Obama foreign policy: Juvenile, Bizarre, Senile, and Dangerous

First the Juvenile and Bizarre:

Hillary Clinton gives Russia a big RED “Reset” Button

Can we get one of those buttons in red, white , and blue and reset this entire Presidency and Congress so that what will instantly appear are grown-ups that believe in American tradition, the Constitution, Capitalism, and Freedom?

The Senile:

Tongue-tied Clinton in Europe

Of course, she will never be misunderestimated by our media…she is the “smartest” woman alive.

and the appeasing stupidity that is dangerous:

Obama announces he is open to appeasing the Taliban

How is it that President Obama (and his wife) can manage to piss-off our allies needlessly and coddle American-murdering terrorists all in the span of a couple of days?

If their performance so far is any indication, I  hate thinking about what this administration’s “smart diplomacy” will do to us in 4 years….


3 Responses

  1. I totally sympathize with Secretary Clinton; I made a similar mistake due to language and cultural barriers with a new neighbor last summer. . .

  2. “I have never understood multiparty democracy.”

    THAT one is worth writing down for later use.

  3. […] Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has several embarassing faux pas while in Europe and Russia and tells the world that she seeks to “improve the United States’ image with […]

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