Three Shots, Three Dead Pirates: Kudos to the US Navy and the selfless bravery of Captain Phillips (UPDATED)

us_navy_seals_in_from_water_smallGreat news….Captain Phillips is rescued from the Somali pirates by some of the toughest guys on earth!

I was standing in church yesterday, literally thinking and praying for an “Easter Miracle” to save the life of Captain Phillips…..lo and behold, the SEALS come to the rescue!

In Vermont, Maersk spokeswoman Alison McColl choked up as she stood outside the Phillips’ family house and read their statement.

“Andrea and Richard have spoken. I think you can all imagine their joy, and what a happy moment that was for them. They’re all just so happy and relieved.

“Andrea wanted me to tell the nation that all of your prayers and good wishes have paid off because Captain Phillips is safe,” she said.

What a great day for America.  I told my husband this is perhaps the best news I’ve heard since Obama became President….and despite Obama’s inaction for days on this issue, it is actually the first thing that Obama has been involved in that made me a happy camper.

I’m happy for the family of the Captain and the families of Navy personnel! 

Great job!

UPDATE:  I forgot to add the other thought I had about the Captain’s rescue.   The Captain’s character is the epitome of John 15:13 in the Bible:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Which is also a great reminder of Another who walked on this earth as man and died for us all, then rose again the 3rd day….

The Captain’s actions the day the Maersk Alabama was attacked — sacrificing himself for 20 others — is certainly a wonderful symbol for the Easter season….and how much greater the story of the Captain’s selfless sacrifice considering the rescue occurred on Easter Sunday!


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