SOS Clinton seeks to “improve US Image” with Muslims abroad

Hey, Mrs. Clinton, how’s about turning that around and working on that image of Muslims in the US?  Perhaps they may have some responsibility for American attitudes toward Muslims? Ya think?

Clinton, remember this?

Clinton, remember this?

Could it be that the atrocity of 9-11 and Muslims celebrating in the streets was not exactly the kind of relations you seek between us?  Of perhaps the Muslims in our country who couldn’t bring themselves to denounce this savage act of murder?

Or perhaps it might  even be those “moderate” Muslims, even on our own soil, who murder their wives by beheading —  all for “honor”? 

Or maybe, just maybe, it is just barbaric, self-mutilation in the name of Allah that keeps that bond a little loose between Americans and the Islamic World?

Headline From MyWayNews – Clinton seeks to improve US image with Muslims:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged a new American openness to ideas from abroad, especially the Muslim world, during a visit Wednesday to Indonesia…..

……Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, is the second stop in Clinton’s inaugural overseas trip as the top U.S. diplomat. She said that was “no accident,” with the trip designed to show support for the country’s hard-won democracy as well as its efforts to fight terrorism while respecting human rights.

Steps were already being taken to improve relations, she said, announcing at a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda that Peace Corps operations were expected to resume here after a long absence….


Though most of the country’s 190 million Muslims practice a moderate form of the faith, public anger ran high over U.S. policy in the Middle East and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush administration, fueling a small but increasingly vocal fundamentalist fringe.

According to Clinton and the pacifist Left’s view, we must improve OUR image with the MODERATE Muslims who think the US is evil for establishing freedom and democracy for millions oppressed by a savage dictator we chased into a foxhole, tried, and hanged…. and a barbaric group called the Taliban….

And then there’s this.  The foreign minister in Indonesia, where Clinton visited today, says this:

Wirajuda agreed, saying, “We have proven here democracy, Islam and modernity can go hand in hand.”

The next paragraph explaining just how well that’s going with those “moderates” in Indonesia:

The militant group Jemaah Islamiyah has carried out a series of suicide bombings targeting Western interests in Indonesia since 2002, killing more than 240 people, many of them foreign tourists. But experts say a crackdown has severely weakened the movement; the last attack occurred more than three years ago.

And even during Clinton’s visit, that Islamic harmony was apparent:

Security was tight for Clinton’s visit, with 2,800 police deployed in the capital along with members of the army, according to local police. Witnesses saw scattered protests and at least five people were detained by police following a rowdy rally by 200 Muslim university students in front of the U.S. Embassy.

Some protesters sets tires on fire in a city on the capital’s outskirts and others screamed “Hillary is terrorist.”

Oh, and Clinton has a rule to bash Bush  at least once in every country she visits.  Indonesia was no exception:

One of Clinton’s goals in Indonesia is to stress the growing importance of a region that often felt slighted by the Bush administration.

I guess the following examples don’t count….but then again, we are increasingly a country of “those feeling slighted” ourselves despite billions of dollars of debt-financed “help” being thrown our way.

But what did we expect from an Obama Presidency and Clinton State Department?  It’s as if we were never attacked….9/10 appeasement Lefties in a post 9/11 world. 

God Be With Us!


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