Torture Defined

With all of the talk of closing Gitmo and supposed torture (it all depends on what the meaning of torture is), I am really tired of the attempts by the left to somehow equalize or diminish the hateful actions of the  person that is a psychotic, jihadist madman while escalating and exaggerating the means used by our forces to extract (American) life-saving information.

On the issue of the lefties…they knew the techniques for interrogation, yet didn’t say a word until their “hardline” constituency had their BDS and Cheney-hate epiphanies and demanded the closing of Gitmo and torture for Bush and Cheney.  From Ace of Spades:

And let’s not pretend this was some rogue operation designed simply to amuse Dick Cheney and his dinner guests. Top Democrats, including now Speaker Pelosi, were briefed on these methods in 2002. What did she or one of her colleagues ask, were “the methods were tough enough“?

Ace of Spades has a great definition and benchmark for torture…..until the madmen have been treated as described below (which, by the way, most of them deserve), the argument is moot!

You want torture? I’ll give you f&^%$g torture. How about this…you are at work and suddenly there is a tremendous crash and fire. After huddling with your co-workers you realize you are 80 stories up and cut off from rescue by an out of control fire below you. The heat is becoming so intense that you can’t stand it much longer. So you you try and call your loved ones and if you’re lucky you get through. Maybe you get to say goodbye to them directly or you leave leave a voice mail that will haunt them forever. Then you break a window, hang hundreds of feet above the ground and let go.

That’s torture.

You know, the murderers cloaking themselves in the name of Allah sit down there at Gitmo with clean accommodations, square meals, Korans, and the call to prayer 5 times a day.   The fact that we choose to treat them better than the Left would do for Bush or Cheney speaks volumes about our country….

The fact that Obama is appeasing his left wing followers with attempts to close Gitmo is enraging….especially considering that most of their home countries won’t take these prisoners back and we certainly don’t want them here…especially if Obama wants to give them the courtesy of creating propaganda while enjoying our legal system….

Not to mention that 61 of the jihadist detainees that HAVE ALREADY been released at Gitmo have gone on to terrorize another day!

Summed up well at Ace:

I can’t believe that we are going to spend the next couple of years gazing at our navels wondering if in the aftermath of 3,000 people being killed on our soil if we were gentlemanly enough in how we went about ensuring it never happened again. Yet here we are.

We’re killing ourselves with “kindness”.


2 Responses

  1. I don’t care GITMO one way or the other. It’s just a place that was set up quickly to fill an urgent need. If people will FEEL better by closing it, then have at it.

    What I’m REALLY interested in is what President Obama intends to do with the hazards to civilization currently housed there and what he intends to do with likeminded folks that may be apprehended in the future.

    He’d better have a plan, because one of these guys coming back to visit us again is NOT going to be acceptable to the vast majority of the American people, whether they voted for him or not.

  2. I still fail to see why we have problems with this. The terrorists do not apply to the Geneva Convention (I’ve actually READ it). There shouldn’t be any more to this. Fight under a country’s flag, get rights. Don’t and die.

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