Mandate to the Left of me, Divison to the Right, here I am stuck in a nightmare with “O”

Isn’t it interesting that waaaay back in 2004 when Bush won the election with 51% of the vote, the mainstream media, Democrats, liberals and partisans came out of the woodwork to say his win was NOT A MANDATE, but DIVISION?  The 51% was not a decisive edge, but stood for a great divide in this country and Bush’s win was the cause of it, basically.

Now move on up 4 years to 2008….Barack Obama won with 52% of the vote and, well, we have ourselves a BIG “O” MANDATE flush with unity and condescending compassionate victors.  Oh, and did we mention landslide?  That extra one percent sure does pack a punch!









 (H/T: The Anchoress)

Try to remember this “unity” game when Obama, and his power-hungry friends, Reid and Pelosi continue to blame “W” for all of “O”‘s problems….remember they have full-power now…but, of course, far be it from the brilliant leftists in charge to take responsiblity for their actions!  In fact, the precedent is being set for low expectations from the party of full-power.

From Jules Crittenden:

It’s not like they’re suddenly going to stop bashing Bush. Bush will be the excuse every time their guy stumbles. That’s OK, let them blame Bush. I’ve noticed they’ve already started looking for ways to avoid responsibility, dancing around the mandate issue. SF Chron

President-elect Barack Obama’s resounding election triumph was greeted Wednesday from nearly every quarter in Washington as a mandate for change. What was most striking after a resounding victory that also added at least five Democrats to the Senate and 23 to the House, was how gingerly Democratic leaders treated their new mandate.

It is “not a mandate for any political party or any ideology,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., “but a mandate to get over those things that divide us and focus on getting things done.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, warned that Obama comes to office with “more expectations than any president I can ever remember in my lifetime,” and quickly sought to dampen them, citing the constraints of two wars and a sinking economy.

Even Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said, “I don’t think it’s a mandate for the New Deal. … I think it’s a mandate that the political class in this country has an obligation to young people in this country to stop fighting over stuff that might have been a big issue 25 years ago but it isn’t anymore.”

So just what does mandate mean then if you can’t use it to meet those high expectations you’ve set among the Sheeple?  Jules has the answer:

……. Obama’s election is not a mandate for them to actually do anything. It’s a mandate for Republicans to shut up. About abortion, gay rights, guns, affirmative action, killing jihadis, and whatever else Republicans have been squawking about. That’s an interesting kind of mandate. Mandate for an end to free speech?

Nail on the head.


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