The Tea Kettle is about to whistle: Tea Parties gaining strength!

Big Tea Parties held today (more on that further down)!

tpIMPORTANT:  If you are fearful for your country and outraged at the debt loaded on your children and grandchildren by the Socialist anti-Americans in Washington, don’t forget to attend a Tea Party near you on April 15! 

Over 170 Tea Parties are planned across the country on that day……More information on the city nearest you can be found at the Tax Day Tea Party website.   If you can take that day off of work, do so to attend….

I am so hopeful that something monumental will come of these Tea Parties.  I don’t just want them to be protests….I certainly can’t foresee exactly how at this point, but these events need to lead to something fruitful and somehow reverse the damage done to our country, our freedoms, our current and future citizens. 

These Tea Party revolts need to lead to a complete “regime” change in Washington and it can’t happen too soon…hopefully BEFORE 2010 or 2012!     We have a President and Congress who want to use the next 2 years to completely change the face of this country.    They have a great start in just 2 months.  

Frankly, I don’t see us getting back the America we all know and love and was intended by our founders UNLESS something monumental happens.  I think many Americans are beginning to feel the same.

I have said it so many times, but these are not “normal” political times….this is a war for the heart and soul of our country…this war has been escalating for at least 40 years….those now in charge see their moment to SEIZE and monumentally alter this country from within…they are accelerating their pace just in the last 2 months…..and WE need to realize we are being attacked !    And fight back with all we have!

Now about those Tea Parties today…..Please be inspired!

These parties are gaining steam from just a few weeks ago….Tea Parties were held today with crowds as big as 4200 strong (according to Orlando Sentinel)…..

Michelle Malkin has more pics and information and links to liveblogging. 

View some of the crowds below:

Leland Lexington, Kentucky – about 1200-1500 attended:

Leland Kentucky Tea Party 3-21-09

Lexington, Kentucky Tea Party 3-21-09


 Ridgefield, Connecticut – 150-200 attend with most chanting “DUMP DODD”

Ridgefield, Connecticut Tea Party 3-21-09

Ridgefield, Connecticut Tea Party 3-21-09

Orlando, Florida Tea Party – 4200 Strong according to Orlando police
Orlando, Florida Tea Party 3-21-09

Orlando, Florida Tea Party 3-21-09

Let’s go Tea Party, America…..April 15th….BE THERE!

2 Responses

  1. The Kentucky rally was in Lexington. Leland Conway of 630 WLAP was one of the organizers. We had an incredible crowd of 1200-1500 in Lexington!

  2. Andy,
    Thanks for the correction! Not sure how I did that.

    I have corrected it.

    Glad to hear you had such great attendance!

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