“Change” by stealth

While a lot of Republicans and news pundits are living in a dream world that says Hillary Clinton is qualified for Secretary of State (wasn’t it just a few years ago, these same folks didn’t think she was qualified to be a Senator?)…and those same lulled Republicans believe Obama will govern from the center?….well….snap out of it!!!!

For goodness’ sake, we are only a month out of the election and its seems many have been lulled into believing Obama means to be bipartisan and will work from the center….and that all of the lefties are up in arms about a man who espouses everything they believe?  Let’s get back to reality here.

A bit of reality comes from Rick Moran at the American Thinker.  He explains to us what is being conspired and produced while we are all preparing for Christmas, New Years, college bowl games, and whether Britany Spears is on or off the crazy wagon again….

I think we all know that the Democrats and Obama will do everything they can to make it appear they are “fixing” the financial crisis while they happily roll out FDR-like, liberal programs that will never go away.

Just as sure as we are seeing Socialism rolled out in the name of “bailout”, we will see Nationalization on a grand scale being implemented in the name of “change”, “urgency” and “fixing America”….Any person who hasn’t drank the Obama koolaid knows that!

Over the weekend, Obama said he will produce jobs while spending billions giving the American infrastructure a facelift…..sounds harmless on the surface….until you consider many of those jobs will likely have a government control at varying levels and that while we “repair” America, the meaning of infrastructure won’t mean just highways and virtual highways….it will also mean healthcare, jobs, education, immigration, energy, and a host of left-leaning social overhauls.

Moran calls it the Obama “stealth” strategy.   “Stealth” worked for Obama in the campaign, and apparently he will waste no time (say, maybe one day after inauguration) to overhaul the Congressional process and claim much of that power for himself — unprecedented, according to Moran:

This “change” is as simple as it is revolutionary:  capitalizing on the economic crisis, Obama has challenged Congress to enact his near-trillion-dollar package of social changes — disguised as a comprehensive stimulus/jobs bill — and to have that legislation waiting to be signed immediately after his January 20th inaugural. 

In the name of stopping the economy’s free-fall, through a traditionally-liberal massive infusion of jobs, President-Elect Obama is also adroitly side-stepping Congress’s time-honored system of passing legislation.  By the simple ruse of imposing a tight schedule for Congress, Obama will — in effect — put virtually all of the government’s power into his own hands.  This is an end-run around Congress’s deliberative process — one that makes FDR’s vaunted and unprecedented “100 days” strategy look like a leisurely process.  This is also an end-run around the American people, ensuring that citizen-opponents have no voice, and no role, in shaping this legislation.

……Obama said he wants Congress to fund all of his liberal domestic social agenda by passing legislation between January 3rd, when they meet to form the 111th Congress, and January 20th, when he is sworn into office as America’s 44thPresident.  In this hectic two week period, Congress must also swear in new members, organize committees, accept the report of the Electoral College and find the restroom.  There will be precious little time to do anything beyond copying Obama’s campaign wish list into an omnibus jobs/stimulus bill — then voting it into law by acclimation.

Little to no dissent will be heard — after all, it’s a crisis, and there is no time for an orderly deliberative process.  This plan — using that crisis to pass a package of laws most Americans would object to – is President-Elect Obama’s most brilliant stealth strategy.

I suppose elections have consequences, but after most elections, the candidate doesn’t start to act like “King of the United States of America” instead of President of the United States of America.

It gets worse….this election, unfortunately will have lasting impact, and my negative side says the “change” could be so great that we may never know again the America as intended in the Constitution:

……confirmation of this stealth strategy had to wait for the President-elect’s comments on Saturday, December 6th.  Politico reported it:

“President-Elect Barack Obama added sweep and meat to his economic agenda on Saturday … tying his key initiatives – education, energy, health care – back to jobs in a package that has the makings of a smaller and modern version of FDR’s New Deal marriage of job creation with infrastructure upgrades.”

Along with death and taxes, there is one sure thing about Washington. Once a program has been funded, it becomes part of the government agenda.  It will be expanded and re-funded without further debate — at least about the program itself — which is one reason why Congress usually goes slowly in enacting legislation that will change the face of America.

And Moran’s further view:

This end-run around the deliberative process is revolutionary — it is, perhaps, the closest America will ever come to a legal and constitutional Presidential coup d’etat.

By lumping all of his major new-initiative programs into an omnibus stimulus/jobs bill which has virtually no chance of not passing, these sweeping new programs will immediately become part of the American system of governance.  These dramatic new far-left legislative initiatives won’t need further hearings — ensuring that there will never be any chance for Americans to speak out, for or against these changes.

The entire checks-and-balances process that has guided our law-making process for more than two centuries — a process that often protected us from the unbridled “tyranny of the majority” – is being thrown out the window, bringing to America a true “imperial presidency,” one that would horrify the Founding Fathers.  They knew exactly what an imperial ruler was capable of doing – and America may soon learn the lesson they knew only too well.

Americans, especially those lulled by race politics and a smooth talker, will reap what they have sown….unfortunately, we all will.

Odd thing is, aside from lefty Kos Kids and Huffington hooligans, it seems many who voted for Obama and this corrupt Democratic party had no idea what they were REALLY getting…….I think.

What is most striking to me is how quickly we, the American people, have been bamboozled into bailout after bailout (by Bush and Dems) and what seems to be a quick and inevitable, perhaps, irreversible, jolt to the left towards Socialism, and Nationalization.  Almost as striking is the seeming inability or lack of process for any of us to do anything about it before its too late!


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  1. Where’s the post about the Illinois’ Governor? I would have thought you’d be all over that one.

  2. GBS,
    Trolling close to home eh?

  3. Shhhh!!!

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