This is YOUR Democratic Party….

There are so many outrageous, arrogant, dangerous and ignorant statements and topics to cover with the liberals and Democrats…and we are only 7 days into the new year, 2 days into the 111th Congress…and the Obamessiah does not ascend to throne for almost 2 more weeks…..I mean what is a blogger to do?

Thought I would summarize some recent topics and ideas of the party of  “change”, “hope”, delusions of royalty, corruption, and unethical ethics….we call them Democrats….????

  • The Bleeping (%^*^&)  Blagojevich Burger….flush with “bologna”, “cheese” and a negotiable price tag.  Actually this little tidbit is great humor but also very indicative of the quality of people we call elected Democrat officials in this “once great, hope it stays that way after four years of these people” country!
  • Perverted Porn Sex-Sellers want a bailout – Larry Flynt, big Obama supporter, wants a bailout for his porn business (H/T: Ace of Spades):

“People are too depressed to be sexually active,” Flynt said in the press release. “This is very unhealthy as a nation. Americans can do without cars and such but they cannot do without sex.”

Francis said he and Flynt would also be willing to discuss the possibility of the government buying equity stakes in their companies, as was done with financial firms.

Word has it that Bill Clinton will be appointed “Porn Czar” to oversee the distribution of these funds to be sure every dime is used wisely and that sex will be distributed evenly.

  •  Now that Obama is in office, a Democrat from New York proposed a bill for “an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.” 

Next we are likely to see a bill abolishing elections—you know, why risk it when you have the Messiah in office! (H/T: PoliPundit)

“Norm Coleman will never ever serve [again] in the Senate,” Reid told Politico’s Manu Raju. “He lost the election. He can stall things, but he’ll never serve in the Senate.”

No, Harry, actually Norm Coleman WON the election. Franken and the no-conscience Democrats are getting close to stealing it away as they’ve done other places. From

FUND: In Washington State, four years ago, the Democratic Party got the names and addresses and phone numbers of the people whose absentee ballots had been rejected. They went door to door and asked them, who did you want to vote for?

GIGOT: Who did you want to vote for?

FUND: Exactly.

GIGOT: You might not have voted before, but now you can vote.

FUND: Exactly. Right. And if they said they voted for the Democrat, they said here’s an affidavit, fill it out and we’ll submit it to get your vote counted. And if they voted for the Republican, they said, have a nice day.

I am hoping for some change soon…but not holding my breath!


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