“Believers” and Boy Scouts need not be stimulated

This goes in the unbelievable AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL category….

I’m sure most liberals and Obama (but I repeat myself) could care less, but the Constitution says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

Of course, as noted at RedState.com:

Barack Obama was the first President to recognize unbelievers in his inaugural address.

Anti-Christian blowhards

Anti-Christian blowhards

Part of the stimulus bill offers funds to schools, but explicitly states NO funds offered to schools that house or support religious programs, groups,  or services.

As noted at the Culture and Media Institute:

Both versions of the bill, the House version (H.R. 1) that passed on Jan. 28 by a 244-188 margin, without a single Republican vote, and the Senate version (S. 336), which will probably be voted on in the next few days – include language that would “prohibit” modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities:

  • (i) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity; or
  • (ii) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission

Such language is regrettable and could leave some institutions of higher learning susceptible to a legal action by organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) according to a spokesman from South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint’s office.

This is blatant anti-religious (Christian/Jewish) bias placed strategically in the Generational Theft Act by Democrats who loathe the religious and moral base of our country…not to mention their disdain for the Constitution and intentions of our founders.

I wonder if this tax-payer funded Muslim Charter School in Minnesotawill be receiving funds?  If I had to guess, it probably will with no pushback from Democrats, ACLU or Obama.

But worse, it appears this is explicitly written not only to keep religious groups off of school property (in the name of stimulus), but also to harass the Boy Scouts…the upstanding punching bag of the left.  From RedState:

The Boy Scouts has been a target of the left for a while. Though non-denominational, it has a strong sectarian influence in its rules, teachings, and beliefs structure.

According to the Supreme Court, the Boy Scouts can deny employment to gays because of the private nature of the organization. Ever since that decision, the left has tried to shut the scouts out of public buildings. The Democrats in Congress have taken up the shut down the scouts.

In both the House and Senate version of the stimulus there is a provision that is tailor made for the ACLU to shut down more boy scout troops, divinity schools, etc

Further from Red State:

What exactly is “a substantial portion”? If an organization lets the scouts meet in their facility, will they no longer be able to use government money to fix their building?

Will local school systems scared of losing funding shut down Christian student groups? Will schools that have religion departments shut down those departments lest they run afoul of the provisions?

In fact, the provision is so broad, it will very potentially have a chilling effect on all religious instruction and groups that have a religious affiliation. Never mind that Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion.

While every effort is made by liberals in this country to erase Christianity and our Judeo-Christian heritage from our schoolsand our lives they, in turn, expect us to believe that STD prevention, taxpayer funded abortions throughout the world, and millions given to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is supposed to stimulate our minds, our culture, and economy!  Hog wash!

Speaking of the controversial NEA, why not a similar clause for them? 

Perhaps the we could all be spared this and this.  But I forgot…defaming Christ and desecrating the American Flag is free speech and “culturally profound”!?!  However, according to the current Congress, stifling religious expression and groups is stimulating!

Happy now  you 52% who voted for this filthy, corrupt “Hopenchange” anti-America, anti-Christian, Socialist movement you call Obama and Democratic leadership?


13 Responses

  1. I didn’t realize that not forking over government money to religious groups was somehow prohibiting their free exercise.

  2. Morse code,
    NOT forking over the money is one thing…..I didn’t see any religious organizations asking for any money…..
    explicitly and specifically prohibiting religion in buildings with stimulus funding is establishing a government religion of secularism. And as others have noted, opens the door for religious programs and groups being excluded!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is not the founders intent no matter how secular liberal nutjobs want to slice it. The founders didn’t arrive in this land as paranoids that were afraid of others exercising their religion….quite the opposite, they wished for the FREE EXERCISE thereof….
    prohibiting religion in this country is unconstitutional.

  3. “explicitly and specifically prohibiting religion in buildings with stimulus funding”

    Which is the equivalent of forking over money.

    Unless these religious organizations are paying, of course. No problem with that.

    You may want to use a few less exclamation points. Just a suggestion.

  4. Morsecode.
    The bill forks over money to schools, not religious groups….
    why mention them at all?

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there it’s out of my system now. 🙂

  5. Correct.

    And if, for example, a public school allows a sectarian religious organization to use their facilities without paying for the use, it is the equivalent to giving money to that organization.

    You’re not handing out cash, you’re giving a service, but it amounts to the same. If I were a homosexual, for example, my taxes would be going to a school that let its facilities be used by a group that specifically excludes gay people. I should not have my money be forced to go someplace where people like me are excluded. And neither should you.

    And just to throw in a few of my own: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Morsecode:
    Your argument is absurd. It’s not unconstitutional for a school to grant permission for a group which excludes a certain other group. A girl’s club would exclude boys; a conservative club would exclude liberals; an after-school or lunch hour Bible study group would exclude Moslems; a Moslem prayer room time would Catholics; a knitting club would exclude hunters; homosexuals would not be excluded from any of the above groups though you might!
    Liberals can’t preach diversity in race, ethnicity, orientation, etc… and then bar diversity in thought. This is why we end up with 87% liberal faculty and obscene numbers of members of the press voting overwhelmingly for the liberal candidate in EVERY election of the modern era.

  7. “grant permission for a group which excludes a certain other group”

    Granting permission for a group is not the same as giving their facilities to an organization.

    A prayer group formed by a bunch of students is fine. The Boy Scouts using the school’s facilities to organize their troops, events and fundraising is not.

    If the school, however, offers their facilities for a certain price, and would offer it to the Boy Scouts and, say, Scouting for All, equally, then that would be fine.

    “Liberals can’t preach diversity in race, ethnicity, orientation, etc… and then bar diversity in thought.”

    Who is barring thought?

    You can be as exclusive, inclusive, or against any minority you want. You just can’t use that minority’s money to help you do it.

  8. The law only interferes with TAXPAYER SUBSIDIZED exercise of religion. It doesn’t say you can’t FREELY exercise religion, just that you’ve got to pay for it out of your own pocket. You probably don’t want to pay for my religion (Flying Spagetti Monsterism a.k.a. Pastafarian), and I don’t want to pay for yours.

  9. Morsecode and Gus,
    Then I guess you would agree that Obama’s executive order to give MY tax money to oversees abortion groups would “exclude someone” and is unconstitutional? That is a controversial anti-religious group singled out with federal money….if they want abortions here or anywhere, then “they” should pay for it.

    More to your example, Planned Parenthood doesn’t pay a dime to tax-payer funded schools to insert their indoctrination into our school system…..then using your premise why should a religious or any other group have to pay to use school facilities a couple of hours a week??…..

    Your arguments are absurd….I agree with Boria.

  10. I could agree with you. I don’t think they specifically exlude groups, as they would service any Christian. And calling them ‘abortion groups’ greatly simplifies what they do.

    But hey. Cut their federal funding. No skin off my nose.

  11. The religion of secularism –
    The Constitution and its framers never intended to exclude religion from the public square.
    The reference Jefferson made to “the wall of separation of church and state” in a letter to a religious group was a warning not to let the state meddle in matters religious, not the opposite.
    This phrase has been hijacked by the left to further its agenda of secularism. No government which has excluded God from its midst has survived long without engaging in murderous behavior and genocide. Communism, socialism of the nationalist kind, and totalitarianism (I include Islamism in this rubric) have all lead to wanton murder and abominable behavior by the government. Even the French revolution inspired by Rousseau brought the rein of terror.
    Adams’ quote at the top left of the page summarizes it best!

  12. Boria-
    Well said!

  13. Do not anger the all powerful FSM.

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