Revolution is brewing….

Quick Post on the upcoming “Tea Party” Revolution against the Stimulus, Socialist housing plan and now the defense-weakening, high tax budget request by Obama!  Click on icon below for info on the city-by-city  Tea Party events.


Find the Facebook page for the National Tea Party here.

More at Michelle Malkin

Go forth and take your country back from the Socialist onslaught!


21 Responses

  1. why did you not want a revolution when your crew was still in the white house and gave their banking industry buddies some 700 billion to spend on their own bonuses and travel junkets?

  2. Hey Sauer,
    FYI – I have not been an advocate of ANY bailouts that have occurred in the past year….no matter who has been in the White House.

    The revolt is not just about the bailouts. It is about a much bigger and threatening picture — the govt plan to pay mortgages of those who should have never had them, the healthcare takeover, Obama’s census power grab, racial incitement, and more.

    Ultimately, we who believe in free markets, Capitalism, and the Constitution will increase the pressure on Obama and his Democrat (and RINO) friends who care nothing of the Obama Administration market plunge. They are also using these financially trying times to push this country deep into Socialism. They have such an immense taste for pork and earmark spending that they are strapping so much debt on our children and grandkids that they will never know the American Dream as we have.

    And about junkets – let’s not get too knee deep in the Democrat talking points….while your Democratic leaders blast companies for “junkets”, Obama has hosted Super Bowl and Black Tie parties during this national “catastrophe” and “crisis” (words he repeats over and over), Pelosi just returned from a junket to Italy, and Rangel, among other Democrats, took a Caribbean junket to the Caribbean last fall courtesy of Citibank.
    Hypocrisy is the name of their game and you are eating it hook, line, and sinker.

  3. I liked it when Obama used Air Force 1 to fly a couple of hundred miles to a Democrat Party “retreat”. I thought his off-the-cuff nationally televised comments about how nice AF-1 is especially appropriate.

    By the way, there “sauer kraut”…

    As I recall, that 700B TARP bill was constructed and voted on by a Democrat controlled Congress. They had to redo the vote after the first one failed because Republicans wouldn’t vote for it. Bush was certainly on board for the big win, but there is WAAAAY too much blame to spread around for myopic partisan finger-pointing.

  4. Poor sauer–instead of arguing the actual issues, like a child, he points to the other guy and says, “but he got to do it, why can’t I do it?” I think I have those conversations with my children from time to time. (emphasis on children)

    Hey sharp–glad to see you are keeping the faith–thanks for this link. I’m committed to posting more often again–I think my angst over the election has subsided enough to be objective again. 🙂

  5. mklasing –
    Did you go to Disney World? That had to help your mindset if you did.

    We actually did go to Disney World when I wrote that on my post….we did the land/cruise deal…what fun and we were gone during the “The One’s” ascension…(inauguration). Great time to be gone.

    About the revolution – I am seriously thinking about leading the charge on a rally here (at some point) where I live….think about it…it may be worth your while there as well.

  6. SRT,
    Good luck with the revolution. Make sure you save some rounds for the Republican Party…we can’t let them off the hook. The current iteration of the Republican Party (of which I am one) is a joke and just a culpable as the Democrats for our current mess.

    In my best Jesse Jackson voice I say “get out the RINO’s” and any other tax and spend posers!!

  7. […] Revolution is Brewing – Sharp Right Turn […]

  8. “some rounds”?

    Like from a CZ?

  9. Venom, anger, and spite….

  10. All I keep hearing is how awful and hurtful to the economy and socialist the stimulus plan by the Obama administration is. I have yet to hear, from any of my republican friends – or any republicans at all, for that matter – what the alternative would be. I keep hearing the same republican rhetoric of “small government” and whatnot, but specifics have been nonexistent. What would McCain be doing differently? What would be the republican equivalent of the $700+ billion stimulus plan?

    (I ask this in all honesty, because all that ever happens when I bring up this topic is that I get assailed for my support of Obama. yes, I support him, but I am always open to differing opinions and civil debates, particularly since I usually end up learning something new 🙂 )

  11. magsol,

    First off, if you firmly believe that the supplemental spending bill that was recently passed constitutes a legitimate economic “stimulus”, I guess there is no point to the conversation.

    This spending bill was nothing more than a pent up wish list of pet projects, with a little wealth redistribution thrown in. It was concocted by the Congress with only the thinnest of guidance from the President…like make the bill cost around $800 BILLION.

    There was no committee process or analysis, no meaningful debate, no amendment process, and the President simply rubber-stamped it.

    There is precious little that promotes the recovery and expansion of the backbone of our economy…business large and small.

    There is NOTHING in that promotes investor confidence in the equity or financial markets. Witness the market reaction.

    Using the President’s own downwardly revised and unmeasurable objective of “saving or creating 3.5 million jobs”, the PER JOB cost is just short of $225,000. Heck, that makes most weapons procurement look pretty efficient by comparison. Oh yeah, there was NOTHING for the aerospace or the shipbuilding industry either.

    This legislation WILL indeed stimulate one thing…top-line budget growth because of all the new and recurring line items created.

    Did I mention that we can’t afford it? Did I mention the potential for horrendous inflation? Did I mention that the 5% interest rate on new mortgages that you now see could easily double or triple in the next few years?

    Finally, I offer the following perspective from Henry Morgenthau, Jr., FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury in testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee on May 9, 1939…

    “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises…. I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started…. And an enormous debt to boot!”

  12. I’m not asking about the stimulus plan that was passed – I knew already that republicans opposed it, and why. What I’m asking is, what would republicans have done instead? Had McCain won the election, what actions would he have taken to stem the economic recession and revitalize the economy?

    I’m truly not trying to argue with you here; I’m honestly asking what the alternative would be, because just as I mentioned before – and frankly, what you just proved in your response – is that every time I ask this question, all I’m given is a litany of reasons why Obama’s plan is *bad*, and not what a *good* alternative would be.

  13. magsol –
    First off, McCain would have been Democrat-lite…
    with McCain we would certainly have a better handle on WINNING, not just ending, wars and on international affairs.
    On economic issues, we’d have less taxes and less bailouts, but likely, in some instances, very similar ideas to the anti-American “spread the wealth” dictates coming out of the Democrats right now.
    So your attempt to make McCain an alternative to this argument is moot…..
    Most conservatives held their nose to vote for McCain, but as an actual war hero who sacrificed for his country (unlike Obama who, it is arguable, doesn’t love this country as it is formed) and as less of a Leftist threat than Obama, he was the only choice.

    If you wish for a better, conservative approach and one which many Republicans have touted, it is tax cuts and spending cuts. There were proposals made by Republicans for this last stimulus that included several tax cuts including capital gains tax cuts which actually DO stimulate the economy. The Dems didn’t want any of it….and never intended to be “bipartisan” on it unless that meant capitualating to their wants.

    In addition, the better solution is to STOP wasting the tax dollars we do have on groups like ACORN and the Natl Endowment for the Arts (among hundreds of other wasteful programs) and instead focus on Constitutional spending for SOME infrastructure, military and the few things the Constitution states should be covered with federal tax dollars.

    Yes,that means cutting the pork and special interest favors that flow through Washington like a river.
    Obama and the Dems have clearly shown us how pay-for-play, special interests, and earmarks can blow this country up with debt.

    Spending, especially debt spending, has NEVER brought prosperity. Americans spending that same money, however, is what has the engine of free market is all about.
    AND never forget that the money spent on these gargantuan “trillion here, trillion there” bills is NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S MONEY….it is ours.

  14. Thank you for the answer, albeit intertwined yet again with a lot of stuff I already knew and didn’t ask for.

    FYI, anyone remotely in touch with the political scene is already well-versed in precisely what Democrats think of Republicans, and vice versa. So rehashing why Democrats have it wrong isn’t going to win you any new support.

    Proposing concrete and specific solutions – “we should do X because it will help Y do Z” – to the current dilemmas will win you support from both sides of the aisle long before reading the riot act – “you’re wrong you’re wrong you’re wrong” – ever will.

    I call both Democrats and Republicans alike out on that crap, because criticism alone won’t solve a thing. We need new suggestions for solutions to accompany the inevitable criticism of the solutions currently on the table, not naysaying by itself.

  15. magsol,

    How about a “stimulus” package devoid of pet projects and based on a reasonably diligent analysis that associated an action with a specified objective?

    How about one that offered targeted individual and business income & payroll tax cuts? How about a temporary capital gains tax reduction?

    How about the President’s economic team drafting a coherent plan and testifying before committee about the merits of that plan?

    How about a public debate on the House and Senate floor that is measured in days, not hours?

    How about some leadership from the President that indicates to the financial and equity markets that he’s not personally at war with them?

    How about installing some metrics that are tangible and objectives that can be measured?

    How about making sure that the stimulus money is ACTUALLY targeted, timely, and temporary instead of generalized, protracted, and permanent?

    You see, it might be a little harder and take a couple more weeks of actual work. I guess it’s easier to say “we have a crisis so we can’t afford to properly do our jobs”.

    By the way, I didn’t ONCE mention Republicans or Democrats. Too many Republicans suck, that’s why the Democrats were given the chance to govern. They won’t succeed by saying “Republicans were bad”, and then behaving worse.

  16. Ahhhh, thank you! That answers my question much more thoroughly. I understand a little better now what conservatives had wanted in a “stimulus” plan. Obviously I disagree with you on many of those points, but nevertheless progress has been made through the presentation of viable alternative courses of action.

    Though I do fully agree that it will take more than a couple weeks to work. It is my understanding that full economic recovery will take years, even with a satisfactory plan in place. Left to its own devices, the economy would still recover eventually, but it would be even longer, perhaps a decade, before that would happen. I’m certainly not expecting the market to roar back above 10,000 anytime this year, next year, or even the year after that. But I do think action is required if we want to make measurable progress in that direction in the meantime.

    Specifically what that action entails, of course, is what we’re debating now.

  17. I am organizing a tea party in Joplin, MO. While looking for images to use on my webpage I found your image

    I was wondering if you would be able to customize this image. Joplin, MO April 18, 2009

  18. Shyanna,
    I actually got that image from some of the information that was going around during the first Tea Party. I don’t remember exactly where I found it, but it most likely came from someone connected to the first Chicago Tea Party, so you may do better to see if they can modify it.
    Thanks for reading and best wishes with your Tea Party in Joplin.

  19. How about this for a stimulus?
    A substantial number of homes and businesses, especially in the north and east rely on heavy fuel oil for their energy and heating needs. This fuel is both expensive and polluting as well as costly to transport. However, we have about a gazillion cubic feet of natural gas in the continental U.S. This fuel is effecient, clean burning, plentiful and easily transported. It also requires no processing other than transport. In addition the use of natural gas would significantly lower the demand for oil.
    How about a priority program to create a network of pipelines to make this abundant resource cheap and available throughout the country. Millions of jobs would be created both to lay the pipelines, manufacture new equipment compatible with natural gas and to convert homes and businesses to use the product. In addition, natural gas provides an effecient and abundant substitute for gasoline and diesel fuel for vehicle use. Same advantages. Cheap, clean burning, abundant and a job generator. We have the resource right here and the technology it use it. All we really need is the will to do it.
    William M. Faulkner

  20. Senator Schumer, April 14, 2009

    I tried to contact you on your website but it is well designed to filter out any meaningful correspondence.
    Even though you are elected by the people of New York, what you say or do as a senator affects all Americans. Your pay check is not issued by the treasury of New York state. As an American citizen I was astounded by your intemperate statement belittling “traditional American values”. As a conservative I am proud that you choose to target the right with this anti-American bile. What is your next move Schumer? Are you now going to start burning Christian churches?
    I think about all of the brave young American service members who have fallen around the world defending “traditional American values”.
    You and your bigotry are exactly what they sacrificed their lives to defeat. I feel that the good people of New York are  as outraged by your statement as am I. 
    The message below is now being circulated around the country in hopes of alerting folks as to the grave threat that you and your skewed vision of America represent.  

    Senator Charles Schumer recently stated that traditional American values are now dead.
    I believe he speaks for all Left Wing Liberals including Obama.
    These are some of the values they now consider to be  irrelevant:
    1.Love of God. 2.Love of family. 3.Love of Country. 4. Honor. 5. Honesty.
    6. Courage. 7.The Constitution. 8. Individual achievement. 9. Self Reliance.
    10.Duty. 11.Democracy 12.Freedom 13.Free Enterprise14.Ethics
    15.Moral Strength 
    They are not just saying this but have shown by their actions that they have nothing but scorn for these values.
    Are these the kind of leaders we want in America? 
    All of us who still believe in traditional American values need to purge these arrogant miscreants from the public payroll at the next election. 
    We need to do this while we still have a vote because I believe the liberals truly consider free elections and The Bill of Rights to be incompatible with their agenda for America.

  21. I wonder if anyone has ever considered that the claim of evolutionists that man is a new improved version of the ape just might be really pissing off the monkeys.

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