Get real — Obama’s dependent on his teleprompter?

Obama's crutch  (AP Photo)

Obama's crutch (AP Photo)

UPDATE:  White House introduces the ObamaPrompter…..a wearable teleprompter.

From Politico, we are now learning that Obama is dependent upon his telemprompter!!!!

My goodness, who knew?

I mean people were making comments  and stuff during the Presidential campaign that Obama used his teleprompter alot….but the mainstream media and others were very assuring that it really didn’t mean anything….just a guy on the campaign trail “speaking truth to people.”

This revelation is kind of shocking …..I mean…this gets me thinking…. 

….there really wasn’t anything to the those worshipful moments Obama spent in Jeremiah Wright’s pew, right?

And that statement about “spreading the wealth around” was just a candidate in small talk with some plumber guy, wasn’t it?  

 And those “revelations” from the media and Obama campaign about Joe The Plumber having tax problems and not having a plumber’s license could not have been the result of data digs ordered by the Obama campaign?!?

I’m sure this teleprompter thing that was talked about during the campaign and now is ACTUALLY TRUE is just an anomaly… has to be…..really….Obama’s the flawless Messiah with only good intentions…..I mean what?!?!….

….are we now going to find out Obama really is a Socialist?

….or that he is radically pro-abortion?

…. or that he’ll really raise taxes on most Americans instead of lower them as promised?

…..or that he will go after private citizens who dare to disagree with him?

Get real.


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  1. […] this is unprofessional and scandalous.  Of course a Far Left President, whom they support, fully relies on his teleprompter at 99.9% of his public speaking engagements.  And, unlike the soaring rhetoric in his campaign speeches, most of his telemprompter-advised […]

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