Another Thought, Another Outrageous Muslim tradition

Just previous to this post, I wrote about the Muslim martyrdom holiday Ashura…clearly barbaric, backwards, psychotic behavior.

I found this morning a reference to the genital “circumcision” performed on very young Kurdish Muslim girls.  (this practice is common in many African areas, but also has a presence in the Muslim culture outside of Africa)

Michelle Malkin references this atrocious act:

A Muslim mother in Iraq lures her seven-year-old into a female genital circumcision by lying to her about a “party.” A half-dozen other girls are also tricked. The Washington Post documented the torment.

Go here. But not if you have a queasy stomach or a weak heart.

The mother of 7-year-old Sheelan’s parting thought?

“We don’t know why we do it, but we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it.”

An epigram that explains a lot of barbaric behavior these days. Year. Centuries.

If you have a strong stomach, you can click on the link in Malkin’s thoughts above for pictures of the 7-year old’s experience.  I looked, but had a nauseated feeling after reviewing.

One thought I did have when looking at the face of that little girl (God Bless Her!) is how traumatic an experience this is for a 7-year old girl, especially when she was lied to in order to have this procedure performed on her as a surprise….Seems this tradition is self-perpetuating…would we really expect these subservient women to change anything when they learned not to trust and were treated in this way at such a young age?

Perhaps the word “circumcision” is used in order to neutralize the painful, abusive act upon young girls.  The results and premise of this torture are not even close to the reasons and outcome of a male circumcision…thus whyI believe they use that word for a softer presentation of the abusive procedure.  This procedure is  really genital mutilation and is about female control buy elder males….that is apparent in the quote above by the Iraqi woman.

Just another example of outrageous and barbaric behavior from some in the “religion of peace” that seems to be ignored by many in our country …and who don’t want to face the dangers of a growing and expanding radical Muslim population who believes and behaves as outlined in this and my previous post.

An irony pointed out by one of Malkin’s commenters:

MUSLIMS practice FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) for the same reason they strap bombs to themselves, and set them off in a crowd… The ELDERS tell them to… The same ELDERS who when confronted with JUSTICE will use the garb of WOMEN to escape to the hills…

Cowardly, Dictating, Hateful, Psychotic Barbarians….that is our enemy.


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