Conservative Red versus Leftist Green: Thoughts about Earth Day propaganda



Well, we survived another “earth day” … and I am sure that thanks are due to all of the “greenies” and environmentalists out there who kept our earth alive another year.  (sarc)  

Of course, if we don’t listen to their propaganda we may not exist to see “earth day 2010”.  (more sarc) 


My take:

The Left treats our environment as a religion and much of what they preach to our kids and to us is based more on pushing through an agenda than what is best for our environment.

Example: When I was young, with parents that lived through the Depression, we were taught at home not to waste anything…food, power, clothing, water, etc. We were also taught to place trash where it belongs, keep the lakes clean, re-use paper and fabrics for other purposes, and to enjoy our land which is so plentiful in this country. Those are a few examples that come to mind.

They were taught by people with real experience and common sense on matters pertaining to earth, conservation, and the environment. My parents and their parents were experts at simple conservation such as reusing food scraps on the farm, generating fertilizer from their cattle, making towels from feedsacks, etc. Somehow they didn’t need Obama or vast government to explain conservation nor the importance of the land to them.

Move forward to today, literally yesterday, and my 8 year old daughter comes home and tells me she had an “earth day” assembly at school. She told us that the earth made the wind; the earth makes the plants grow, how not saving water hurts the rain forest….and on and on.

Crock -o- crap.

She is being force-fed propaganda from a government whose interest is more about power and wealth-spreading than about true and realistic means of conservation and respecting what God has given us. I think most “conservatives” know that most of the “green” movement and “earth day” propaganda of the last 3-4 decades is nothing more than an agenda–it is not a real sincerity in respecting the land and environment.

THAT is what turns those of us “real conservationists” off– it is the Left’s attempts to bamboozle this country into energy production that doesn’t work and is costly to boot. As someone once said, the government has their hand in our pocket, in our cars, in our homes, over our children, and much more — most of which to fulfill a retention of power and an agenda.

(Want to see hypocrisy on display?  Obama Earth Day Flights Burned 9000 Gallons of Fuel – Wind mills for thee, but not for me!)

Until I see sincere efforts at rational conservation and common sense approaches to energy–in the spirit of my parents and their parents–I will continue to be one of the “turned off” conservatives who abhors the untruthful attempts by the left to control lives in the name of the environment.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  Cafe Hayek has a similar dilemma with the government school systems:

My son, Thomas (a sixth grader), has a homework assignment today: write an essay entitled “What Earth Day Means to Me.”  I will help him out with my own essay.

Please read the essay after Thomas received help.

Back to the reason conservatives see red….one commenter at RightWingNutHouse (from hit the nail on the head regarding true conservation and the religion of environmentalism:

I’ve always felt that there was a difference between being a Conservationist and being an Environmentalist. I consider myself the former, and have disdain for the latter. A Conservationist loves nature, wants to preserve it, and ensure that we all are able to live with clean air and water for the purpose of a better life for humanity. An environmentalist looks at nature and sees it as superior to human beings, not at the service of human beings. An environmentalist sees human beings as corrupting nature and as the problem, and sees humanity as being in the service of nature.

Nature needs to be preserved so that we can lead better lives and ensure that our posterity has the same benefits that we do today. Rick, you make some good points about Conservatives recoil to “going green”, but I have to disagree with your assessment on Carbon. The science just isn’t convincing enough for me to see Carbon as a problem. Carbon is the source of life and is naturally produced. There is little evidence to show that increases in carbon will cause any sort of problems. As far as energy independence, I think that in and of itself is a goal, but again for the purpose of serving humanity, not subjugate it. Conserving where we can for the purpose of getting energy independent is a noble goal — I do it when I can for selfish reasons, to save money. But to “go green” with non-proven technologies that have no appreciable cost benefit and actually are more expensive in the long run (e.g. ethanol) is foolish.

Conservatives need to show that they care about nature, but should do it in a way so as to not fall in the trap of environmentalism.

Me?  I’ll be spending from now until next earth day, at least, trying to reprogram my daughter to the facts about our earth, environment, conservation, and God’s hand in it all!


4 Responses

  1. SRT,
    Another nice post… you are on a roll today..

  2. GJB –
    Thanks… 🙂

  3. The conservationism vs. environmentalism argument is one I’ve been trying to make myself. There is a world of difference. We are stewards, not parasites.

  4. I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve always had issues with the green agenda but could never exactly pinpoint why. If it’s popular, I generally have a problem with it.

    WONDERFUL. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom on the subject!

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