One President at a time on Israel…Two Presidents for Economy

Isn’t the silence deafening? Obama hasn’t invoked one thought, idea, plan, or any type of support during the past week of Israel’s rightful bombardment of Hamas….the only peep we’ve heard is “Obama respects that there is only one President at time”…..

obama-condescendingFunny that…..According to several news reports, Obama is giving a major speech on his Socialist economic stimulus plan this week…..and we currently have ONE President in office.

I mean I’ll be the first to admit that Bush and Congress’ free-for-all bailouts in 2008 did enough damage….do we really need TWO Presidents handing over more taxpayer money this month? 

I’d rather have TWO Presidents supporting Israel at the moment! 

AND Obama has asked his Dem-controlled Congress to have an economic plan on his desk the day of inauguration. (Although reports today say it may be mid-February, which is still a rushed bill)

You know what that means right? It will be a bill pulled together in two weeks with little to no ability for citizens (or many members of Congress) to review before the Socialist Dems vote in Obama’s job stimulus plan for 600,000 NEW GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES  and government welfare checks  for those who work part time….not to mention tax increases on the “wealthy”…you know, the ones who actually stimulate business and employment.

As we start the new year, this post serves as a reminder of the long, hellacious ride we are in for after we get back down to ONE President on January 20 and a majority of Socialist, dunderheads in Congress to rubber stamp Obama’s welfare and Socialist programs….

I keep telling myself America has bounced back before…and I hope we do again after the beating that liberty, self-sufficiency, morality, common sense, and plain-old patriotism are about to take for at least the next 4 years!


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  1. […] Obama gives speech on economy overiding tradition and that theory of “one President at a time” Posted on January 8, 2009 by sharprightturn Ha…Obama you funny man…..No talking about supporting Israel’s defense and Hamas…but give him a stage for Socialist ideas before inaguration and he’ll forgo that whole  “one President at a time thing”! […]

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