“Beefcake Barry”, the Narcissist-elect, puts on a show…

No shoes….no shirt…..no substance…..

Isn’t it funny that when the press asks President-Elect Obama about Governor Blagojevich and the big “Chicago” Pay-for-Play scandal, Obama won’t talk about it and scolds reporters for asking



BUT….  Obama leaves his multimillion-dollar, rented vacation digs in Hawaii without a shirt on knowing full well that  paparrazzi won’t be far away?  What happened to important family privacy and certain topics “off-limits” Mr. Barry “I’m full of myself” Obama? 

Did you know that narcissists are consumed with their physical appearance and take almost any chance they can to flaunt and flirt?  Obama knows the press and Hollywood paparazzi will be good to him….so he thinks he’ll use it to his advantage…you know….so all of the mind-numb robots who voted for him can have a “treat”….kind of give the voyeurs a little fodder and anticipation for what’s to come in the next 4 years…. BLEECCHHH!

Personally….. I prefer a “real” man ….the kind who doesn’t have to flaunt his skin to earn respect….I much rather prefer the kind of guy who does this to relax on his vacation while visiting his favorite digs:


Ronald Reagan at his ranch - 40th President of United States - (Source: Reagan Library Archives (http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/))

You know what I’m talking about…..the kind of guy who was a REAL star, who brought down an evil empire, who loved and appreciated America’s greatness, who saw us as the shining light on a hill….and on and on….

Barry, you are no more than a bug on a leaf in the picture above, compared to the 40th President of the United States….so put your shirt on and please try to impress us with some substance before you go all “Beefcake Barry” on us again, OK?


4 Responses

  1. Right up until the moment I scrolled down, I (foolishly) thought I was going to get a shout-out! 😉

  2. Wow… the bar must be set pretty high for Mr. Sharprightturn.. He must be some physical specimen.

  3. What is wrong wth a man shirtless at the beach on vacation leave him aloe all youpeople do is try and find the bad in someone who is doing hi best for all of us

  4. […] course, Couric does now get to “report” on the Obamessiah (versus the evil Bush) and “ogle” the First Pecs and maybe ask an administration-approved question now and then…..life is wonderful in that […]

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