State media control and food rationing coming to a community near you?

rush-silenced-pic1Rush (the leader of the Republican Party  🙂 ) talked today about the “localism” approach that the FCC nominee, Obama, and the Democrats want to take in making talk radio more “fair”.

The new nominee, Julius Genachowski, is a big supporter of minority owned local radio….which translated means “government takeover and funding of talk radio”.


Now, interestingly the Obama administration announced the appointment to be commissioner of the FCC yesterday, Julius Genachowski.  This man is highly touted as a brilliant master at designing and managing all the New Media taking place.  I did a little research on Mr. Julius last night, and it turns out that Mr. Julius is very devoted to localism, local content rules.  He’s very devoted to the concept of minority ownership, diversifying in ownership.  Julius Genachowski, this man’s resume sounds like he would fit perfectly with Hugo Chavez in identifying some of this media critical of the government and devising strategies of what to do about it.  Now, there will not be a Fairness Doctrine, as we have assured you.  They’re not going to be that obvious about it.  They’ll go with localism, local content rules, or they will go with diversity in ownership.  Now, some of you might ask, how will that change anything?  

Well, let’s say you’ve got a large owner of radio stations.  Clear Channel happens to own, what is it, 1,700 radio stations, they’re not all talk, a lot of them are music stations.  They even have Chinese opera format radio stations.  But somebody like Obama and his new FCC chairman might look at that and say, “There’s not enough diversity, one big company, no, no, no, we need to break some of that up. We need minorities owning some of those radio stations.  And CBS, they have too many, Citadel, they’ve got too many radio stations, and Emmis and Cumulus, they’ve got way too many stations.  We’ve gotta bust up some of these conglomerate guys and open up radio to minority ownership.  So, you do that, and if a bunch of minorities end up owning a bunch of stations, the minorities or the owner can do what he wants, “I’m getting rid of all this syndicated stuff. I don’t care if I take a bath because I’m being subsidized by the government as a minority owner.”  As a minority owner, I don’t have the money to buy these stations, as an American, I don’t have the money to buy these stations, Americans are being wiped out at the moment in Obama’s war on capitalism.  

So these new minority owners will be subsidized so they won’t have to worry about removing profitable programming, and if some of them don’t like me, get rid of me, put on Al Sharpton.  Get rid of me, find some local program.  This is the way they envision it happening.  So that they can then say, “The market did this, we had nothing to do with this.”  That is where they’re angling. 

Hugo Chavez - Venezuela

Hugo Chavez - Venezuela

Rush also pointed out Venezuela dictator, Hugo Chavez’, approach to taking media control:

Venezuela’s President ordered his governors and mayors to draw ‘the map of the media war’ to determine which media are ‘owned by oligarchs.’ After saying that ‘there are not five million rich people in Venezuela,’ with regard to the opposition vote in the referendum, Chávez said that “were it not for the attacks, the lies, manipulation and exaggeration of the mistakes of the government” by the private media, the popularity of his government would be 80 percent instead of 60 percent.”  Hugo Chavez has ordered his Rahm Emanuel, his James Carville, his Paul Begala, his George Stephanopoulos to go out and find out who these oligarchs are that own private media outlets that are criticizing his government, find out who they are, identify them and target them because his approval rating is only 60% to 70%, would be 80% without that.

Any of this sound familiar?  In the last two days it has become known that Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is ringleader of an effort to target Rush Limbaugh and somehow(?) neuter Republicans by calling Rush their leader.

With Obama’s ignorance of the stock market, his ambivalence to the market free-fall, and his indignant attitude to all things “Capitalist”, will we soon be experiencing another fate of the Venezuelan people at the dictate of their leader? (food takeover and price controls by Chavez!)

By the way, I agree with Rush, as do MILLIONS of other Americans!  And that includes my agreement that Obama needs to be stopped in one way or another if America is ever to be herself again!


3 Responses

  1. I’m a Tree Hugging Conservative Republican and I agree with Obama! It’s about time blowhard drug addicts like Rush Limbo were exposed for the lying, scandalous cheats they really are. And what’s with the lie of placing a food rationing label on this post? That’s the only reason I deigned to inspect a blog post by a left-wing neocon pretending to be “right”. Now I’m off to find real news about food rationing here and around the world.

  2. Cherryl,
    Go get some medicine for your mental and emotional cluelessness….

    And if you’re a Tree Hugging Conservative Republican, then I’m Hillary Clinton.

  3. Honey, with your IQ you obviously took a wrong turn and are now very confused as to your true political identity. Go get help while you can!

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