$Billions for liberal causes while gutting the military during war

Obama’s priorities are clearer than ever.   The man who has no private sector experience, much less any true American cultural experience, clearly believes he is the best to man to run the majority of our economy (auto, energy, healthcare, financial). 

The same man believes that tax payer dollars in the amount of $900,000,000 to Gaza’s MAN-MADE disasters and $50,000  to Italy’s earthquake disaster is somehow “fair”.

Now, Obama is gutting the military in a time of war……when you can find trillions to give to your liberal causes for campaign payback and to “redistribute wealth”, then turn around and cut Navy ship production, military jet programs, and missile defense in a time of war…then your motives are clear.

Senator Inhofe (R-OK) has clearly condemned the suggested defense cuts (H/T: Redstate.com):

Here is a portion of Inhofe’s statement:

I cannot believe what I heard today,”Senator Inhofe said in a You Tube video posted from Afghanistan. “President Obama is disarming America. Never before has a president so ravaged the military at a time of war.”

“Here in Afghanistan, our brave troops continue to fight while their President guts our military. Our sons and daughters are risking their lives fighting an enemy whose sole purpose is the destruction of our country and our way of life, while their President disarms America. And all this to support his welfare state.

“The brunt of this decision will be felt by our men and women in uniform right here in Afghanistan. At a time when the Obama administration has put forth a budget to disarm America, Congress cannot, and must not simply go along. Congressman Tom Cole and I will work with the House and Senate Armed Services Committees to stop these cuts.”

Read all of Inhofe’s statements here.

Spot on view of this from Moe Lane at RedState.com:

…..But Sen. Inhofe is right: even if you consider all of (the stimulus) programs pork, there’s a ludicrous amount of nonmilitary pork that has been enshrined into federal law. Asking the question of why it’s acceptable to trim fat/meat/bone here and not elsewhere inevitably leads to the suspicion that the administration has decided that the net vote loss ratio is most favorable to the Democratic party here. Which is another way of saying that the White House has just subordinated American military policy to its domestic political strategy.

That and Obama is not keen on the American Military. 

Of course, Obama told us before the election what he was going to do with our defenses, so this cut clearly is of his making and his ideas:


2 Responses

  1. I have no problem cutting defense spending as long as it is part of an overall effort to reduce ALL federal spending.

    However, to cut defense spending while continuing runaway spending in other areas is ridiculous..

  2. W\here are the generals and admirals who supported the Bush military build up? They either supported it then or do not support the gutting of the Defense Dept now? Rummy (Rumsfeld) must not seem that bad after all…
    I know these guys and gals must be loyal to the civilian leadership of our country but how many will put their belief in what the country needs to be safe over their careerism.
    One once said “they are willing to put their lives on the line, but not their careers”…
    Also where is Jim Jones, past Commandant of the USMC and Supreme Allied Command Europe and Commander European Command, and now National Security Advisor to the President? He either supported what President Bush did or supports what President Obama is doing now. He cannot have it both ways and should have either resigned then or should resign now…
    Some will say, it’s better to be in the tent (with Obama) pissing out then outside the tent (out of the administration) pissing in.
    I say if these fellows cannot give their best advice and resign/retire if they disagree they should not be in such important positions. It seems they are yes-men…

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