Bill Maher: The authority on Rush Limbaugh, Racism, and Oklahoma

Bill Maher is a classless, hateful, liberal idiot…and those are his good points.

With guest Andrew Breitbart on Friday, Bill Maher claimed that Rush Limbaugh is racist….and that Oklahomans are buying guns and ammo because “they’re afraid that Obama and his Negro army are going to come and get you.”

Watch this crock of crap for yourself:

Bill Maher I have a message for you:

Rush Limbaugh has more class in his formerly nicotine-stained pinky than you could muster in your entire body over the course of a million years.

Rush has respect for ALL Americans unlike yourself, who has to demean and lie about those who disagree with your point of view.   It’s true what my mom always said…those who have to attack to boost themselves above another are insecure and immature.  Mr. Maher, grow up  for God’s sake.

Your hypocrisy is shining brightly for all to see, but your hatred, and I do mean hatred, is so immense you can’t see that your errant judgments and condemnations are the very essence of what you attribute falsely to others.

Bill, have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh for more than a soundbite you received through e-mail from  Actually Rush stands for each and EVERY American being all that he or she can be and striving for the American dream.   

Unlike yourself, of course, who seemingly agrees with liberal black intelligentsia that 95% of black people have their place and that place mustn’t include self-sufficiency, morality, hard work, and sense of accomplishment.  Rather it includes decades-long existence of black suppression under the guise of a grandiose government “saviour”…..

Rush’s ideology doesn’t include seeing race and hatred at every turn, as does yours Mr. Maher.  You accuse Rush (and others I’m sure) of racism for simply rejecting  a Marxist/Socialist President who is anathema to all that Rush holds dear.    Excuse Rush and the rest of us if we don’t see the need to bow at the alter of  liberal ideology — nor to a pompous, windbag preacher of it like yourself.

As for Oklahomans and guns….did you ever stop to think that Obama’s stances and policies on guns, and not his race, are what is fueling gun and ammo sales?

Of course not–poor  excuses for men don’t often think past their big, stuck-up, liberal noses.

I’d like to ask you to share your vast knowledge of race and guns before a large crowd in Oklahoma …..and I’d like you to try out that line again about “Obama and his Negro army”…..

….psst…a little secret, Mr. Maher, you’ll find out why we really buy those guns and ammo….

…… keep a^&holes like you out of Oklahoma…..

(NOTE: Please excuse my French, but it is tough to mention Bill Maher without expletives in the same sentence.)

More from

ANDREW BREITBART: Right now if you look online you’ll see that “Atlas Shrugged” and Ayn Rand’s books are, are, you know, flying off of the bookshelves, of the virtual bookshelves…

BILL MAHER: Well, so’s ammo in Oklahoma.

BREITBART: Right, well okay…

MAHER: Oklahoma’s out of ammo because they’re afraid that Obama and his Negro army are going to come and get you. 

BREITBART: Who’s afraid of, who’s, where’s this racism coming from? I haven’t seen this online.

MAHER: Well, the racism is coming from Rush Limbaugh. It’s taking root in Oklahoma. 

Unfortunately, Maher is so filled with hatred towards conservatives — and, of course, black conservatives — that he missed this obvious hypocrisy.

Imagine that. But there’s more, for when Breitbart took offense Maher laughed.

Even better, after Maher’s other guest, Georgetown professor and liberal talk radio host Michael Eric Dyson, elaborated on why Limbaugh is a racist, Breitbart pointed out that nobody was a bigger defender of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas than Limbaugh.

This elicited uproarious laughter from Maher and his audience. 

Breitbart then deliciously acknowledged the crowd’s response: “Thank you, I appreciate that.” 

Maher disgustingly replied: “Clarence Thomas, a, a black man who does not represent 95 percent of black people.”

Once again, Breitbart correctly took offense:

That’s bulls**t…You’re allowed to have independent thought in this country. And this kind of intimidation by the black studies intelligentsia crowd that, that intimidates black people who are conservatives…

Maher then asked an amazingly stupid question: “You think black people are intimidated from being conservative?”

Ummm, Bill, you just intimidated black people from being conservative by laughing when Clarence Thomas’s name was brought up and insulting him with your claim that he doesn’t represent 95 percent of black people.

(H/T: Tullycast)

UPDATE: Oklahoma Shooters, thanks for the link!


35 Responses

  1. Bill Maher has always been an ASSHAT.

    On this day, he simply drove his head a bit deeper.

  2. As a well educated Oklahoman, gun owner, soldier, and future Chaplain, I take great offense to Maher’s comments. While I will fight for his right to free speech, I wish he would think about his words before he spews the very hatred he so readily accuses the “backwards people of fly-over country” of possessing.

  3. CM –
    You said it….right on!

    (And thanks for your service!)

  4. […] shortage: Gun Grabber End-Run Posted on March 17, 2009 by sharprightturn While Bill Maher blames ammo sales on racism, those doing their homework have discovered what may be the cause for more ammo […]

  5. Wasn’t it Lincoln who said “Better to be thought a fool than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt”?

    Bill Maher is typical of so many populist liberals today. They are consumed with their hatred to the point of blindness and stupidity.

  6. Can I get a H/T for the video?


  7. Tullycast,
    No slight intended, so its been added.

    Typically, as most bloggers do, I HT the source where I found my info….didn’t find my info at your site….

    I don’t usually HT every link found on the source of my information, but added the HT for you nonetheless.

    And since you mention it, I thank you for the video that adds one more reference point for just what a rude, obnoxious and pompous fellow that Maher really is.

  8. “Rush Limbaugh has more class…” what are you retarded – that fat racist, drug addicted hippo – crit your site is a joke

  9. Andy,
    there you go …. getting all “Maher” on me..

    Do you ever put together a coherent sentence without name-calling?

  10. Andy,

    Deep breath…step away from the keyboard…think a minute…

    Get back to us when the “think” part happens.

  11. Rush is a racist period. Here is just one comment from your hero

    . I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.

  12. Bill,
    Go troll somewhere else. Nice try at reciting the same lines that all of you liberal trolls have left across the net.

    You like to spout phrases out of context about Rush, but funny how you never mention the hundreds of times Rush has talked about how he wishes for ALL Americans to have the same opportunities and prosperity…..forgot that part didn’t ya?

    Not to mention the people of color that Rush has commended numerous times for their examples and their work — Condoleezza Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas, to name two.

    Oh, but those two black people don’t tow the liberal Socialist line, so those of you calling Rush racist discount the black people that are praised by Rush…..isn’t that racist?

    My guess is you’ve probably never listened to one of Rush’s programs to completion, if you’ve ever even made the effort to listen to the SUCCESSFUL man the left loves to hate.

  13. Bill,
    I left out perhaps the most important point…where is your primary source for this quote from Rush?, Democratic Party, or Rush?

    If you’ve been reading Rush’s site or heard him say it, let’s have the quote or the audio with full story and context!

  14. Limbaugh isn’t a racist? Then please explain the following statements by the new head of the RNC.

    “I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

    “You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.”

    “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”

    “Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

    “The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.”

    “Take that bone out of your nose and call me back.” [to an African American female caller]

    “I think the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. They’re interested in black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well. I think there’s a little hope invested in McNabb and he got a lot of credit for the performance of his team that he really didn’t deserve.”

    Hard to imagine why anyone would call this guy a racist, eh?

  15. While we’re on the subject of Limbaugh quotes, you want to hear a real knee slapper?

    “Too many whites are getting away with drug use…Too many whites are getting away with drug sales…The answer is to go out and find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them and send them up the river, too.”

    Ha, ha , ha , ha.

    Not enough yet? OK here’s another:

    “If you make the choice to grab a substance, put it in your nose or in your veins, that’s going to cause you trouble–maybe kill you. That’s not society doing it to you. That’s not the rigors and pressures doing it to you. That’s you doing it. Whether it’s a weakness or whatever else, it still is a personal choice that those people–and we lionize these people. They get cured and everyb–Oh, what a great person he is! Look at the strength he used to overcome all this.’ We’re just creating role models out of the wrong people in this society”


    Want some more Limbaugh quotes all sourced and such:

    Oooo! Look the mean liberal made the nice upstanding conservatives cry. What a meany!

  16. Carl,
    Until you have sources of video and/or text of Rush’s words with full context….(clips from and the Obama-eternal-campaign don’t count, thank you very much)
    Then, you can go with the other-blinded-commenter-Bill and the similar thinking Obamites and continue to support the ruin of our country while accusing everyone else of racism, greed, and the like.

    By the way, were you listening to Rush when he said these things?…..Of course not, you’ve never listened to an entire Rush Limbaugh program.

  17. It’s only funny because it’s TRUE!

    Check out this related piece on batty-as-a-clown, wacko right-winger Glenn Beck:

    Are his just “tears of a clown”? (Or…rants of a clone????)

  18. McShame…..
    You and your liberal, lying trolls can move along now.

  19. Carl –
    Wikipedia is not exactly the place for context.

  20. Oh and trolls –
    While you choose to hit all of the conservative bloggers in order trash Limbaugh and others (How much are you getting paid to harrass BTW?)….
    Your President and his wife are now out embarassing America again with thoughtless gifts and lack of cultural understanding…..

    Did we really expect any less from the arrogant ass-hat trying shape the country in his less-than-Constitutional image?

  21. “Until you have sources of video and/or text of Rush’s words with full context”

    I guess da Nile still isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    “Wikipedia is not exactly the place for context.”

    No, but it is a great place for links to documentation. Follow the above link.

    Speaking of documentation, I’m still waiting to get some on the whole “30 million dollar marsh mouse” rubbish. I’ve search the entire engrossed text of the stimulus bill (available at ), but still can’t find the word “mouse”.

    Nor can I find any mention of a mag lev train from Disney Land to Las Vegas. Maybe you geniuses can help me out.

    Oops I made you cry again.

  22. Want some links? It’s really pitiful that you couldn’t find these yourself, but maybe you have limited intertube access in your Doom Bunkers:

    There are a few that are ridiculously easy to find, but I’m sure it is all a liberal conspiracy against Limbaugh in general, and you in particular.

    Now, where is my documentation about the marsh mouse, and mag lev train?

  23. Carl,
    Hey, if you want a debt unlike the debt generated from all of the previous Presidents COMBINED….fine that’s your choice….our kids and grandchildren and many of us disagree. It’s not against the law yet to disagree.

    If you want a Socialist country that’s your choice to vote that way. But I don’t care if its a marsh mouse or Mickey Mouse, spending trillions of dollars we don’t have during a recession is stupid economic policy. Not to mention the deficits generated in the coming years of Obama’s regime.

    But don’t denigrate Rush based on lies and out of context loads of crap generated on a Leftist List of Quotes for Dummies ….and then be completely incapable of giving ANY indication you have ever actually listened to the man yourself.

  24. “If you want a Socialist country that’s your choice to vote that way.”

    Socialist? Are you talking about the President is a socialist because he wants to raise the top tax rate from 36% – 39%? Check what is was under Reagan and Eisenhower then get back to me.

    Please tell me you are smarter than this “socialist” bunkum. Or maybe you’d like to raise the stakes a bit, and work to end “socialist” unemployment compensation, “socialist” fire and police protection, “socialist” public education, and the “socialist” postal service. That would play really well with the electorate.

    “But I don’t care if its a marsh mouse or Mickey Mouse, spending trillions of dollars we don’t have during a recession is stupid economic policy.”

    Maybe you better rethink your position here champ, because I don’t recall ANY of you right wingers kicking up dust over the passage of the $750 BILLION Medicare Part D. Legislation that was literally written by pharmaceutical industry lobbyists. I don’t recall you grousing about a $2.2 TRILLION tab for Iraq (don’t worry, you know the oil revenues will pay the bill-honest).

    YOU’RE worried about govt spending? Ha, ha, ha. That’s hot.

    “be completely incapable of giving ANY indication you have ever actually listened to the man yourself”

    Want some audio of Limbaugh? I have great audio of him talking about how drug users should be thrown in jail. Or would that violate your reality distortion field too much?

    I’ve got a great idea. You have a blog and want to expose hypocrisy? How about I send you the audio file of Limbaugh, and you post it on your blog?

    Yeah, right.

  25. PS Are you telling me that you don’t care about the lies about the marsh mouse and mag lev train?

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    What ever happened to blogilistic integrity?

  26. Carl,
    You on the Left are funny when you continue to bash Bush about deficits and spending. While Bush and the Republicans overspent and lost because of it,
    Obama’s deficits are projected to be 4X what Bush’s were when he left office…

    ….and don’t forget that Democrats controlled Congress the last two years….and deficits more than doubled in 2008 under Dem control … funny that you are worried about what anyone thinks of Bush….your man and your liberal Congress run circles around Bush on spending.

    You can believe that defense is not important for spending, but as a matter of fact, that is one of the FEW things the government should spend money on according to our Constitution.
    Yes, I understand that you Lefties want $0 for defense so Obama can charm our enemies to death….how’s that working out for ya?

    Taliban says Clinton’s an idiot (Probably the only thing I would agree with them on), North Korea is launching rockets with added threats, China is touting threatening weapons, and Afghanistan slowly falling back into chaos…..and that’s just this week and ALL under Obama’s watch.

    The one place that is successful right now is Iraq….you know that country where Bush and our military ousted a brutal dictator and restored commerce, hope and placed a fledgling democracy? (Oh and spent some money in the process.)

    Socialism at its basic form is “spreading the wealth” ….exactly the “bunkum” that Socialist Obama used in the campaign in a rare moment of truth. That’s what I’m saying he is doing and that is what he is trying to do in many policies.

    As for your other rant about “socialism”…..many of the things you list could be scaled back tremendously or completely moved from the government to the private sector….no doubt about that…..but we are talking about the gargantuan leap being made now to run private companies, make ‘youth” organizing the 14th largest industry in America, taxing wealth, death, energy, tobacco products, anything….to keep government bigger and with more power….the expansion of government occuring and being proposed by Obama is unprecedented in our country’s history.

    I don’t claim we have a perfect country, nor have we had ANY perfect Presidents….
    But this country under Obama is moving at lightning speed even further away from our Constitution and Capitalist roots….America is governed by or Constitution and has prospered because of our free market principles.
    Obama doesn’t embrace the Constitution, nor free market principles.

    Get off the Rush drug thing already….even if Rush has said ANYTHING about drugs in the context you claim…he can have an opinion…..the guy did what he had to do legally for mistakes he made.
    Under your warped view…..if you’ve ever had a traffic ticket you can never again have a viewpoint or state one about the repercussions of speeding.

    Get over it…..Americans who want truth and a dose of unabashed love of America everyday have put Rush in as the most-listened-to guy in America…..

  27. Carl –
    on your links…I was not in the least inclined to find those links you presented in your earlier post….. I know what Rush talks about and I know what he has said….I know alot about his world view and his wishes for ALL Americans….because I’ve listened to him frequently and read his books….something I’ll bet you and others who post these quotes everywhere have never or almost never done.

    When you want to pick out a few….. or even 50, 100…. comments regarding what Rush may or may not have said over the last 35-plus years, your stretching to find a reason to call him racist.

    You may not agree with what Rush says, agree with his world view, nor like his own view of the state of sports (which most of your links were about…)
    ….but if you don’t listen to him personally and know the words he speaks and the ideas he promotes frequently and over time….then you don’t know the man…..Period.

    Of course any of this debate with you or other Lefties is usually futile….you have chosen to hate a man you never listen to merely because his ideals, values, and, perhaps, pocketbook are superior to your own….and because he may do damage to the ideas and actions of the Left.

    If I take your way of attack….and that is what it is….

    In the last few posts, I have concluded that you hate women…..yep you hate women…..
    you called me stupid and you think I’m a cry baby among other things…..

    Let’s see you said:
    “Please tell me you are smarter than this “socialist” bunkum”
    Yep — I’m stupid alright according to one sentence out of context.

    “Oops I made you cry again.”
    You think I’m a cry baby and emotionally weak….why I think you hate women….

    Take a few words out of a few thousand and form a definitve opinion…..that’s what I did…..context be damned.

    You recite a few choice statements from and the Obama administration that have been extracted from Rush’s 35-plus year career and form you definitive opinion outside of any context of his career, his ideals, his beliefs, and his other words.
    ….and call him a racist.

    I’m sure you don’t hate women and, similarly, Rush isn’t a racist…

    (but you may hate me…jury is still out…)

  28. Hey Carl,

    From the RDS (Rush Derangement Syndrome) to the deformed logic that past irresponsible government spending somehow justifies exponentially MORE of the same, you are spinning your wheels here.

    There’s some first-rate medication that can help you out with those delusions. Seek out professional assistance!

  29. “I’m sure you don’t hate women and, similarly, Rush isn’t a racist…”

    The straighten your apron, take off your shoes and get back to child bearing. What are you some sort of “femi-nazi”? Certainly if Limbaugh isn’t a racist for telling a black caller to “take the bone out of her nose”, then what I posted, in your opinion isn’t sexist.

    You moonbats are hilarious. I post quotes, and you ask for sources. I give you sources, and you say you aren’t interested because I don’t have video tape of everything said for one hour before and after the quote and 17 sworn depositions. Sound a little strange to you, how the bar keeps rising? Sounds kind of like having a conversation with a Branch Davidian.

    By this same standard, you should take down the quotes posted on the front page of your website. By the standards you hold up for evidence of these Limbaugh quotes, you certainly can’t prove that Jefferson or Adams ever said anything. And we all know that history is just a liberal conspiracy anyway, right?

    “I know what Rush talks about and I know what he has said….I know alot about his world view and his wishes for ALL Americans”

    Yes, he now wants us all in the streets because he thinks that would further his political agenda, right? I mean he has his own pile, so he doesn’t have to go hungry.

    “You recite a few choice statements from”

    Whoa there. I don’t get statements from, nor am I a member.

    “you have chosen to hate a man you never listen to merely because his ideals, values, and, perhaps, pocketbook are superior to your own”

    Hate the new head of the Republican party? Are you kidding? I must admit I find him extraordinarily distasteful, but I want him right where he’s at, dragging down the the Republican Party with his great girth and “popularity”.

    “Under your warped view…..if you’ve ever had a traffic ticket you can never again have a viewpoint or state one about the repercussions of speeding.”

    No, but I would say if I had, um, lets say a “cigar box” full of them, you know got several tickets a day, kind of like I was “addicted” to speeding, and then went on the radio “coast to coast” ranting repeatedly against others who got speeding tickets, well that might make me a hypocrite.

    That would be kind of like if I attacked the military service of others, while I myself had taken a deferment from Vietnam because I had a “pilondial cyst”. And got away with it because, like good old “Rusty” I had a rich and influential daddy that was a judge.

    I thank my lucky stars for Rush Limbaugh every single day. Are you kidding?

  30. “I know what Rush talks about and I know what he has said….I know alot about his world view and his wishes for ALL Americans”

    I was just rereading this statement you made, and I have to ask, are you a fan or a stalker?

  31. Carl,
    Think what you want about me or Rush….you will never be convinced otherwise, frankly I don’t know why I’ve wasted my keyboard on you this long…..

    But time and millions of Americans are on my side.

    Just as thousands of historians and time on are on my side with the quotes of our forefathers and the meaning behind their words.

  32. Carl,

    You’re still confused. Let me help…the “moonbat” would be YOU.

    Solid “sources” don’t typically include what somebody believes someone ELSE said. In the legal world, that is called “hearsay”…and it is not usually regarded as reliable.

    Even the Snopes article, and Snopes is generally pretty good, says that “nearly all the available information on this subject is anecdotal”. I’ll help you out with “anecdotal”…meaning an entertaining and often oral account of a real or fictitious occurrence. For those of us that dwell in the world of facts, it refers to something that may or may not be true, but has no foundation other than what someone SAID happened.

    Regardless, the time frame for this claim (early 1970s) predates his currently syndicated show by quite a while. Rush has been in the media spotlight for a long time. In the era of Youtube and Mediamatters, I would think you’d be able to come up with a more concrete and contemporary reference…kind of like what SRT did with Bill Maher.

    Rush does occasionally say some controversial things. Most to the time when he’s quoted, it lacks any sort of context. I could similarly take words from Obama’s TWO autobiographies and paint HIM as a racist.

    It never ceases to amuse and amaze how people like you assert that Limbaugh is irrelevant, or a racist, or whatever…but also spend so much time and effort trying to bring up his name. From President Obama on down…

    Again…get some help, get a job, go do SOMETHING productive. Limbaugh is successful, rich, and far more people listen to him than the loons you track.

    Get past it.

  33. “Again…get some help”

    I’m not the one that’s brainwashed sweetie.

    “get a job”

    Had a job I made over $30K at last year. My last paycheck netted me $12.13.

  34. Watch who you’re calling “sweetie” there, sport.

    You sound like a standard Lefty “success” story…do they call you “Carl the Plumber” down at the MoveOn Headquarters and Coffeehouse?

    Your parents must be so proud! If you aren’t making enough, that’s YOUR fault, darling. If you are waiting for Obama to deliver a money tree to your front door, you’re likely to be disappointed.

    Get off the blogs, move back in with your parents, get some more education, and get ANOTHER job…one that nets you THREE figures this time.

  35. Nice blog. Very interesting. Hey, in case you are interested, here is a link to my posting today on Rush on Franks and Obama, and the matter of free speech. See:

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