Tulsa Tax Day Tea Party – Downtown Court House 4-15-2009

100_0794Tulsa actually had THREE Tea Parties today.  One downtown that I attended, one at LaFortune Park, and one at Veteran’s Park in the evening.

The downtown event that I attended had about 300-400 people.  The event at Lafortune Park in Tulsa had thousands.  The Veteran’s Park event had hundreds.

The Tulsa downtown event was peaceful and chock full of patriotic Americans of all ages who are tired of the bailouts, spending, higher taxes, and the debt placed on our children.

Don’t be deceived by the media who don’t get it and those who choose only to attack the Tax Day Tea Parties of 2009–of which can only be dubbed as “historical” in nature.

Pics from the Tulsa Tea Party Downtown April 15, 2009:







And Great Signs!





The Crowd:




There were hundreds of Tea Parties today…..check out info on some of the others:

Massive: Tax Day Tea Party USA

Nashville, Tennessee THOUSANDS attending

Miami, Florida

Dayton, Ohio – 7000-8000 attendees

Reston, Virginia – 500 attendees

Chicago, Illinois – 2000 attendees

Lansing, Michigan – 5000 attendees

San Antonio, Texas – 16,000 attendees

Just a sampling of the massive multiple-site protest that was held today….I venture to say it was “historic”!

This is just the beginning…..hear that Washington? 

Gee, I love the sound of protest in the mornin’!


9 Responses

  1. GOD BLESS AMERICA! As Rush said it, we were all just hibernating…
    But now we are definitely not! Surprise Surprise!

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  3. The liberal media are despicable. The reporting was “Soviet” like.
    It will take something stronger than tea to move the Nation in another direction.
    The good news is that seeds have been sown and the internet/blogosphere will help move this movement forward.
    Republicans better get the message as well. They cannot continue to hope to win elections by campaign on “Democrat-light” platforms. They must return to conservative economic principles, akin to libertarian economic ones, of low taxes and low government spending, and conservative social principles promoting family values, life, traditional marriage, prayer in school, abstinence, and workfare instead of welfare.

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  5. I’m sympathetic to the Tea Party protests, but I have to say I do wish the older gentleman above had thought through the implications of holding a sign that says “Flush Obama, Not the Country.” Or… here’s a disturbing thought … perhaps he DID think through the implications.

  6. Kirkpete,
    Definition of “flush” as it pertains here:
    —a cleansing preparation that acts by flushing

    While I personally may have chosen a different way to voice it, as his sign reads, it clearly means to cleanse the office or move him out of it.
    Just as I believe Obama is flushing our heritage, Constitution, and values away, this sign only indicates that, perhaps, Obama should be moved out instead of our country as we know it.

    This sign is a far cry from those the Leftists flaunted for 8 years including signs depicting a beheaded Bush or those indicating that Bush 43 should be assassinated.

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