Lesson #1: Obamessiah is above the law

According to today’s report, Obama will not be held to any scrutiny, much less accused of any wrongdoing, in his sleazy campaign contributions.  This is an absolute OUTRAGE!  To pour salt into that wound, John McCain’s campaign financing, by law, will be reviewed thoroughly at taxpayer’s expense. 

From Politico:

The Federal Election Commission is unlikely to conduct a potentially embarrassing audit of how Barack Obama raised and spent his presidential campaign’s record-shattering windfall, despite allegations of questionable donations and accounting that had the McCain campaign crying foul.

Adding insult to injury for Republicans: The FEC is obligated to complete a rigorous audit of McCain’s campaign coffers, which will take months, if not years, and cost McCain millions of dollars to defend.

But the candidate who has multiple violations, who has donors from the Middle East, who took all fraud security measures off of his campaign website so that fraud could flourish, and who accepted millions in credit card gift card donations that can not be tracked…..is OFF THE HOOK for a review of his financing tactics.

The candidate who won by breaking a promise to take public financing (that would have been reviewed like John McCain) and who essentially bought his way to the Presidency…and who was getting creative in finding ways to BLOW the money (just like he will do our tax dollars) on over-kill, narcissistic advertising and props…..is not liable for any of the damage he has done to  America’s confidence in our election system. 

From the FEC website:

The FECA places prohibitions on contributions and expenditures by certain individuals and organizations. The following are prohibited from making contributions or expenditures to influence federal elections:

  • Corporations;
  • Labor organizations;
  • Federal government contractors; and
  • Foreign nationals.

Furthermore, with respect to federal elections:

  • No one may make a contribution in another person’s name.
  • No one may make a contribution in cash of more than $100.

Obama has taken millions from foreign nationals, laundered millions illegally, and has endless contributions with fake names, gibberish for names, and real names used fraudulently.

There are endless facts that point to massive illegal activity in Obama’s campaign finance.  Read the link above and read this link at Atlas Shrugs for multiple instances of illegal activity in Obama’s campaign. If the FEC, DOJ, and FBI are not willing to investigate, then our election system may as well be thrown away. (On second thought, maybe that is the ultimate plan….and I don’t mean that it would necessarily be replaced if you know what I mean!)

Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs has a story from early October that indicates an unwillingness to go after Obama on his illegal Campaign Finance contributions. At the time, they (FEC, FBI, DOJ) did not want to go after Obama one month before the election.  From Atlas Shrugs:

An auditor for the Federal Election Commission is attempting to have his bosses seek a formal investigation into the collection by the Obama for President campaign of more than $200 million in potentially illegal political donations, including millions of dollars of illegal, foreign donations, and has sought a request for assistance from the Department of Justice or Federal Bureau of Investigation.

But the analyst’s requests have largely been ignored. “I can’t get anyone to move. I believe we are looking at a hijacking of our political system …no one wants to touch it.”

…One reasons cited by his superiors, says the analyst, is that involvement by the Justice Department or FBI would be indicative of a criminal investigation, something the FEC would prefer not take place a month before the presidential election. Such actions, though, have been used to scuttle Republican campaigns in the past, the most famous being the Weinberger case in the days leading up to the 1992 re-election bid of President George H.W. Bush.

“Without formal approval, I can’t get the resources I need, manpower, that kind of thing. This is a huge undertaking.” And the analyst says that he believes that campaign finance violations have occurred…

The analyst, who declines to be identified for fear of retribution, says that on four different occasions in the past three months, he sought to open formal investigations into the Obama campaign’s fundraising techniques, but those investigations have been discouraged….

More from Politico:

Seizing on Obama’s reversal on a pledge to accept public financing if his Republican opponent agreed to do the same, as well as his campaign’s refusal to voluntarily release the names, addresses and employers of donors who gave less than $200 each – a group that accounted for about half of the more than $600 million that the campaign had raised through the end of September – the RNC asked the FEC “to immediately conduct a full audit” of all of Obama’s contributions.And ironically, the historic volume of Obama’s small contributions, which may have made it tough for the campaign to weed out problem donations, may also help spare Obama an audit.

That’s because the byzantine formula the FEC staff uses to determine whether a campaign has engaged in “substantial” violations of federal election rules– the trigger to recommend an audit to commissioners – takes into account the size of the campaign’s coffers, according to David Mason, who served as a Republican appointee to the FEC until this year.

It’s very rare for a complaint to trigger an audit, campaign finance insiders say.

 I guess non-citizen donors from the Middle East, multiple contributions over the limit, lack of fraud detection at the website leading to thousands of fraudulent donations, and money laundering through untrackable credit/gift cards doesn’t fall under the category of “substantial violations of federal election rules.”

Americans should be outraged, but then again, perhaps the same trance that captured 52 million Americans who voted this radical into office is responsible for our citizens not giving a rip about the integrity of our elections!


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  1. There was a term coined long ago for this lowering of the bar….let’s see if I can think of it….oh yeah, I believe the term was….affirmative action. Only back then it was about hiring practices. Now it seems it may apply to crimes. We’ve come a long way.

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