Because sometimes pictures are great reminders….

I’ve seen this picture before, but came across it again today and felt the urge to post it.


According to, "the occasion of this photograph was a Veterans Day Commemoration at Dallas City Hall on 11 November 2004. The veteran pictured is Houston James, a survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, and the Marine is Staff Sgt. Mark Graunke Jr., a member of an ordnance-disposal team who lost his left hand, one leg, and an eye while defusing a bomb in Iraq in July 2003."

It is sad to see our very own President and many in Washington and their supporters who have forgotten that there are REAL men who have gladly given health, time, and life for our freedom. 

 Our history has been written by honorable men and we have nothing for which to apologize –we don’t need a “change” nor a series of policies that begin with  “we can no longer” ….

As the Obama administration seems to remove a freedom a day, please remember those who are the true warriors FOR freedom….those who have fought against the very ideologies abroad that President Obama now wants to implement here.

And never forget that these are our heroes, they are not our enemies.  Those are the faces of true valor, honor, courage, loyalty and duty.  Never forget them.


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