Wow … They ALL survived…

It is being called “Miracle on the Hudson”….all 153 aboard survived this US Airways Flight 1549 plane crash onto the icy waters of the Hudson River near Manhattan.

US Airways plane crashes into Hudson River 1/15/09

US Airways plane crashes into Hudson River 1/15/09

Thanks to a veteran pilot…and, I would say, Divine intervention….

It is clearly a miracle that this plane stayed intact, all people survived and were off the plane in a matter of minutes….excellent work by the pilot, other crew members, and the many commercial boats on the river who came to the rescue.

I was watching the news coverage tonight and was trying  to hear/see any Divine message from this wonderful non-tragedy!…..

It seems it could be a vision for the coming “Miracle on the Potomac”…perhaps Obama can make a very rough and touchy landing but be able to steer this country past the obstacles, into icy waters, but everyone survives!  (I’m not betting on it, because these landings are rare, but I am “hope”ful!)

In a seriousness, this does seem to be a wonderful turn of events around something that could have been quite tragic…God Bless that pilot!


4 Responses

  1. He certainly did a masterful job of landing that plane well enough that it stayed intact. God had to have had a hand in this miracle.

  2. I’m glad no one was hurt in the crash, sounds like the pilot did a great job

  3. I was talking to a former pilot who said that the pilot was really a novice, not a veteran. But still… Wow.

  4. He’s been flying for USAirways for 29 years and flew USAF fighters before that. He’s a “veteran pilot”.

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