Obama terrorizes New York’s citizens to close out his “100 Day War Against America”

If Obama was looking for one more act of cluelessness to close out his “100 Day War Against America”, he has succeeded:


(Video H/T: The Sundries Shack“)

Let me get this straight….Today, the Obama administration:

  • Spent MILLIONS of our dollars by arranging for an Air Force One plane and F-16 Fighter jets to buzz through New York City for a PHOTO OP…all while in the midst of (Obama’s words) “The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression”.
  • Basically killed about 3 trees with the greenhouse gasses emitted from the 747 and F-16 jet jaunt to New York to buzz the weary citizens of New York City….all this from the “renewable energy” guy who uses your tax payer dollars to kill trees for a photo op.
  • Managed to terrorize thousands of New York City business people and residents who scrambled, evacuated, screamed and, likely, worse to escape what they saw as another terrorist attack on New York City. 
  • Ignored common and useful technology like Photo Shop that could have achieved exactly the same photowithout wasting money, killing trees, and terrorizing New Yorkers.   Is that not a metaphor for exactly how our banks, energy and healthcare will now be run with King Obama at the helm?  — Low tech, high cost, and screw the citizens  with no  apparent advantage except to Obama?

(sarc on) Did the Obama administration just think the citizens of New York City were going to look up, see the 747 and the F-16’s buzzing overhead and think, “It’s OK …just another Obama photo op”?   Well, OK, maybe after four years, not 100 days, of constant Obamanarcissism, that could be the reaction, but today…not so much.

You know this almost reaches a level of torture doesn’t itI mean the sheer breathlessness, “fight or flight sensations”, and world turned upside down experience of thousands of  New York’s citizens today is dang near like water boardin’, right? 

This mistake “act of torture” by Obama isn’t going to help our standing in the world.  Therefore, I am releasing photos of the event for all of the world to see. (sarc off)

Source: NY Post

Source: NY Post

Source: NY Post

Source: NY Post


Source: NY Post

What are others saying?

The Sundries Shack:

Heads have got to roll on this one. There is absolutely no good excuse for scaring the bejeezus out of an entire city and bringing Manhattan to a grinding halt just to get a pretty picture. We have computer software that does simply amazing things with photographs these days.


I didn’t hear it this morning but I used to work in lower Manhattan and can assure you that workers these days are highly attuned to unusual air traffic in the area. Not a day has passed in seven-plus years, I think, that an airplane has flown low enough overhead that I could hear it, even just barely, and I didn’t look up. Just watching the video, I could feel the blood drain from my face.

Ace of Spades:

Hmmm…I guess Obama wanted to remind us all that terrorism is a real and present danger.

How thoughtful. George Bush didn’t have the balls to panic New Yorkers just to remind them of 9/11.

Like Christopher Buckley, I’m really starting to admire the cut of this man’s jib!

Michelle Malkin’s quote:

“Goose, it’s time to buzz Lady Liberty…”



7 Responses

  1. This was a very stupid and sensless move on anyones part. It was completely narcissistic without regard to anyone and how it would be perceived, BUT your comment at the end,

    ” This mistake by Obama isn’t going to help our standing in the world. Therefore, I am releasing photos of the event for all of the world to see.”

    almost beats it.

    Did you intend to say that you are releasing photos of the event because you dont want to help our standing in the world? Because that IS what you said.

    America is still a great country. Democrat or Republican, black or white, Obama or Bush. We need to pray for our country and its leaders rather than bash them. Prayer is the only thing that can change the inevitable.

  2. It appears that what he meant was for you to look at the photos and judge for yourself. Another goofball move by the Obama Administration that will not help our standing in the world and here are the photos to prove it.

    PS: Liberals don’t believe in prayer, God or anything to do with religion unless of course it is pertaining to the Church of Liberalism.

  3. Bekael,
    you commented on my statement:
    ” This mistake by Obama isn’t going to help our standing in the world. Therefore, I am releasing photos of the event for all of the world to see.”

    That statement was mocking Obama’s decision to release “torture” photos in order to “increase our standing in the world”…

    It was sarcasm……

    America is a great country. However, Obama is doing is best to make it much less so.

  4. Bekael
    I updated my statement for more clarity….and included my saracasm meter (sarc on/sarc off) for the most sarcastic of statements.

    Somehow it loses something when having to explain what is sarcasm and what isn’t, but oh well….

  5. Sarcasm requiring explanation is sarcasm requiring revision. 😉

  6. More accomplishments…

    – After using the worst form of economic fear-mongering, he signs into law the largest, the most bloated, and possibly the most unnecessary “stimulus” bill in US history.
    – After a couple of weeks of horrendous stock market losses, he does his best McCain impression by saying that the fundamentals of the US economy are sound. A couple of weeks later, the Market begins recovery on its own after positive earnings news from banks and a few other companies.
    – Directed government agencies to come up with 100 million in savings, after obligating a TRILLION + dollars.
    – Ordered the closing of GITMO, but does not have the slightest clue of how to go about it.
    – Told everyone we need to “turn the page” on the interrogation stuff, then caves to the Left and passes buck to attorney general.
    – Diminished the role of lobbyists…but didn’t he promise to eliminate them?
    – Hires Treasury Secretary (and IRS chief) who can’t figure out his taxes. Heck, he tries to hire a limo load of cabinet appointees that can’t figure out how to pay their taxes.
    – Hires an inarticulate ignoramus for a press secretary.
    – Fires CEO of GM…takes over company. Chrysler and maybe Ford now in the crosshairs.
    – North Korea launches ballistic missile in response to Obama’s get rid of NUCs speech. Obama goes to UN…nobody cares.
    – Extends hand to Cuba, only to get it slapped.
    – Engaged world leaders…giving stupid gifts to the Brits…bowing to Saudi king…demonstrates sophistication to Austrians by referring to the “Austrian” language…looking foolish with Hugo…sitting there like a wus during Ortega’s rant…telling everyone who would listen how sorry he is for America’s past deeds, but HE is not responsible, so don’t blame HIM!
    – After all that “humility”, he asks Europe for help in Afghanistan…gets nothing.
    – Provides a enjoyable air show to the citizens of NYC featuring “Air Force 1”

  7. The whole event is head-shakingly stupid, and now Obama feels he has enough cover to make jokes about it at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. They got the one aide to resign, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been all his fault.

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