Joe The Plumber wears truth and takes on the media


Joe The Plumber on the campaign trail in 2008 - (Source: Wikipedia)

As you may have heard, Joe The Plumber has signed on as a correspondent for Pajamas Media.  Joe recently took on the Israeli press with this great line aimed directly at them:

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” he told foreign reporters.

“You should be patriotic, protect your family and children, not report like you have been doing for the past two weeks since this war has started,” he said.

I say kudos to Joe….it is about time an ordinary member of society gets heard speaking the truth!

Of course, as you might expect, those in the left-leaning media and late-night comedians are all over Joe and his “inexperience”.  (Funny how those same lefties think Obama’s inexperience for leading the country is “‘charming” and “Messiah-like”, but I digress).

But surprisingly, even right-leaning blogs have a bit of a pompous attitude towards Joe and his efforts.


“Joe seems ready to make the same mistake that the MSM does, which is picking sides rather than reporting.”

From his own employer’s site, Pajamas Media:

The goal of cutting through the perceived bias of the mainstream media filter is an admirable one to be sure, but is this what our newly hatched journalist will deliver? The resultant reporting should be an unvarnished look inside Israel’s struggle with Hamas, examining the lives of those on each side. But might we be left with a suspicion that the reporter in question has a personal agenda? With such a thin resume as a reporter — stretching generosity to its limits — these remain difficult questions to answer.

Isn’t it interesting that so many people seem to be threatened when “average Joe” appears on the scene and gets more attention than they do?

As far as Joe’s experience or not….Granted, we are pretty certain he doesn’t hold a journalism degree, but since when did a journalism degree, in this day and age, make ANYONE qualified to convey the news? 

As one or many examples, let us just ponder the blistering harassment of Sarah Palin by the left-leaning, J-school elites!  The nastiness and opinionated “journalism” has been unbelievable.  Sarah Palin has now struck back at the media for its lies and mistreatment…..its time the media and “elites” have to defend themselves and the profession that currently thrives in the sewer.

(My favorite Palin smack on Katie Couric: “Because Katie, you are not the center of everybody’s universe”—-)

Pajamas Media and JTP’s employer, Roger Simon did a great job in defending Joe in a piece yesterday:

Joe’s Grade?

Of course, I could be accused of being a tad disingenuous, if, as Joe’s employer, I didn’t at least give a hint of how I feel he’s doing – so I will. Thus far, after two days, I would give Joe a “B to B+”. That’s not a perfect grade, but it’s a good one and far better than Al Gore got at Harvard.

A Thousand voices:

But nothing could be more ludicrous than to think that the presence of Joe Wurtzelbacher in Israel negates anyone else’s opinion of the Gaza War. Indeed, we are and have been for decades inundated with reporting and opinions from the Middle East. Joe the Plumber is one voice – and just one – among thousands and thousands.

Good point…a few toes have been stepped on…and Average Joe may reach people more effectively than the J-school snobs…that’s why they have their shorts in a wad over Joe!

I am rather enjoying the reactions of those trying to assess  Joe’s straight-forward truth-telling…..Joe may only have his 15 minutes of fame (or a career), but the side show of “elite” journalists and lefties defending their trade is hilarious considering that there are no longer journalism ethics and rules to be had.

The one rule that needs to be followed is being followed by Joe….TRUTH.  I say forget the moral equivalence that many try to push between reporting on Israel and Hamas.  There are just some things in this world that are truth and right….and don’t deserve a politically correct equivalence of some kind.

It is time someone puts a spotlight on TRUTH and stops nurturing the evil personified in Hamas, radical Islam (but  I repeat myself), and even the lying, corrupt, Socialist Democratic party and soon-to-be President we have in this country.

Again from Simon:

Many voices are good because the truth is often hard to find. Joe Wurtzelbacher is one of those voices.

You go Joe….I’m pulling for you.

Only those who do right  for the right reasons,  and don’t worship idols or tell lies under oath.  The LORD God, who saves them, will bless and reward them.    Psalms 24:4-5


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