Dingy, Disgraceful, (ex)Democratic Dame on Dinghy Dignity, Dinged-up then Docked


Cynthia McKinney - (Source: Wikipedia)

Cynthia McKinney, lunatic ex-Congresswoman from Georgia, well known for her remarks that Bush “knew about 9/11 beforehand” was on a luxury boat named Dignity today that was turned back by the Israeli Navy.

Her cause?  Well, the anti-Semitic, pro-Arab, pro-Palestinian liberal crazy lady was with other misguided activists supposedly trying to get medicines to Hamas!

From Atlanta Journal Constitution via Michelle Malkin:

Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is a high-profile member of a boatload of activists that set sail Monday from Cyprus to deliver medicine to war-torn Gaza……The activists, organized by the Free Gaza Group, said their 66-foot yacht called “SS Dignity” would defy an Israeli blockade of Gaza and ferry 16 activists and three tons of Cypriot-donated supplies. The supplies are intended to help treat the wounded from Israeli bombings against targets in Gaza, in retaliation for rocket fire aimed at civilians in southern Israeli towns.

Much reporting on this has indicated that the boat was manhandled by an Israeli ship, when, in truth, it appears, the Dignity was commanded by the Israeli ship to turn around and did not…then chose to run into the Israeli ship.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said the boat ignored an Israeli radio order to turn back early Tuesday.

Palmor says the boat tried to outmaneuver an Israeli navy ship and crashed into it, which lightly damaged both vessels. The navy then escorted the boat out into the territorial waters of Cyprus.  

From Newsbusters.org:

The presentation clearly wants you to believe that the Israeli boat was hostile and went well out of their way to attack the ‘peaceful’ minded vessel.  In reality though, it was nothing more than a typical group of protestors who use the word ‘peaceful’ as a security blanket in their malicious efforts to defy authority, whether it be the authority of the United States government, or in this case, the Israeli navy. 

How does anyone take this woman or these “activists” seriously? 

And how does a woman, who claims she learned the need for social justice at an early age from her father and the Civil Rights movement, seriously engage herself with and support terrorist organizations that indiscriminately and purposely fire rockets at innocents simply because of their heritage?

I guess rationality loses to hypocrisy when one seeks to condemn and bring down America and her allies and when one opposes democracy and freedom at all turns—-not to mention the conspiratorial lies this woman has spread about our country and President Bush, her disprespect for law enforcement, and her adulation of Leftists like Chavez. 

I say Israel should let Dignity port somewhere in Gaza and let McKinney and her cohorts experience the “social justice” and “law enforcement” of Hamas….the only Dignity found in Gaza would then be a luxury yacht.


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  1. Too bad they didn’t sink the ship of fools and get rid of some liberal DNA from our species..

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