Invest….Invest…. Invest….

And another thing….if I hear Obama say “we have to INVEST” one more time, I will scream.

(Clarification: When Obama says “invest”, he is referring to government spending on his socialist programs…not encouraging us to invest)

How many times was a version of “invest” his answer during the press conference last night? Wonder if his 52″ beaming ray of hope in the back of the room got stuck on that word….invest….

Does he never think that WE, the people earning the money, might very well just spend “invest” that money a whole lot more efficiently and successfully than he and his Socialist cronies?

(Rhetorical question)


4 Responses

  1. I hope he doesn’t want us to invest in the stock market or in any of the agendas he is so merrily pushing with all of his might. With the government giving so much money away to financial companies, I wonder where he thinks we are going to get the money to invest?

  2. Larry,
    What I was actually referring to (clumsily I might add) was at his press conference almost every answer Obama gave was “We need to invest in healthcare”, We need to invest in education, blah blah.

    He uses the word invest to mean the government spend money on their lefty programs.

    Obama has no comprehension that the same money in the hands of the private sector doing real investment in healthcare and other things is the answer…..not government spending…in his words, “investing”.

  3. SRT,
    Yes, I knew what you were referring to and you weren’t a bit clumsy in your article. He does like to use that word rather freely and I agree that he has no real comprehension of what real investment is.

    By the way, it’s good to see you blogging a bit more frequently than you were. It’s good to have another Oklahoma blogger in the mix.

  4. Larry,
    Thanks….I can’t blog as much as I would like with other commitments, but there are (more and more) days where I can’t get off my mind the damage being done to our country so quickly.
    It is frightening, but it emboldens me at the same time to do all I can to stop it.

    Keep the faith….your blog looks great..keep up the great work, too!

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