Oklahoma tells “married” lesbians to take a hike

Oklahoma tells planted lesbians to take a hike…..now what to do with the kook Prop 8 nuts?

A challenge against Oklahoma marriage laws has been stopped.

 Two lesbians married legally in Canada and then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where Alliance Defense fund attorney Austin Nimocks says the women filed for divorce.

“[O]klahoma voters reject[ed] those types of relationships by a constitutional amendment [and] the court upheld the will of the voters,” said Nimocks.
Seventy-six percent of Oklahoma voters voted for the constitutional amendment, but Nimocks says the Oklahoma case is only one example of tactics by homosexual activists.

“We’re constantly fighting those who want to redefine marriage in this country and they are constantly asking judicial activists to redefine the law to bend to their will,” he points out.

Nimocks expects the case to be appealed, but also to be upheld.

Good for Okies!  Maybe California could take a lesson….if only they hadn’t already slipped so far down the slippery slope of cultural erosion and also elected a Governor who incites the crazies “never give up”.

Of course, this tactic in Oklahoma is more of the same from the gay marriage lobby….push the homosexual radical agenda  through stealth tactics and/or the will of a liberal judge……majority opinion be damned.  Didn’t work this time….thank God.


30 Responses

  1. God bless Oklahoma.

  2. I am from Oklahoma and I’d like to say thank you for the blessing. Also, any and all conservatives that may be wanting to make an exit strategy or evacuation plan from California is welcome in Oklahoma. We could use the people now that 10000 illegals moved because of our immigration law and maybe some of the gays and lesbians will now move because of this law. Just like California took Okies in during the Dust Bowl, we are willing to take in our conservative brethren from California during this dark time I call the Gay Bowl. 🙂

  3. SRT,
    Just a reminder the Prop 8 passed in California….

  4. Some wonder why the continued activism, as mentioned here, and backlash to the passing of Prop 8 is so intense and widespread. It can’t really just be about wedding cakes and matching tuxedos, can it? No. Here’s another reason: Gays are third most likely to be victims of hate crimes (after Blacks and Jews), and Gays are first most likely of any group to be murdered in a hate crime. (see FBI stats: http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/hc2007/incidents.htm). Gay teens are 3 times more likely than straight kids to commit suicide, to be kicked out of their homes, and to become child street prostitutes to survive. Hate crimes and neglect thrive in an environment of bigotry and marginalization and Prop 8 shows that active, aggressive, invasive intolerance is OK; that hate against this minority is OK. This is the legacy of those who support(ed) Prop 8. This is your respect for American liberties. This is your Christian love.

    Some also wonder why individuals and companies who support(ed) Prop 8 are being “outed” and economically targeted. The tactics of public pressure and boycott are tried and true means of peaceful civil rights resistance (e.g. Montgomery Bus Boycott). When you take rights away from Americans (even gays) they tend to get angry and do something. Tea party in the harbor anyone?

  5. GJB,
    True…and that is good….it is the crazies on the street and the governor prodding it along that are worrisome.

    Not to mention the fact that the courts overturned the will of the people there once already.

    I am hopeful, but not real positive about the amendment in California.

  6. The one thing you can count on in California is weirdness.

  7. wrenhal,

    I personally know of people who have done as you suggest.

  8. GJB,

    Montana awaits…

  9. rrinehart,
    you said:
    “Gays are third most likely to be victims of hate crimes (after Blacks and Jews), and Gays are first most likely of any group to be murdered in a hate crime…..Gay teens are 3 times more likely than straight kids to commit suicide, to be kicked out of their homes, and to become child street prostitutes to survive. ”

    So the “Marriage” of men to men and women to women will solve all of those problems huh? Pray tell me how?…don’t give me the “unity” and “acceptance” mantra….the methods and attitudes of the gay minority will not warrant Willing acceptance or unity from those of us who feel the “needs” and wants of gays are being shoved down our throats (so to speak).
    No, gay marriage forced upon us (and against our votes) doesn’t help any of us accept a mockery of marriage…but it sure makes liberals and “progressives” feel better.

    In addition, ALL crimes are hate crimes, so your willingness to classify crime by sexual behavior and race clearly portray your world view that crimes against some people are worse than crimes against others….
    For me and most Americans (and for decades in this country), a crime is a crime no matter who the victim.

    On suicide for gay teens….did you ever stop to think that perhaps those “gay” teens needed counseling for their needs…including counseling for something that is against nature and is an abomination to God. I feel for every family that loses a loved one to something like suicide, but it is not my fault, nor the fault of anyone else who opposes gay marriage, when a teenager commits suicide…..

    You also said:
    “Hate crimes and neglect thrive in an environment of bigotry and marginalization and Prop 8 shows that active, aggressive, invasive intolerance is OK; that hate against this minority is OK.”

    So all of the woes of gays are caused by those who happen to disagree with the premise of gay marriage? How about trying a little reality……
    First, a belief, centuries of tradition, and religious background that tells us homosexuality and gay marriage is wrong, does not make us “haters”…it means we disagree.
    If you want to practice homosexual sex in your home, so be it…I don’t talk about (NOR CHANGE THE FABRIC OF SOCIETY FOR) what I do behind closed doors, and don’t care what you do behind yours if it’s legal…

    Second, nearly all, if not all, cultures, societies, and religions have existed for thousands of years on heterosexual marriage ALONE without the intense need for homosexual approval and marriage that we find now being so forced upon Americans. So much so that we must ALL—by law, hook or crook— indulge the gay radical agenda and deviant behaviors or support of them….or else, for likely the first time in history, that makes us “haters”!

    On a practical level, society has existed for centuries and centuries up to now without gay marriage….why the intensity now if the push is not a political, radical, and anti-religious one, to name a few?

    A clear lesson the gays simply haven’t learned, or they lie about willingly, is that “gays” DO have ALL of the same rights that everyone else has in this country. If “gays” want marriage, go marry someone of the opposite sex…they HAVE THAT RIGHT. THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT UNDER THE CONSTITUTION THAT I DO….so enough with the gay pity party on rights.

    You said:
    “When you take rights away from Americans (even gays) they tend to get angry and do something.”

    To clarify your error again, NO rights have been taken away from gays…despite what they may teach at Berkeley…
    However, the voting rights of the people of California on the issue of gay marriage have been taken away once already early in this decade, by a cowboy liberal judge….but that fact doesn’t serve your purpose does it?

    When wrong ideas and deviant lifestyles are forced upon the rest of us, we use OUR right to vote and tell the gay marriage bandwagon to pound sand. That is what you got with Prop 8 (and earlier in the decade)….funny how the “gay” community, particularly the activists, can’t understand that the majority has spoken again and they lost (at least until the liberal court can overstep their bounds, overturn the voting rights of the people, and hand gay activists another approving coup)

  10. I really can’t believe what I am reading. The hatred and ignorance of science and people who are not “just like you” on this website is outrageous. You are the minority if you haven’t taken notice.

  11. “You are the minority if you haven’t taken notice.”

    Katherine Strong,

    Judging from the recent voting results in California, Arizona, and Florida…apparently not.

  12. Katherine,
    Who made you the authority on hatred and ignorance?

    And what do you know about me, other than I disagree with gay marriage and gay lifestyle to be forced upon me and my family.

    Not one word written is hateful nor ignorant….but because I refuse to accept gay marriage, you “can’t believe” what you are reading.

    Perhaps if the gay activists and community tried to understand the other point of view a little, they may have less pity for themselves and fewer baseless accusations like yours would be entered into the conversation.

  13. Hey, I’m not clear about why homosexuality is so much worse than divorce, bigotry, infidelity and how can you exclude in the name of God? Have you walked in their shoes? Have you actually been a homosexual? No, then how can you judge? Put yourselves in someone else’s shoes…imagine that you are gay….see how weird that feels and not right…that’s how gay people feel about being straight. Just like not everyone was born with the same chemical makeup such as color of skin, type A personality, blue eyes…not everyone was born straight. One of you suggested that gay people be sent to treatment. Who is really being hurt by someone else being gay? Isn’t the root of this issue just the same as being against blacks and doesn’t that just have to do with fear…fear that “your kind” may not someday be in charge…whatever that means and that may be an indication that you might not get exactly what you want someday. Isn’t this all about you being afraid of losing something you already have or not getting something you perceive is due you in the future. How is that different than the greed we have witnessed in the current market downturn? So, really it looks like to me that once again when a finger is pointed there are 3 pointing back at me. Hmmm

  14. acc,
    Homosexuality is no worse than any other sin. I am not judging the person that claims to be homosexual…I am judging the sin. By God’s standard it is sin…”love the sinner, hate the sin”…that is exactly how I approach homosexuals.

    I certainly can emphathize with anyone who is confused by their identity.
    But that is wholly a different subject than forcing homosexual marriage on society and on those who believe it is wrong.

    You ask how being gay hurts someone else….if you want to use that standard, in the case of complete strangers, how does the murder of a wife by her husband hurt me? It doesn’t by your standard, so perhaps murder should just be kept a personal issue and not a legal or moral one?!?
    Outrageous, huh? Well, the sin and perversity of homosexual sex is no less (or more) a moral and sinful issue to me than other sins by individuals and complete strangers.
    So why do you and gay activists believe I should be silent, forego my moral and religious beliefs, and just be silent so that homosexuals can change the fabric of society and morality forever?

    Your comparison of gays and blacks is way off base. The race of an individual is not sinful nor immoral…Homosexuality is. Your “fear” card is pretty weak and one that is played frequently by those who wish to force us all to accept lifestyles and behavior that is not normal. If we don’t accept the lifestyle whims, we are “fearful” and “hateful”…..

    Your condescension about what I wish for is best saved for for the very people who are actively seeking to force the homosexual lifestyle on us all. In many cases, because most of America does not condone the behavior or gay marriage, history has not condoned the behavior, and they can’t get what they want…the homosexual lobby is pulling out all stops to force it upon the majority.

    Save your condescencion for those, like spoiled children, who wish to subvert the rights of voters, ignore the laws of natures, and neutralize morality to get their way..

  15. I am a lesbian and I live in Oklahoma. I have two children from a previous “marriage” to a man. I have raised these children for the last 9 years with my partner and they have turned out just fine.

    My kids are now 14 and 17. They attend public school. Since the passage of prop 8 in California, they have decided to spend more time educating their peers about homosexuality.

    So Oklahomans can ban gay marriage, but it is still being taught in the schools by the children of LGBT parents. Frankly, the only abominations of god I’ve met in this state are the fundamentalist religious nuts who want to tell me what is right and wrong as if they have some direct connection to god.

    Traditional marriage is about property rights. Hence, dowries. When I die I want my partner to be able collect social security in my name. I want her to be able to inherit my property without having to pay an inheritance tax. But if she can’t, that doesn’t change the fact that we are gay and married.

    So ban gay marriage. Discriminate against me. Pray for my soul. I really don”t care what you do. I’m staying in Oklahoma and pushing for my “radical homosexual agenda”, whatever that is, because I know that both God and history are on my side.

  16. arym,
    It’s your right to follow what you believe…it’s also mine to oppose your radical agenda at every turn…..especially when you wish to impose it upon me and my family.

    Funny how you find it your right to teach homosexuality in school, but anyone who opposes that belief is a “religious nut”….and we all know how the liberal, “progressives” feel about religion (Christianity) in schools….

    FYI- Traditional marriage is not just about property rights…if that is all you wish for, then go after it…marriage is not necessary if that is all you want.

    My guess is that is not all you are after if you feel the need to “teach” my children about your lifestyle…..

    What part of God and history have condoned homosexual behavior? What an odd statement from someone who even admits marriage between a man and woman is “traditional” (historical) and those who believe the Bible (God) are “religious nuts”…..

    Those you call “nuts” including myself can say over and over again how we don’t “hate” or discount the person, but we can’t condone the sin. All of us are sinners, but we don’t expect everyone to accept OUR sin so we can feel better or live in it.

    Many, such as yourself it seems, don’t want to hear that we really don’t care if you practice homosexuality…that is your business. But we aren’t going to condone and put the stamp of approval on a lifestyle you wish to force onto the rest of us…..and one for which you want to change the fabric of society, tradition, and morality to achieve.

  17. “When I die I want my partner to be able collect social security in my name. I want her to be able to inherit my property without having to pay an inheritance tax.”


    Unless you have more than $3.5 million in assets, estate taxes are a non-issue. Unless you’re REALLY well off, I’d like to introduce you to a couple of concepts that should work…

    1. A Will or Trust naming your “partner” as your heir.

    2. Joint Tenancy.

    Additionally, how about throwing some to the kids?

    Finally, Social Security has enough problems. If you kick off before your kids reach adulthood, they’ll get some. However, the last thing we need is to add ANY more categories of Social Security beneficiary.

  18. By the way…if you want, kick off in 2010. There is a brief window where there are NO estate taxes!

  19. thanks for your compassion, gbs. if you kick off, doesn’t your wife automatically get everything? that’s what i want. joint tenancy still means i own half of it. that half goes to my kids, not my partner. i trust my partner to take care of the kids.

    you don’t think my partner should be a “category” under social security, but heterosexual couples are a category. that’s what i call discrimination.

  20. arym,

    Any time. I have plenty of compassion where it is due. I just don’t tolerate whining very well. See your lawyer for clarification of the ROS. Trust me, you can make whatever you want in this area happen without getting married. The best part is that if you change your mind, it’s a lot easier to adjust a Will than to work through a divorce.

    Interesting word, “discrimination”. Like many words in the English language, it can mean more than one thing. I prefer the definition that talks about “the ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment”.

    My discernment ability tells me that YOUR lifestyle CHOICE is little different from polygamy or other forms of “group marriage” that are out there. Many people like you aren’t out be married like the rest of us “normal people”, but aim to further marginalize traditional marriage and subsequently open the door for whoever else wants to claim “discrimination”. Sorry, I know it’s a long way from ideal, but I’ll hold the line where it is now.

    Anyway, your way of life is YOUR CHOICE and your certainly have a right to live it without interference. Go live it and be happy, or gay, or whatever. However, it is not your right to drive YOUR lifestyle choice into my pocketbook or my kids school. Trust me, you are going to get a hot response every time.

  21. GBS-
    Well said…..

  22. gbs,

    do not talk to me about choice. when did you choose to be straight? and why would anyone choose to be gay? it does not compute.

    once you take away the idea that glbt people choose to be glbt, then you have no argument since your whole argument revolves around you foisting your ideas of religious morality on to others. there are many religions in this world and mine tells me that I am right and you are wrong.

    why should I have to pay a lawyer a hefty fee for what straight people can do quite cheaply at city hall? why should I pay into a tax system that will benefit your wife when you kick the bucket, but you won’t allow the same system to benefit my wife? this is discrimination, the only fine distinction being your religion.

    i am not whining. far from it. i am mad as hell and i’m not going to take it anymore. so if my 14-year-old daughter chooses to make a mobile for science class depicting the theme of “gay love” and the assistant principal tells her she can’t hang it up because “it might cause a violent reaction”, you can bet that i will go to the school and talk to the principal and threaten a law suit from the ACLU. the mobile was hung back up and many kids found it quite educational, I’m sure. do you have a hot response for that?

    do what you want. gang rape me. kill me. god knows that many STRAIGHT PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN to use violence against GLBT people because CHRISTIAN SOCIETY

  23. tells them that it is okay. well, i’m not afraid to die for what i believe in? are you?

    i know you don’t understand us. i know you are afraid of change. but the fact is you are only staving off the inevitable. the generation growing up today feels quite differently about this subject. even in backwards states like Oklahoma.

  24. “once you take away the idea that glbt people choose to be glbt, then you have no argument…”


    I guess I’ve struck a nerve. Your previously solid sentence structure and punctuation has flown right out the window.

    Life is ALL about choices. As thinking, rational beings, we ALL choose to live the way we do. Maybe YOU want to promote the idea that your way of life is somehow an irresistible calling, but I see it differently.

    I am not sure why you think marriage is some cure-all for your estate planning challenges. However, I assure you that as a straight, married male, I occasionally pay VERY hefty attorney’s fees to ensure that my wishes for my spouse, children, and others will be carried out.

    Oklahoma is backwards? Perhaps in some ways, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. I grew up and lived most of my life in Southern California, where even those typically progressive voters just passed a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage after a previously passed law was (erroneously) voided by the CA Supreme Court. Similar laws were also passed in Arizona and Florida. It seems to me that you’re not as far along as you might like to believe.

    “do what you want. gang rape me. kill me. god knows that many STRAIGHT PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN to use violence against GLBT people because CHRISTIAN SOCIETY”

    Where did this little rant come from? I don’t think I ever mentioned any kind of violence or even Christianity. Interesting how you write “god” in small letters and “GLBT” in capitals. Your sentence kind of trails off into nothing so I can only conclude your keyboard went through your monitor. 😉

    I think I previously stated my unequivocal belief that you and people like you should be able to live your life without interference, but if you want to be able to tie yourself up with a marriage contract with someone of the same gender and collect government benefits at my expense, so sorry.

  25. “Where did this little rant come from?”

    no, you don’t mention violence but you condone it but saying that GLBT choose to be that way rather than accepting the fact that god made us this way. as long as you can’t get beyond that barrier in your thinking, you will live a sad and shallow life. so sorry.

    i doubt i can change your worldview, but i don’t think it is necessary. change happens.

  26. arym,

    Whatever you say!

    For now, I’m going back to my “sad and shallow life”. 😦


    By the way…it’s “God” with a capital “G”.

  27. Gosh, GBS, so glad I ran across this blog. You are exactly what the world needs: another self-righteous straight, white man born into privilege telling everyone how it is. Unfortunately, I agree with Arym, and I think you are telling us how it was.

    Yes, the anti-gays may have won a few battles recently, but you have definitely lost the war. Younger people in this country are overwhelmingly in support of equal marriage rights, so it really is only a matter of time. But feel free to act like a pompous twit. You’re very good at it with your fine grammar and syntax.

    As for you, sharprightturn, you seem completely incapable of following the argument, so mired in ideology/theology are you, that I won’t bother responding directly to any of the points you make. Just keep in mind that not everyone is a Christian, nor do they want to be. I believe this country was founded on freedom of religion, and you’d do well to take your head out of the mud and start respecting others religious beliefs if you expect them to respect yours.

  28. sleezak –
    Interesting that you and arym only read and absorb the statements about our not accepting homosexuality and gay marriage to be forced upon us…..you fail to hear the part about how GBS and I have both indicated a need for you to live as you please….just don’t force it upon me as you don’t wish Christianity “forced” upon you. (as you see it)

    So if my thoughts are mired in “ideology and theology”, what are yours?

    I guess a miltant support of gays doesn’t qualify as an “ideology” and your lack of respect for Christianity doesn’t qualify as a “theology” of Jesus-hate.

    Listen to yourself and your desperation for acceptance of a damaging lifestyle….it is telling…. as is your tin ear towards a rational discussion as to why we disagree.

    As far as freedom of religion….I respect everyone’s right to worship as they please, but in no way did the founders intend that I MUST respect nor endorse a view counter to my religious beliefs…..
    If you don’t want to be a Christian, your choice….it is also mine to embrace Christianity and its beliefs…what part of that is not respecting your “religion”?

    I will have to question your judgment, though…..you indicate I am incapable of following the argument….but you choose to embrace Arym, who “follows” the argument thoroughly with accusations that GBS and every other heterosexual wishes to rape or kill her.

    Well, alrighty then.

  29. I’m not sure what “born into privilege” means, but if some troll named “sleezak” believes it, then I’m wondering if I wasn’t short-changed somewhere.

    Also, I’m not sure where I mentioned, or how it was concluded, that I am “white”. That seems a bit presumptuous and for all you really know, possibly incorrect. What, do white people have a monopoly on “fine grammar and syntax”? Further, what relevance does that have to this issue and discussion? Sounds like a typical modern Liberal…compelled to categorize by race and socio-economic class, not to mention name-call.

    As far as being self-righteous goes, you have me there. I AM pretty sure of what I’m talking about, particularly regarding estate planning and how it relates to marriage. However, I pale in comparison to the rage-filled zeal that many on the Left and most that promote the homosexual political agenda carry their arguments and actions. I won’t even get into the in-your-face “gay pride” parades routinely over-populated by dudes in leather thongs…very classy!

    If you are making so much progress, how do you fail so miserably to advance your cause in an election year that saw the most Liberal politician since FDR elected to the White House?

    Now go be gay and enjoy your life, if that’s your thing…you worked real hard to categorize me, but were a bit vague on where you fall. I wouldn’t want to PRESUME! 😉

    You have just as many rights and privileges as I do. However, if you can’t exercise one or two because you dig your own gender a bit too much, then too bad. If that makes me a “twit”, then so be it…better that than someone named “sleezak”. Cheers.

  30. The fact that fatherless daughters are 4 times more likely to become lesbian than other females; shows that it is not genetic or a “condition” that they are born with. Unless you think that the “lesbian gene” is tied to the male early death gene. I don’t think that we have mapped the gay gene yet. I don’t think we ever will.

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