive organizations could be shrewdly adopted by a fascist demagogue, someone who could “seize leadership and control” and turn them into a “Frankenstein’s monster against democracy.”

But perhaps the most cunning propaganda feat in history has been undertaken for the past 8 years. As Jonah Goldberg expertly expounds in his book, Liberal Fascism, American left-wing ideologues have managed to dissociate themselves from all the horrors of fascism with a “brilliant rhetorical maneuver.” They’ve done it by “claiming that their opponents are the fascists.”


In what may eventually prove to be a devious rhetorical feat of monstrous proportions, while the left has been indulging and fostering the “Bush Is Hitler” meme, they may have just put a genuine ideological fascist heir in the White House.

There is inherent danger in making scurrilous comparisons (as were perpetrated unceasingly against George W. Bush), but there seem to be some very worrisome signs in the rise of Barack Obama that we Americans would be foolish to ignore.

Read it all…it will open your eyes if they’ve been closed.


2 Responses

  1. This author makes liberals, all liberals, out to be intrinsically evil. It could just as easily have been translated thusly:

    But as any sentientconservative person knows, this radical presentation of Obama’s is absolutely false.

    Conclusions are drawn simply through the comparison of campaign strategies between Hitler and Obama. With that reasoning, either every single campaign in the history of humanity proclaiming “change” has been a thinly-veiled authoritarian coup d’état, or they’ve been the only two.

    And his thoughts on unity – isn’t one of the core conservative tenets that of protecting American interests? How does that not equate to some requisite degree of unity?

    Throughout the article, the prevailing assumption (aside from liberals being inherently wrong) is that there is no middle ground; everything is black or white. And as “any sentient person knows,” life is simply never that simple. Furthermore, fascism is most commonly associated with far right-wing agendas, closer to conservatives; socialism and communism are the leftist “terarchies”.

    Finally, apple pie has been around since 14th century Britain. Chaucer himself was familiar with the dessert.

    I know I’m probably one of your least favorite readers/commenters, but frankly given the choice of reading the article and having everyone concur with my opinions, or disagree with me and explain why, I prefer the latter.

  2. magsol,

    The use of straight-line political spectrums to identify and classify ideologies as “Left” or “Right” is simplistic. The concept of Fascism being the furthest-most expression of modern American conservative thought is thoroughly flawed. It was not even an extreme expression of contemporary European conservative ideology, which emphasized allegiance to 19th century monarchies.

    I’m not big on the use of Hitler or Mussolini as an analogy for ANY American politician, but some clarification is in order. Although Hitler was an early admirer of Mussolini, the ideology of the NAZI party had significant differences from the Fascist belief system. BOTH are fundamentally different from American conservative ideology

    The Fascist perspective was a strong, authoritarian central government, allowing limited and controlled capitalism, and in the case of Mussolini, promoting Italian nationalism based on his personal dream of reviving the old Roman Empire.

    The National Socialist (NAZI) core belief did echo the Fascist in terms of a strong authoritarian central government, but went further to include the collectivization or at least subordination of ALL private interests to the State, violent military expansion that would enable total self sufficiency and population growth, and an extreme nationalism based on a doctrine of Germanic racial superiority.

    These two ideologies were at odds with the Communists NOT because they were on the polar ends of the political spectrum, but because they were different branches of the same tree competing for power within post-WWI Europe. The differences between the Fascists, National Socialists, and Communists were in practice fairly subtle. The Fascists and Nazis emphasized nationalism and military expansion. The Communists initially placed greater emphasis on economics, particularly regarding the concept of class struggle. Fundamentally, ALL were completely centralized and authoritarian in the exercise of government. All violently suppressed political opposition. Not surprisingly, the Soviets recognized during the war against Germany that a greater emphasis on nationalism was necessary to better motivate their military. Simultaneously, the Nazis efforts toward collectivization increased as their drive toward war progressed.

    Contrast ALL of these belief systems with modern American core conservative beliefs of limited central government, free enterprise, and the importance and worth of the individual. It doesn’t quite line up, does it?

    I recommend “The Third Reich in Power” by Evans.

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