Campbell Brown says Congress is Clueless (I say Obama, too!)

Kingsmill Resort - Retreats and Golf and Expensive Meals for DEMS, but not for thee!

Kingsmill Resort - Retreats and Golf and Expensive Meals for DEMS, but not for "evil CEO's"!

Actually my husband forwarded me the link to Campbell Brown’s commentary on the Democrat’s (and recently Republican’s) “planning” spa boondoggle retreats…..

He asked me “Why didn’t you think of writing this?”….

Well, I wish I had…she is spot on in taking to task our illustrious Congress for their boondoggle “Planning” retreat….and the Dems are doing it fresh on the heels of Obama and Democrats just breathless in their disgust of financial company managers using corporate money for retreats, private planes, and other various “evil corporation” expenses:

Leave it to members of Congress to be completely daft, entirely clueless, and unbelievably out of touch.

Seriously, only a member of Congress can make a Wall Street executive seem like a sympathetic figure these days. And boy, do they make my job easy.

Yes, while our representatives have been jumping up and down screaming about the excesses of Wall Street, condemning those corporate boondoggle trips to luxurious resorts, what do they do?

They all go away on retreat together to a luxurious resort.

First it was Republicans, who last week decamped to the lovely Homestead Resort, famous for its golf, fly-fishing, and luxurious accommodations, with its own golf course and five star amenities.

Now, in fairness, members do pay for lodging with personal funds or their campaign accounts. But yes, taxpayers do foot the bill for some of the expenses.

For example, according to, we all paid about $70,000 for Democrats to take the train down to last year’s getaway.

Then they racked up phone and Internet bills of more than $40,000 on our dime. Not to mention the enormous security costs, which are even higher this year with the president and vice president both stopping by.

How exactly in this economic climate Congress could possibly see the need to all go on a spa retreat together is frankly beyond me.

Their offices are next door to one another. They see each other every day. Yes, they have important businesses to do on behalf of all of us. But can’t they do that in Washington?

And at the very least, members of Congress, don’t any of you get how bad this looks, how terrible the optics are?

In the middle of an economic crisis, not a single one of you says, “Hey, maybe this is the year we skip the luxurious resort getaway and just hunker down here at home.”

And these are the people we are counting on to get us out of this mess.

Of course, Dear Leader Obama took his first Air Force One flight down to the retreat to wow them with his Obama-Telemprompter-Lie-About-Stimulus-Bill speech. 

I watched most of Obama’s speech on Fox… was pathetic that he had to read his “thank yous” directly from the teleprompter…with a look on his face like “I can’t lose my place here”.  

And the speech was pretty pathetic in its arrogance and condescension toward those who don’t agree with his Socialist boondoggle bill written by the Far Left leaders of Congress….In this speech and the past few days his points on the Bill have changed dramatically (i.e. Obama is it stimulus or spending bill?!?) and his tone and demeanor is really un-Presidential.

Some blogging of the speech from Gateway Pundit:

Obama flew down to see them this evening for the political event.

He just congratulated the liberal House for creating and passing the most massive spending bill in American history filled from top to bottom with pork for every Left Wing organization that helped get them get elected.

Obama just said the scale and scope of the bill is just right.
He also just excused the pork in the bill.
Obama says the point of a stimulus bill is “to spend.”
That’s what a stimulus bill is supposed to do- spend.

Obama said the bill must pass so schools won’t keep falling… Huh?

The plan will end the “tyranny of oil” in our time.
–Maybe that’s why they just scrapped oil and gas leases on land in Utah.

This group of thugs all got a good chuckle when he mentioned “Alaska.”
It must have been an inside joke.

It’s too bad no one asked him about the the 2 BILLION DOLLAR EARMARK — obtained by Rod Blagojevich.

Let’s hope the Republicans stay united and use the public’s heartburn with this bill to kill it!


3 Responses

  1. Special people are entitled to “special perks”.

    If we could get some useful work out of them it wouldn’t be so bad. But the real problem isn’t what happens on the “junkets” it’s the garbage they put out and call “product” back in WDC.

  2. Criticize Wall Street bonuses and perks one week, go off on a little junket the next. Classic. It goes hand-in-hand with telling people they can’t keep their thermostats where they like, but turn the Oval Office into their own little tropical paradise.

    I especially liked Obama’s comment about this “retreat” giving him a “reason to use Air Force One”, and how NICE it is. The perks of the Presidency are best used, especially in times like these, for errands that directly promote the nation’s interests, not the interests of a particular political party.

    Memo to the President…the campaign is over. Yes, you won, but there is now a real job to do. Start acting like a leader.

  3. GBS…..
    Well said

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