I hope we have thousands more 12-year-olds like this one….

…….we will need them in the coming years to speak truth to our victim culture and corrupt government.

This 12 year-old 7th grader gives a great lecture on abortion….it is not just that her facts and her reasoning are magnificent, but her speaking ability is well beyond her age….(reminds me of a 12-year-old Sarah Palin when speaking!)

Here is what truth from a 12-year-old sounds like:

And for those liberals who “can’t handle the truth” or believe a 12 year old shouldn’t speak truth or that she is “brainwashed”….The Other McCain has a great retort back to one of the commenters on his blog (original comment is in italics below, McCain’s answer below it):

“If a 12 year old liberal was talking about some liberal issue, conservative bloggers would be shrieking about how liberals are brainwashing ten year olds”

No, the liberal brainwashing is done in public schools, at taxpayer expense — that is what we’re “shrieking about.”

Liberals abort their own children, then try to brainwash everybody else’s children.

(H/T: The Other McCain)


One Response

  1. It is refreshing to see/hear a young girl show so much courage and aplomb. I wonder what the next generation will be called or known as. The “me” generation will hopefully give way to the a more enterprising and committed generation with Christian values.

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